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Shipping from China to Canada | China Freight

If you are looking to import goods from China into Canada, you will want to read this guide. In it, we will discuss the various shipping methods available to you, as well as the pros and cons of each one. We will also provide tips on how to save money on shipping costs, china to Canada freight forwarder, freight cost from china to canada, cheap shipping to china from canada, fastest shipping from china to canada and answer some of the most commonly asked questions about importing goods from China into Canada. Let’s get started!

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Freight forwarder china to Canada-China shipping to Canada


Shipping from China to Canada

china to Canada shipping

shipping from china to Canada cost

We offer sea shipping from china to Canada: FCL and LCL shipment from China to any seaport in Canada

Air Freight from China to Canada

The airfreight process is the quickest way to get your goods from China to Canada. It’s also the most expensive method of transportation. If you have time-sensitive cargo, this is the best option for you. Airfreight is great for small shipments – you can get your goods in as little as 48 hours.

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Canada air

Express shipping from china to canada

Express is fastest shipping from china to Canada

china post shipping to Canada such as DHL China to Canada, FedEx china to Canada, UPS, FedEx, and TNT.

DHL China to Canada price

delivery from china to Canada

ups worldwide expedited China to Canada

china to zimbabwe shipping

DDP shipping from china to canada

we provide door to door service including DDP/DDU from china to Canada. We offer competitive rates and an efficient, timely service that guarantees your items will be delivered safely and securely at any time and economically.

china to zimbabwe shipping

Shipping from China to Amazon FBA Canada

We provide a door-to-door delivery and provide service that delivers to Amazon’s FBA warehouses and business locations.then amazon shipping from china to canada.

Amazon fulfillment center locations canada

Warehousing Services

you may need a storage service. Tell me the best way to get warehouse service? we can arrange collect products from supplier, combine to package, then ship out as one shipments to save cost.

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How much does it cost to ship from China?

shipping cost from china to Canada:

1 . Express Shipping is cost-effective and fast when shipping from China to Canada. It is applicable for certain goods bought in a smaller volume. Some notable individual express agencies include DHL, FedEx, and UPS. The shipping cost depends on shipping items, and timely delivery might cost more. You can learn more information about International Package Shipping on this website.

2. Air Freight is the quickest and most secure shipping method. It preserves your high-value products in good conditions.

3. Cheap shipping to china from Canada, Shipping cost is an important cost element that you need to consider to ensure a smooth process of importation. You will incur different shipping costs depending on the volume of your goods and the container you will be using. To be able to understand this, here is a look at the shipping cost of different containers from China.

Rates on freight determine the cost of transportation of goods. Overall price varies with respect to the type of product used, the transport method of transport, the dimensions of the cargo, and the distance from the destination. Other factors influence shipping costs from China to Canada. They include location size, and transport mode: Seaflow, Airflow, and Express – we give you price estimates of shipping modes between popular ports in China and popular ports in Canada.

Air Express from China to Canada: $5-9 / kilogram. Currently, shipments cost can range for air shipping from china to Canada
 from $4 – 8 /kg. sea freight from China to Canada: $5000-7000 / container.

Honourocean Shipping make sure below service :

  • The most convenient and speed shipping route from China to the canada
  • Compliance with import/export regulations at each port of call
  • A service that has built strong relationships with the logistics team every step of the way
  • Update status for each shipment process
  • The professional operation team ensure smooth processes and customers worry-free 
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cheapest way to ship from china to Canada

You can also import large quantities of goods from China in Canada with ease using ocean transport. This type of transportation is best when the goods do not require immediate attention. In addition, you could import almost any item from China to canada by using ocean shipping. Another advantage of sea freight is the cost. The cost per pound in a boat’s container compares well to air shipment, so you may get better savings by using this method. However, it is advisable for you to factor in the timing of imports using maritime shipping. This occurs because ocean cargo normally arrives from China for a while before reaching canada.

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Ocean Freight FCL

FCL, or full container load signifies your items are loaded into any container 20 to 40 feet in width. If the shipment is high volume it will reduce time and costs compared to importing FCL. Prices for FCLs can be set at a flat rate, no matter how many containers are left.

china shipping line dubai :ours cooperate shipping company: COSCOHMMMaerskOOCL,CMA and so on.

if loading by pallet, you can know more from

Standard Pallet Sizes & Dimensions 


Ocean Freight LCL

LCL means that your products don’t fully cover a whole container, but will be sent along with the contents of another container or pallet. Note that when you ship LCL you have to keep all the cargo on the origin ship and consolidate it on the destination ship. The LCL shipment took some time longer than FCL.


Canada’s Top Major 5 Ports

1. Port of Vancouver

Overseen by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, this port is the country’s largest port. In North America, it’s the third-largest in terms of tonnage capacity. As the main port facilitating trade between the nation and other world economies because of its strategic positioning between the different ocean trade routes and the river fishing lanes. It’s serviced by an intricate network of interstate highways and rail lines.

The port handles over 76 million metric tonnes of the country’s total cargo which loosely translates to over $43 billion in import and export goods from global trading partners. With 25 terminals handling containers, bulk cargo, and break cargo the port provides employment directly to over 30,000 individuals who deal with the maritime cargo, shipbuilding and repairs, the cruise industry, and other non-maritime enterprises. The maritime cargo sector is the largest revenue producer and employer in the port followed by the cruise industry sector.

Vancouver is the base port for the Vancouver – Alaska cruise. In 2019 the port has handled over a million cruise passengers from 288 cruise liners which is a 22% increase in passenger traffic from last year. And with each cruise liner, the city nets roughly $3 million in revenue.

2. Port of Montreal

Located on the Saint Lawrence River seaway this port has had a massive impact on the economy of Quebec and Montreal. This is because it lies on the shortest direct trade route between North America, the Mediterranean region and Europe.

Using some of the latest technology has ensured efficiency in this port. They just started using AI driven intelligence to predict the best times for drivers to pick up their or drop off their containers. In addition, they have received funding for the construction of a fifth container terminal which gives the port even greater capacity than its current annual capacity of at least 1.45 million TEUs. With the new terminal the port is projected to be able to handle 2.1 million TEUs. The cargo tonnage of this port annually is more than 35 million metric tonnes.

3. Port of Prince Rupert

Port of Prince Rupert was built as an alternative option to the Vancouver port and it has a massive reach to the worldwide market. It has efficient operations moving exports like wheat and barley through its food production terminal, Prince Rupert grain. This terminal is among Canada’s most modern grain facilities with the capacity of shipping over seven million tonnes of grain annually. It also has a storage capacity of over 200,000 tonnes. It serves the North African, Americas and Middle East markets.

The Westview Terminal handles the port’s exports of lumber which makes their way into the European markets while the Ridley Coal Terminal exports metallurgical coal used in steel manufacture in the Asian economies. This is the port of call when exporting most of Canada’s natural resources. It’s linked to mines, forest and fields within Canada and the port is able to handle the bulk cargo coming from the interior Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan effectively preventing cargo congestion at the other port and unnecessary delays in exportation.

4. Port of Halifax

With connections to 150 economies worldwide, this port is the epitome of efficiency with its self-imposed deadlines that help it move cargo fast while still retaining high levels of professionalism. The port plans to be able to handle two mega vessels simultaneously by March of 2020 when the container berth will be fully extended. The container traffic on the East coast of Canada where this port is located has increased twice fold meaning the port has to expand to accommodate the traffic and take advantage of the influx.

The port strategically sits at the gateway of both outgoing and inbound cargo traffic in North America. Perhaps its biggest advantage is that it is an ice-free harbor as well as being a deep water port with very little tides so it can operate all throughout the year comfortably. It’s among the top four container ports in Canada that has the capacity of handling large volumes of cargo. It features facilities for oil, grain, gas, general cargo and a shipbuilding and repair yard. Apart from handling breakbulk, roll on/off and bulk cargo it also welcomes cruise liners. It has distinguished itself as a leading cruise ship port of call globally.

5. Port of Saint John

This port lies to the east of the country and is the largest port on that end. It handles bulk, breakbulk, liquid cargo, dry cargo and containers. The port can handle approximately 28 million metric tonnes of cargo and its connection to 500 other ports worldwide makes it a major facilitator of commerce in the country.

The Port of Saint John boasts of excellent connectivity to the inland markets of Canada via road and rail as well as a high popular cruise terminal. They also have terminals to cater to crude oil, scrap metal recycling, molasses among other goods and products.

Customs Clearance canada

1.Obtain a Business Number

Before importing commercial goods into Canada, as a business or an individual, you will need to obtain a Business Number (BN) issued by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for an import/export account. This import/export account is free of charge and can usually be obtained in a matter of minutes.

To register for a BN or add an import/export RM account identifier to an existing BN:

2.Identify the goods you want to import

You should gather as much information as possible about the goods you intend to import. Obtain descriptive literature, product composition information and, whenever possible, product samples. This information will be crucial when it comes time to determine the tariff classification of the goods you wish to import. The tariff clarification number will be used to determine the rate of duty that will be applied to your goods.

3.Determine if you will use the services of a licensed customs broker

You may feel comfortable preparing your own release and accounting documentation and transacting business directly with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) or you may authorize a Licensed Customs Broker to act as your agent to transact business. It is important to remember that you are ultimately responsible for the accounting documentation, payment of duties and taxes, and subsequent corrections such as re-determination of classification, origin and valuation even if you use the services of a broker.

The CBSA licenses customs brokers to carry out customs-related responsibilities on your behalf to clear goods across the Canadian border. A broker’s service typically includes:

  • Obtaining the release of the imported goods;
  • Paying any duties that may apply;
  • Obtaining, preparing and presenting or transmitting the necessary documents or data;
  • Maintaining records; and
  • Responding to any CBSA concerns after payment.

Consult the CBSA‘s licensed customs broker list should you wish to use the services of a broker.

4.Determine the country of origin for the goods you are importing

5.Ensure the goods you wish to import are permitted into Canada




Documents necessary for import to canada

Ability to manage challenging objects with flexibility ensuring a smooth and efficient transport across the world..

Customs clearance is the process of getting your shipment through customs so that it can be delivered to its final destination. To do this, you’ll need to provide certain documents, including:

– A commercial invoice

– A packing list

A bill of lading (if shipping by sea) or an air waybill (if shipping by air)

– A certificate of origin

The commercial invoice is the most important document for customs clearance. It’s a document that lists the products being shipped, their value, and other important information like the HS code. The HS code is a harmonized system code that’s used to classify and track international shipments. You can find the HS code for your products on the website of the World Customs Organization.

The packing list is a document that lists all of the items in your shipment, their dimensions, and their weight. This is a helpful document for customs officials to have because it helps them verify the contents of your shipment.

The bill of lading (B/L) is a document that’s used when shipping by sea. It acts as a contract between the shipper and the carrier, and it lists the products being shipped, their destination, and other important information. The B/L also serves as a receipt for the goods once they’ve been loaded onto the vessel.

The air waybill (AWB) is similar to the bill of lading, but it’s used when shipping by air. It lists the products being shipped, their destination, and other important information. The AWB also serves as a receipt for the goods once they’ve been loaded onto the aircraft.

The certificate of origin is a document that certifies that your products were made in China. This document is required for certain products that are subject to preferential tariff treatment. You can apply for a certificate of origin through the chamber of commerce in the city where your products were manufactured.

Other documents may be required depending on the type of goods being imported. These could include a sanitary and phytosanitary certificate for food products, a license for controlled goods, or an import permit.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact with Honourocean.

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What is the shipping cost from China to Canada?

Tell me the shipping cost of the container shipment between China and Canada? 

shipping cost for 20ft is about 1100-3500 USD, 

40ft/40HQ sea freight china to canada is about 1500-4000USD


How Much Does a Container Cost from China to Canada?

cheapest shipping to china from canada: 20 ft container shipping cost from china to canada

vary depending upon whether the shipment is port-to-port or door-to-door, in addition to the selected route. Here are the average container shipping rates from china to Canada

as of the time of writing. 

  • shipping rates from china to Canada
  • Shenzhen shipping to canada
  • container shipping rates from china to canada
  • shipping from china to toronto

shipping container from china to canada

 Shanghai (↓LOW↓)Shanghai (↑HIGH↑)Ningbo (↓LOW↓)Ningbo (↑HIGH↑)Shenzhen (↓LOW↓)Shenzhen (↑HIGH↑)

shipping container from china to canada

Sea freight from China to Canada can take anywhere from 14-37 days. 

Exactly how long your shipment will take will depend upon a number of factors, including: 

  • the port of origin in China,
  • any export requirements in China
  • whether you are making an FCL or LCL shipment
  • the destination port in Canada, 
  • any import requirements and duties in Canada
  • and whether or not your shipment is port-to-port of door-to-door

That being said, we’ve created a handy table to give you a ballpark of how long can you expect your goods to take when being shipped between China and Canada by sea freight.


Shipping from Shanghai (CNSHA Port)

Shipping from Ningbo

(CNNGB Port)

Shipping from Shenzhen (CNSZX Port)

Shipping to Vancouver

14-16 days

23-34 days

26-37 days

Shipping to Montreal

25-27 days

26-37 days

26-37 days

Shipping to Toronto

25-27 days

26-37 days

26-37 days

Air freight shipping services

Air transportation is generally faster but much cheaper than shipping via ocean, so the method you choose is determined depending on the size of shipments and the timing of its arrival at your destination. If you are trying to figure out how to transport cargo in different modes you should check out this online comparison calculator.

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Air freight rates

Here is a table showing approximate air freight rates from major cities in China to Canadian destinations for small (~50kg) and large (~500kg) shipments:

OriginDestinationSmall Shipment (~50kg)Large Shipment (~500kg)

Key notes:

  • Rates are general estimates only and can vary based on specific shipment details.
  • Small shipment rates are usually charged per kilogram (kg).
  • Large shipment rates are averaged per kg but may have a minimum charge.
  • Peak season, fuel surcharges, and other factors can increase rates.
  • Dangerous goods or specialty cargo may have higher rates.
  • Confirm actual rates with a freight forwarder before shipping.
  • Transit times from China to Canada are typically 5-7 days by air.

Let me know if you need any clarification or additional details on these approximate air freight rates from major Chinese cities to Canadian destinations!

Customs duties and taxes on imports

Customs Duty – 10-digit HS Code The seller can provide the HS code, while you need to determine the one used for Canada customs – Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). The first six digits are a common identifier across all countries using the HS for that particular good, including China and Canada.

Check the customs tariff rate. Customs Tax In addition to the tariff based on the HS Code, there are taxes you also need to be aware of. It includes HST, GST, and PST.

HST: Harmonized Sales Tax

GST: Goods and Services Tax 

PST: Provincial Sales Tax

Canada’s Province Rate Type (HST, GST, PST)

  • duty from china to Canada

Any item mailed into Canada is potentially subject to duty and taxes, with few exceptions. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) collects provincial sales taxes (PST) and harmonized sales taxes (HST) according to the province of residence on most taxable imports valued at over CAN$20.

Visit CBSA onlineOpens in new tab if you want to:

  • Learn more about mail imports
  • Ask questions about the collection of taxes
  • Get more information on mail imports, duty, and taxes

Shipping Routes from China to canada

  1. Pacific Route:

    • Ships traveling this route go south of the East China Sea, then northward through the Sea of Japan and through the Okhotsk to enter the North Pacific Ocean.

    • This route allows ships to reach the west of Latin America, the west of the U.S., New Zealand, Australia, and western Canada.

  2. Atlantic Route:

    • Ships taking this route move in a southern direction from China, sailing via the Indian Ocean and the Cape of Good Hope.

    • This route leads to Western Europe, the East Coast of the U.S., the Suez Canal, the Gulf, and the Mediterranean area.

  3. Indian Ocean Route:

    • This route is often used for oil transport.

    • It enables goods from China to reach the Persian Gulf, East Africa, Western Europe, and North America by sailing towards the Cape of Good Hope.

Shipping to Canada:

  • Main Ports: Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal.

  • Main Shipping Companies:

    • Medium shipping rates & medium transit time: EMC, HPL, APL, ZIM.

    • Low shipping rates & long transit time: MSC, NCL.

    • High shipping rates & less transit time: HMM, YML.

It’s essential to note that the choice of route and shipping company can significantly influence the cost, transit time, and overall efficiency of the shipping process. When considering shipping from China to Canada, it’s advisable to consult with a reputable freight forwarder or shipping agent to determine the best route and shipping method for your specific needs.

What is the best shipping method from China to Canada?

Express transport between China and Canada is fast and easy compared to sea and air transport. Express lets you forget about duty payment or custom clearances. You can monitor the progress of your purchases from the start of your purchase and plan accordingly. sea shipping is cheapest way to ship from china to Canada.

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Below is the FAQ from Canada importers, here we add the answers for your information.


shipping from china to zimbabwe

shipping process

  • Step 1: check freight base customer reqeust (1-2 hours):Via some basic information: product name, weight, the volume we send quotation confirm ship way

  • Step 2: Consolidation(1-3days):Honourocean contact supply sends the goods to our warehouse or we pick up the goods for you.

  • Step 3: Shipping by air or sea:We will arrange for your goods sent to your country(the point port or door to door).

  • Step 4: Tracking: When your goods have been sent, we will send you the tracking number, you can check the status anytime.

  • Step 5: Arrival:We will make an appointment to arrange to pick up your goods.Customer will pick up with BL

Freight forwarding industry

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as 14 years shipping agent china to Canada, We have an excellent reputation for international shipping, airline connections, and a good customs reputation, and we are known for offering competitive pricing and timely delivery to capture the market in the freight forwarding industry.

  • best freight forwarder china to canada

tracking from china to canada once delivery from china to Canada

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