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Bill of Lading Meaning? B/L Importance, Purpose, and Types

Export or import business people will go across the Bill of Lading (B/L ) through the shipping procedure. So what is the Bill of lading, its importance, the purpose of using it, and the types? Through this article from Honourocean shipping company, we will deliver all the data about this subject and much more. What is a Bill of Lading(BL)? According to the Business Dictionary, a Bill of Lading is: “A document issued by a carrier, or its agent, to the shipper as a contract of carriage of goods. It is also a receipt for cargo accepted for transportation and must be presented for taking delivery at the destination.” Evidence of Contract of Carriage The Bill of lading is ” evidence of the carriage contract, but it is not the carriage contract itself.” The contract between the shipper and the carrier is formed when the goods are put into the ship and thus exists prior to the issuance of the Bill of lading.  If the cargo is damaged before the Bill of lading is issued, the shipper can make a claim under the carriage contract as if the Bill had been issued. The Bill of lading is the actual contract of carriage between a carrier and a consignee. The physical carrier (shipowner or demise charterer) or another person may be the contractual carrier under the Bill of lading (such as the charterer or sub charterer). Partnering For Your Success We deliver excellence. Inquiry Now What is a bill of lading

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Global Fulfillment Services

Reading through this article you will find important information regarding global fulfillment services. Furthermore, we will also tell you all about their several forms as well. Based on these, you can select which type of this service would serve you best in your business operations. There are numerous options to choose from. However, it is important to identify and pick the right match for you. The reason is because this decision will potentially save you time and money as well. Hence, it will be beneficial for both you and your customer, thereby creating a long-term win-win situation for both parties. Worldwide Shipping and Fulfillment – How it Works When using global fulfillment services, you are provided with an external warehouse. This will assemble and deliver the orders you receive. This global solution is especially useful if you have surpassed the holding capacities of your existing warehouse(s). It also comes in handy if you simply do not wish to handle shipping operations. These services will work for you with high accuracy. Thanks to this, they ensure your ability to keep up with today’s trends and strengthen your reputation as a reliable supplier. Even with high customer demands. Partnering For Your Success We deliver excellence. Inquiry Now Let’s Learn the Basics – What is Shipping and Fulfillment? When we talk about shipping and fulfillment fundamentally we refer to the process of placing the goods into the consumer’s hands. This process of course starts with an order being placed. After that, it ends

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Logistics Warehousing and Storage in China

Warehousing is a vital step in the supply process. Choosing the right location, and the infrastructure of your business needs improves operation. Honourocean offers you customized and unique warehouses designed for your business using the appropriate equipment and technologies. In this article, we will discuss the logistics of warehousing in China, services, and reasons why you should store your goods. WAREHOUSING SERVICES It could entail warehouse collection, packaging, labeling, and so on. if storage, you can know about :Standard Pallet Sizes & Dimensions   Partnering For Your Success We deliver excellence. Inquiry Now STORAGE IN CHINA Storage, warehousing, order processing, pick and pack, product distribution, returns, and exchanges. Call center, invoicing, and order administration are some of the most basic services provided, depending on the client. We offer entire shipping warehouse services overseen. We do it by our skilled staff, assuring the success of your company’s business operations. Whether you need the greatest level of storage protection for expensive products or need refrigerated storage services. ORDER FULFILLMENT AND DELIVERY  Honourocean offers a full variety of warehousing and delivery services. Regardless of your business, to assist you to improve your performance. With delivery solutions and logistics operations across the country, we will exceed your expectations. From crowd funders to multinational businesses and everyone between. We provide reliable fulfillment in Chinese services to get your orders to your customers. SIMPLIFIED INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Inventory management is the point at which all the supply chain’s aspects come together. Customers may feel dissatisfied if there

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