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The Ultimate Guide for Importing Shoes From China

The Ultimate Guide for Importing Shoes From China Shoes are a great item to sell. They are one of the most popular necessities in the world. There are a vast number of categories as well. If your business is retail and/ or you specialize in selling shoes, you should consider importing from China. Footwear is not produced cheaper and in more varieties anywhere in the world than here. Depending on your business you might want to order high-end products or replica shoes. Perhaps you would like to get your hands on some custom-made shoes that would be representing your own business. Luckily, in China the possibilities are endless! In the following article, we are going to show you some of the best options for ordering shoes from China. If you use some of the tips and tricks are shown below you might find that you will save valuable time or money for your business.  Things to Think About When Importing Shoes From China While there are plenty of reasons to order from China, let’s take a look at what things to consider. It is always a good idea to do research. Besides conducting comparative analysis. Know your business mission and vision. Be sure about what you want and what you do not want your business to identify with. Shoes have an absolute vast variety in China. That is exactly why you need to know where to start. The choices are limitless. Are you operating a sports or leisure-focused store? Or

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What is etsy and how to open a shop on

What Is Etsy? Nowadays, online selling of products is a popular trend. Nothing could be more effective than reaching out to customers through an easy-to-use online platform. Considering one of the best online marketplaces, Etsy promotes a prominent linkage between sellers to buyers. Etsy is an e-commerce platform specialized in selling and buying creative, handmade, and artistic stuff. Etsy was founded in 2005 to avail the creative products or collectables having a more personalized touch desired by the customers. Within two years after the site was launched, it gained popularity as about half-million users were connected with it. Saying Etsy is a web of online sellers is impeccable. This site is quite different from other online sites; the goods are made, collected, and organized by the sellers. Being an independent crafter or artist could bring you excellent benefits. The chore of sellers is not only to sell the product; they manage the orders unconventionally. As a seller, you can sell vintage items, houseware, artisan foods, handmade goods, and crafts without hustling. How to List Products on Etsy? You must be fond of having unique and creative goods. Etsy has its heart in the global community. It provides a huge marketplace to access your favorite products. You will find a wide range of items falling into different categories. Whether you are searching for clothing, jewelry, bags, toys, or any other craft supplies or items, Etsy would be your best companion or assistant. If you want to become an independent seller, Etsy

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The Top 10 Chinese Replica Websites

Chinese replica products are extremely popular due to their low costs. People are attracted to them world-wide due to the status symbol they carry with them. Are you thinking about selling Chinese replica products yourself? There are numerous websites where you can find providers of such items. The following article will serve as a guideline showing you how to navigate and find the absolute best match to your business and your vision. Most commonly these websites offer a wide range of goods such as bags, clothing, jewelry, shoes, all sorts of appliances and accessories as well. Therefore the following, easy-to follow, four chapters and additional FAQs section will help you navigate and find what you need. Please note that purchasing fake items with the exact same logo and/ or name is illegal. We encourage you to look for only similar designs. Best Products to Import From Chinese Replica Websites During the following section we are going to list the six most commonly sought after products ordered from China. These are of course legal, and from reliable sources. The most popular items from Chinese replica websites are: Designer Bags  If you are considering buying bags, be sure to make thorough research on its production cost. These costs can be very different based on the varying websites and their respective orders. Usually the cost of production still remains as the bags need to resemble authenticity. There are many factors to consider, one of which is the type of leather they use. Do

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How to Open an Amazon Store and How to Manage It the Right Way?

Have you ever thought about opening an Amazon store? This seems like a convenient and hassle free way of making profit or transitioning your sails experience into something dynamic and modern. Though there are things to avoid as well as tips and tricks that are worthy to follow. During the following article we are going to get into great details about the know-hows of opening your very own Amazon store. At the end of the article we included a FAQs section in order to answer some questions you might have. Essentially an Amazon store is a deal you can make with the retail giant. By “borrowing” their brand you can enhance your sales and attract overall attention to your online store. This creates a win-win situation, because you will likely increase your sales and profits while contributing to the well-oiled machine of Amazon. However there are quite many, who might not have an easy time transitioning from their already existing stores to this new online platform. Therefore this article will serve as an easy and simple guideline for everyone as to understanding the most important parts of starting up their own Amazon stores. How to Start Up Your Amazon Store Amazon is the king of e-commerce. This platform is an absolute giant. They sell everything and more and by now they have outgrown many other players in the game such as the Alibaba Group. Therefore using the Amazon store concept is a good way to drive attention and increase traffic

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Sea Shipment Process Flow–DOC and Cargo flow of logistics-Step-By-Step

This infographic is a step-by-step guide to the international shipping process:Hurdles in the shipping process The shipping process can be troublesome and intimidating for importers and exporters, given the number of steps, players and documents involved. These are some of the most common problems they can face:,you have been dealing with will then contact their overseas partner to arrange the collection of the goods. The overseas representative will in turn contact the relevant supplier and arrange for the export of the buyer’s goods. This will involve the preparation of several key documents used in the international shipping process which are required for customs purposes. Documents that need to be prepared by the supplier A Packing List : a supplier will prepare a packing list which will be used by a freight forwarder to highlight all the information regarding the freight being transported. How the Shipping Process works Contrary to popular belief, the international shipping process does not start when a product is loaded onto a ship. It starts much earlier, when an importer identifies the need for that product and floats an enquiry to procure it As such, the shipping process covers the flow of goods and documents from the place of origin to the place of destination we are covering the 15 steps of international freight forwarding (shipping) Step #1: Importer requests quotes and orders goods. Importer: The importer is the buyer,also we mean consignee . once send a quote with the supplier, the supplier will send a document: proforma invoice Agreeing on shipping incoterms,incoterms is very import for International

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Container Tracking

ifyou need tracking container, you can go to How to track your container up-to-date location or status? 1. Enter Bill of Lading number at Bill Of Lading; 2. Enter container number at Container 2. Select shipping company liners from “Shipping Company” list. 3. Click “Track”, our system will redirect you to the chosen shipping company’s tracking page. 4.Enter container number or the B/L number again and search on the new page. Partnering For Your Success We deliver excellence. Inquiry Now Top 20 Shipping Companies: CODE SCAC CODE Company Name Official Website Container Tracking EMC EGLV Evergreen International Corp. Click to visit EMC tracking YML YMLU Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation Click to visit YML tracking COSCO COSU CSOCO Container Lines Co.,Ltd. Click to visit COSCO tracking CMA CMDU CMA CGM Shipping Co.,Ltd. Click to visit CMA tracking HPL HLCU Hapag-Lloyd Click to visit HPL tracking APL APLU American President Lines Click to visit APL tracking MSC MSCU Mediterranean Shipping Company Click to visit MSC tracking KMTC KMTU Korea Marine Transport Co., Ltd Click to visit KMTC tracking FESCO FESO Far East State Shipping Company Click to visit FESCO tracking ZIM ZIMU ZIM Integrated Shipping Ltd Click to visit ZIM tracking MATSON MATS Matson Intermodal System, Inc. Click to visit MATSON tracking HAM-SUD SUDU Hamburg Sudamerikanische Dampfschifffahrts-gesells Click to visit HAM-SUD tracking OOCL OOLU Orient Overseas Container Line Click to visit OOCL tracking TSL TSQD T.S. Lines Click to visit TSL tracking WHL 22AA Wan Hai Lines Ltd. Click to visit WHL tracking

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Bill of Lading Meaning? B/L Importance, Purpose, and Types

Export or import business people will go across the Bill of Lading (B/L ) through the shipping procedure. So what is the Bill of lading, its importance, the purpose of using it, and the types? Through this article from Honourocean shipping company, we will deliver all the data about this subject and much more. What is a Bill of Lading(BL)? According to the Business Dictionary, a Bill of Lading is: “A document issued by a carrier, or its agent, to the shipper as a contract of carriage of goods. It is also a receipt for cargo accepted for transportation and must be presented for taking delivery at the destination.” Evidence of Contract of Carriage The Bill of lading is ” evidence of the carriage contract, but it is not the carriage contract itself.” The contract between the shipper and the carrier is formed when the goods are put into the ship and thus exists prior to the issuance of the Bill of lading.  If the cargo is damaged before the Bill of lading is issued, the shipper can make a claim under the carriage contract as if the Bill had been issued. The Bill of lading is the actual contract of carriage between a carrier and a consignee. The physical carrier (shipowner or demise charterer) or another person may be the contractual carrier under the Bill of lading (such as the charterer or sub charterer). Partnering For Your Success We deliver excellence. Inquiry Now What is a bill of lading

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Global Fulfillment Services

Reading through this article you will find important information regarding global fulfillment services. Furthermore, we will also tell you all about their several forms as well. Based on these, you can select which type of this service would serve you best in your business operations. There are numerous options to choose from. However, it is important to identify and pick the right match for you. The reason is because this decision will potentially save you time and money as well. Hence, it will be beneficial for both you and your customer, thereby creating a long-term win-win situation for both parties. Worldwide Shipping and Fulfillment – How it Works When using global fulfillment services, you are provided with an external warehouse. This will assemble and deliver the orders you receive. This global solution is especially useful if you have surpassed the holding capacities of your existing warehouse(s). It also comes in handy if you simply do not wish to handle shipping operations. These services will work for you with high accuracy. Thanks to this, they ensure your ability to keep up with today’s trends and strengthen your reputation as a reliable supplier. Even with high customer demands. Partnering For Your Success We deliver excellence. Inquiry Now Let’s Learn the Basics – What is Shipping and Fulfillment? When we talk about shipping and fulfillment fundamentally we refer to the process of placing the goods into the consumer’s hands. This process of course starts with an order being placed. After that, it ends

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Logistics Warehousing and Storage in China

Warehousing is a vital step in the supply process. Choosing the right location, and the infrastructure of your business needs improves operation. Honourocean offers you customized and unique warehouses designed for your business using the appropriate equipment and technologies. In this article, we will discuss the logistics of warehousing in China, services, and reasons why you should store your goods. WAREHOUSING SERVICES It could entail warehouse collection, packaging, labeling, and so on. Partnering For Your Success We deliver excellence. Inquiry Now STORAGE IN CHINA Storage, warehousing, order processing, pick and pack, product distribution, returns, and exchanges. Call center, invoicing, and order administration are some of the most basic services provided, depending on the client. We offer entire shipping warehouse services overseen. We do it by our skilled staff, assuring the success of your company’s business operations. Whether you need the greatest level of storage protection for expensive products or need refrigerated storage services. ORDER FULFILLMENT AND DELIVERY  Honourocean offers a full variety of warehousing and delivery services. Regardless of your business, to assist you to improve your performance. With delivery solutions and logistics operations across the country, we will exceed your expectations. From crowd funders to multinational businesses and everyone between. We provide reliable fulfillment in Chinese services to get your orders to your customers. SIMPLIFIED INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Inventory management is the point at which all the supply chain’s aspects come together. Customers may feel dissatisfied if there is insufficient inventory when and where it is needed. Yet, a huge

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