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Amazon International Shipping UAE

The Middle East is becoming quite the hot spot for eCommerce, and Amazon knows it. While we already discussed the best practices for getting started on Amazon Turkey, international sellers can also consider expanding into Amazon UAE, or, the global marketplace’s headquarters in the United Arab Emirates.

The Top 5 Imports of the UAE 



Machines 23%

Precious Metals 21%

Transportation 11%

Textiles 6.7%

Metals 6.5%

Top 10 Ecommerce Websites in Dubai

Following is a list of popular online shopping websites  in the UAE in 2020:

  • — Itself an Amazon company, fills the country’s gap as the largest native online department store, selling everything from stationary to baby clothes.

Honourocean shipping is an excellent teammate when we’re talking about trade in goods from China to the UAE for for the person that import from china to UAE. On your demand, we will program air or sea freight for all types of products, normal, dangerous or perishable between the two countries. With honourocean Shipping, China and the Emirates have never been closer.

We will begin discussing the different freight methods to transfer your goods from china to uae. Then we will move on the customs process, and finish with the trade and diplomatic relations between the two countries

How do I ship from China to DUBAI and the UAE?

Cheapest shipping from China to UAE

The UAE, as a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is still negotiating Free Trade Agreement with China. This means that no accordance has been found between both parties yet, to ease and increase trades between the two regions. Consequently, you will probably not be exempted of duties when importing Chinese products in the Emirates. The import process is also composed of many steps and paperwork to go through. Our experience between the two countries skilled us to provide a quick and smooth customs clearance in the UAE. You can ask us to take it in charge for you, if the energy and stress involved is too much to handle.

Typically, shipments valued under AED 1000 enter free from duty and tax.

And Gifts carried by passengers traveling to UAE and value do not exceed AED 3000 are also free tax and duty from customs

But for other general goods and Commercial goods, customs duties have been fixed to 5% of the CIF value of most products.

but if you import any goods for business purpose you should consider these items:

  • which emirate the business is registered in
  • whether the company is registered on the mainland or in a free zone
  • nature of goods being moved
  • the source and destination of the goods being moved
  • trade agreements between the UAE and the other country

But note that alcoholic products are subject to 50% duty and tobacco products are assessed a 100% customs duty

sea freight charges from china to dubai

Less than Container Load (LCL): LCL shipping means that your cargo will be given space in a shared container that carries consignments of other shippers. The advantage is that you only have to pay for the space that your freight occupies, not the whole container. If you’re planning on moving small shipments from China to UAE, then LCL shipping might be the most affordable option.

Full Container Load (FCL): FCL shipping means paying for the rental and transportation of a shipping container from China to the UAE for your exclusive use at a flat rate. This might be cheaper than LCL, especially if you are transporting large, heavy goods.

(DDP shipping) door to door cargo from china to dubai including duty 

amazon shipping to UAE – door to door including duty to dubai amazon fulfillment center locations

Necessary documents for import to UAE (Dubai)

To import any goods from UAE customs, you should provide some documents to UAE customs.

The main document includes:

  • Delivery order from a shipping agent addressed to a company licensed in the UAE;
  • Original bill of loading (for seaports) or original Air waybill for air cargo
  • Original invoice from the exporter addressed to a licensed importer in the country detailing total quantity, goods description, and total value for each item
  • Copy of the trade license of buyer and seller;
  • Certificate of origin approved by the Chamber of Commerce in the country of origin detailing the origin of goods;
  • Transport certificate;
  • The customs entry declaration;
  • Detailed packing list: weight, method of packing and HS code for each individual article contained in the shipment;
  • Transport documents that are required for import clearance

If you think the customs clearance process in UAE is complicated or you do not have any specific license for import your goods from China to UAE .Honourocean shipping can help you, please for more information, contact us

Air shipping from china to Dubai and the uae

Honourocean shipping are able to offer you flexible, streamlined, affordable and efficient air shipping from China to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE. With honourocean Logistics, you can rest easy knowing that your freight is in good hands and will be handled professionally to Dubai/Abu Dhabi airport safely, on time and in perfect condition.

besides air to airport, we can arrange air DDP mean air door to door including tax to dubai amazon warehouse or other address the uae.


How much does it cost to sea or air freight from China to uae?

The short answer is it depends. Freight rates depend on the nature of the goods you want to ship. Perishables may require refrigeration. Extra-large goods could call for an oversized container, for example.

They also depend on your chosen shipping method, as air freight is usually more expensive than ocean freight. They depend too on the volume, size, and weight of your consignment, all of which could prohibit shipment by air or affect the size and number of ocean shipping containers required.

As a guide, if your goods weigh under 100 kg, air freight can be just as economical as using an ocean carrier. And, of course, it will be quicker. Consignments over 100 kg that aren’t urgently required in the UAE will usually be more economical to ship by sea from China.

For cargo weighing under 21 kg, please get quotes from parcel carriers or couriers, such as FEDEX, DHL, ARAMEX, UPS .


How long does it take from China to Dubai or THE UAE?

Average transit time by sea: 25 days

Average transit time by airfreight: 7 days (daily direct flight)

Express shipping door to door : 4 days

SEA DDP : about 30days

AIR DDP:  about 10days


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