How to Get Accurate Freight Quote: The Ultimate Guide

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You’ll need to know how much freight quote before importing from China to worldwide.

An accurate freight quote depends on many variables. If you get these wrong, your final charge could be far more than your original quote. It’s easy to get to surprise bills and charges if you aren’t careful.

A lot of the time you may receive very varied quotes on what you’re required to pay – but, before you rush in thinking you’re getting a great deal, you need to understand the process of importing goods from China to the world. Once you understand the import fees, how much it costs and why you can really see if you’re getting a good offer.


We try to make our freight quotes as simple as possible, but the below information is what you will need to get a quote :

  • product name 
  • Weight and Dimensions/Volume of your goods
  • Shipping terms that your supplier is offering (FOB, Exworks, etc.)
  • The port of loading(where the goods are coming from)
  • Where the goods are being delivered to (destination port or location of your door)
  • you plan to ship by air or sea 
  • product ready ok date 

Freight costs are calculated by the volume or the weight (whichever is greatest). which is why we need to know the dimensions of your shipment to get you a price.

For sea freight: The industry uses the technical term “Weight or Measure” – often shortened to “w/m”.  This means that 1.0 cubic metres (cbm) is equivalent to 1000kg.  It’s rare that the weight is so heavy that it indicates the cost, but if your shipment was 2.0cbm and 2500kg then the weight is greater than the volume.  If it were 2.5cbm and 2000kg, then the volume is greater so the sea freight shipping rate would depend on that.

For airfreight :1.0 cubic metres (cbm) is equivalent to 167kg.

if your shipment is 2cbm and 200kg, the volume weight is 334kg, volume bigger than the actual weight, so chargeable weight base volume weight.

or if you get L(cm), W(cm), H(cm), you can get a weight base formula for weight


For express charges, such as DHL, FedEx, TNT ,ups, 1cbm equivalent is 200kg. or base below formula for weight, get volume weight.

then compare volume weight with actual weight, chargeable weight is the bigger one.

Different Ports Mean Different Costs

Freight rates vary from port to port. This can be due to a number of reasons, but it’s a good idea to know which port/s your supplier uses so you know the exact freight cost. If your supplier from Guangzhou, so we normally ship from Guangzhou port. as if pick up from Guangzhou to Shenzhen or another city, the land transport charge higher than sea freight.

and the different port, the port charge also different.

for air shipping, we also select near factory airport ship out, so can save local charges.


Why Are Freights Rates So Unstable?

The reason for these huge peaks and troughs (increases and decreases in sea freight shipping rates) come as a result of the shipping lines artificially increasing the rates using large general rate increases (GRIs).  These are implemented by all the shipping lines in order to stop the falling sea freight rates.  Unfortunately, the volume of containers being shipped is rarely enough to hold the rate in its inflated state so the shipping lines then have to decrease their rates again to win business.

….. Until the rates are too low and the cycle continues.

air freight also like this, mean decide the demand and request.

airline or ship line adjust price base demand and request status.

normally, sea freight updates each month 1st and 15th,  so the ocean freight valid for about 2 weeks. and air freight varies every week, if the hot season, it varies every day.

so we ask customer check products ready ok date so as to send exact freight quotes.

its the advantage of using a freight broker is having access to a dedicated team of professionals who help you every step of the way. With Honourocean shipping, you get a support team that works to know your business and shipping needs, from finding a great quote and generating proper documents to making sure your shipment is safely delivered.

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