Import from China to Ireland: A Comprehensive Guide 2023

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Importing from China to Ireland

Do you want to import goods from China to Ireland? If so, you’re in luck! This blog post will teach you everything you need to know about importing from China to Ireland. We’ll discuss the different types of imports, the documents you’ll need, the customs process, and more. Let’s get started!

Ireland Imports from China

Ireland’s Imports from China were US$7 Billion in 2020, according to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade. Ireland Imports from China – data, historical chart, and statistics – were last updated in May of 2022.

Chinese manufacturers follow strict production standards to fulfill the European Union market. They also use cutting-edge technology to improve and add more value to products.

Table of Contents

Top imports from China to Ireland

You’ll need a lot of importers from China for Ireland. This product sells quickly and gives you high-profit returns. Source Importation in Ireland Aside from this, it saves you on inventory expenses if you opt for high imports. It’s impossible to find a warehouse since you import the products for sale. Tell me what is the most important import? Let’s examine this section for answers. Additionally, you can import electrical and electronics accessories. Beauty product.

top 10 Ireland imports from china

Ireland Imports from ChinaValueYear
Machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers$1.72B2020
Electrical, and electronic equipment$1.49B2020
Articles of apparel, not knit or crocheted$522.68M2020
Organic chemicals$426.23M2020
Toys, games, sports requisites$284.80M2020
Furniture, lighting signs, prefabricated buildings$274.53M2020
Articles of apparel, knit or crocheted$239.75M2020
Other made textile articles, sets, worn clothing$232.74M2020
Aircraft, spacecraft$218.48M2020
Optical, photo, technical, medical apparatus$216.17M2020

How can I find a reliable China supplier for my import business?

Sourcing products is important when you start your business. It is important that you take a cautious approach to prevent poor quality goods from being offered to consumers. How can I locate a reliable Chinese supplier?

You can use a number of different methods to find reliable suppliers in China. One way is to attend trade shows. Trade shows are a great way to meet face-to-face with potential suppliers and learn about their products. You can also search online directories, such as and Global Sources. These websites list thousands of Chinese suppliers. You can also contact the China Chamber of International Commerce, which can help you find reputable suppliers. Finally, you can use a sourcing agent. A sourcing agent is a company that will help you find and vet potential suppliers in China. Sourcing agents typically charge a fee for their services.

Importing From China a Step by Step Guide

Further info about Alibaba:

The Ultimate Guide for Alibaba Shipping cost

Electrical, and electronic equipment

How much does it cost to import from China to Ireland?

Shipping from china to ireland cost:

1 . Express Shipping is cost-effective and fast when shipping from China to Ireland. It is applicable for certain goods bought in a smaller volume. Some notable individual express agencies include DHL, FedEx, and UPS. The shipping cost depends on shipping items, and timely delivery might cost more. You can learn more information about International Package Shipping on this website.

2. Air Freight Airfreight is the quickest and most secure shipping method. It preserves your high-value products in good conditions.

3. cheapest way to ship to ireland ,Shipping cost is an important cost element that you need to consider to ensure a smooth process of importation. You will incur different shipping cost depending on the volume of your goods and the container you will be using. To be able to understand this, here is a look at the shipping cost of different containers from China.

cost of shipping container from china to ireland

Shipping a 20 ft container from China to Ireland

update May-2022
Port of originTo Dublin portTo port RosslareTo port FoyleTo Port KinsaleTo Port Belfast
Port of Guangzhou$5000$4500   $5800   $5000$5500
Port of Shenzhen$4900  $4400   $5700   $4900  $5400
Port of Tianjin$5000  $4500   $5800   $5000  $5500
Port of Qingdao$5000  $4500   $5800   $5000  $5500
Port of Ningbo$5000  $4500   $5800   $5000  $5500

Shipping a 40 ft container

Port of originTo Dublin portTo port RosslareTo port FoyleTo Port KinsaleTo Port Belfast
Port of Guangzhou$10050$11000   $11500   $10050$10800
Port of Shenzhen$10000  $10950   $11000   $10000  $10750
Port of Tianjin$10000  $10950   $11000   $10000  $10750
Port of Qingdao$10000  $10950   $11000   $10000  $10750
Port of Ningbo$10000  $10950   $11000   $10000  $10750

Shipping Methods To Import from China to Ireland

cost of shipping a container from china to zimbabwe

Shipping from china to ireland

Sea freight china to ireland

cost of shipping a pallet from china to Ireland

We offer very competitive ocean freight for FCL and LCL shipment from China to any seaport in Ireland


air freight to zimbabwe

Air freight from china to ireland

The advantage of sending your goods by air from China to Ireland is that your goods can be delivered without delay. It is an excellent option when you need urgently to import your products. Firstly, air transportation costs are fairly high. This cost is also crucial for choosing the way to import. Another constraint is that your export volume limits are very limited.

air freight cargo zimbabwe

Express Shipping From China to Ireland

For post from china to ireland, such as DHL china to Ireland, UPS, FedEx Dubai, TNT.aliexpress delivery to Ireland

china to zimbabwe shipping

China door to door shipping

we provide door to door service including DDP/DDU from china to Ireland. We offer competitive rates and an efficient, timely service that guarantees your items will be delivered safely and securely at any time and economically.

china to zimbabwe shipping

Shipping to amazon fba

We provide door-to-door delivery and provide service that delivers to Amazon’s FBA warehouses and business locations. then amazon deliveries to ireland

Railway freight from china to ireland

In many ways, train railway freight could be considered the happy medium between sea freight and airfreight. Generally, railway freight is about half the price of airfreight, but about 40% faster than sea freight, mitigating the main drawbacks of both. 

Honourocean Shipping make sure below service :

  • The most convenient and speed shipping route from China to the Ireland
  • Compliance with import/export regulations at each port of call
  • A service that has built strong relationships with the logistics team every step of the way
  • Update status for each shipment process
  • The professional operation team ensure smooth processes and customers worry-free 
china to zimbabwe shipping

Cheap shipping from china to ireland

You can also import large quantities of goods from China in Ireland with ease using ocean transport. This type of transportation is best when the goods do not require immediate attention. In addition, you could import almost any item from China to Ireland by using ocean shipping. Another advantage of sea freight is the cost. The cost per pound in a boat’s container compares well to air shipment, so you may get better savings by using this method. However, it is advisable for you to factor in the timing of imports using maritime shipping. This occurs because ocean cargo normally arrives from China for a while before reaching Ireland.


For general ocean freight, we have two types of service FLC: FCL, full container load, which entails the load on a fully loaded vessel. You have one basic rule. lcl shipping mean less than full container

china shipping line dubai :ours cooperate shipping company: COSCOHMMMaerskOOCL,CMA and so on.

Ports of the ireland

East coasWest coastSouth coastNorth coast
RosslareBantry BayCastletown BerehavenColeraine
Dún LaoghaireFoynesRingaskiddy 
WarrenpointLimerickNew Ross 
BelfastShannon Foynes PortDunmore East 

Customs Clearance Ireland – How it Affects Importing from China to Ireland

For a safe shipment, you should be cautious when negotiating with customs authorities in Ireland. By completing these custom requirements, you will get your products instantly. However, the customs may take over your goods in case of a refusal of your order. If this happens, then the delay will be fined. To avoid such difficulties please apply for Irish clearances in advance.

Even if you’re a seasoned importer from the EU, it’s important you familiarise yourself with the documentation you need to import from China and clear customs goods without any issues. 1) Use the correct commodity code Find the right commodity code for the products you’re importing. You can locate these by using the UK Government Trade Tariff, where you can look up commodity codes, duty, and VAT rates. Commodity codes are required to classify your goods so you can: complete declarations and other paperwork to find out if there is any duty.

 Check if you need an import licence You may need an import licence to import goods from China into the Ireland. There are import controls on a range of different goods including firearms, food and textiles. Import licences and certificates . Taxes and duties on imports It is important that as a trader you know whether you have to pay

Once you have obtained an import license, you must submit a declaration to Ireland Customs. This declaration must include the following information:

– The value of your goods

– The HS code of your goods

– The country of origin of your goods

– The quantity and type of your goods

– The name and address of the manufacturer of your goods

– The name and address of the importer of your goods

– The name and address of the exporter of your goods

– The name and address of the carrier of your goods

– The port of entry into the Ireland

– The date on which your goods will be imported into Ireland

After submitting your declaration, Ireland Customs will issue a permit for your goods. This permit must be presented to the carrier of your goods when they arrive in Ireland.

Ensure you pay any VAT that is due. If you’re VAT registered, you must pay the VAT, but you can claim it back through your standard VAT return. You’ll usually receive a C79 certificate from HMRC to prove you’ve paid import VAT

we also can supply DDP service (mean door to door including custom clearance and customs duty)

Strong Overseas Custom Clearance

Documents necessary for import to Ireland

Ability to manage challenging objects with flexibility ensuring a smooth and efficient transport across the world..

Customs clearance is the process of getting your shipment through customs so that it can be delivered to its final destination. To do this, you’ll need to provide certain documents, including:

– A commercial invoice

– A packing list

A bill of lading (if shipping by sea) or an air waybill (if shipping by air)

– A certificate of origin

The commercial invoice is the most important document for customs clearance. It’s a document that lists the products being shipped, their value, and other important information like the HS code. The HS code is a harmonized system code that’s used to classify and track international shipments. You can find the HS code for your products on the website of the World Customs Organization.

The packing list is a document that lists all of the items in your shipment, their dimensions, and their weight. This is a helpful document for customs officials to have because it helps them verify the contents of your shipment.

The bill of lading (B/L) is a document that’s used when shipping by sea. It acts as a contract between the shipper and the carrier, and it lists the products being shipped, their destination, and other important information. The B/L also serves as a receipt for the goods once they’ve been loaded onto the vessel.

The air waybill (AWB) is similar to the bill of lading, but it’s used when shipping by air. It lists the products being shipped, their destination, and other important information. The AWB also serves as a receipt for the goods once they’ve been loaded onto the aircraft.

The certificate of origin is a document that certifies that your products were made in China. This document is required for certain products that are subject to preferential tariff treatment. You can apply for a certificate of origin through the chamber of commerce in the city where your products were manufactured.

Other documents may be required depending on the type of goods being imported. These could include a sanitary and phytosanitary certificate for food products, a license for controlled goods, or an import permit.

That’s it! Now you know everything you need to know about shipping from China to ireland. We hope this guide was helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact with Honourocean.

Do I pay tax on imports from China?

Yes, you will need to pay taxes and duties on your imports from China. The amount of tax and duty you will need to pay will depend on the type of goods you are importing. You can find out more about how much tax and duty you will need to pay by contacting the customs office in your country.

Ireland Import duty and tariffs

During your shipment, there may be various taxes. It depends upon what type of import you’ll bring to Ireland from China. This duty can influence how much you can spend on your products if you import them. What tax and duty will be imposed when importing certain types of items? The base for which your tax is calculated on your import is the CIF value. The customs will do it for you when you enter a destination. Customs uses a Harmonized system that categorizes products according to the duty you have to pay.

The standard for Irish customs to judge the value of goods is CIF, that is, cost + insurance + freight (commodity price + insurance + freight).

import duty tax calculator Ireland

Duty is Free under the following circumstances.

  • FOB value less than EUR 150 (merchandise value, excluding freight and insurance).
  • The Duty that needs to be paid is less than 10 euros.

VAT is not required to pay in the following cases.

  • CIF value less than 22 euros (total merchandise value, freight, insurance costs).
  • The VAT that needs to be paid is less than 6 euros.
  • Ireland’s VAT (value added tax) is 23% duty depends on specific goods, electronic goods usually do not have duty, clothing and other textiles duty is around 10% to 20%.

How long does shipping from china to ireland take?

shipping time from china to ireland: Time is expensive, especially for businesses. Time to complete the shipment process from China to Ireland. In achieving that equilibrium you will be able to cut costs and save time for achieving greater profits. How long will it take a ship to reach Ireland? How will you calculate the time to travel?


Shipping time to import from China to Ireland:

Express delivery generally takes 3 to 5 days and is generally short for small volumes of goods orders. Delivery is easy. Airfreight is a faster delivery method, with just 3 to 5 days. The law only covers transportation between airport terminals and the airport. Shipping by sea takes about 30 to 45 days and can be arranged by China to Ireland.

then, there is rail freight. This option is becoming more popular because it is faster than sea freight and more economical than air freight. Transit times for rail freight are around 22-25 days.

finally is truck delivery, this is fast way and new ship method, transport time is about 15-20days.

Time from china port to ireland port take?

Port of LoadingPort of ArriveTransmit Time


 Below is the FAQ from Ireland importers, here we add the answers for you information.


shipping from china to zimbabwe

shipping process

  • Step 1: check freight base customer reqeust (1-2 hours):Via some basic information: product name, weight, the volume we send quotation confirm ship way

  • Step 2: Consolidation(1-3days):Honourocean contact supply sends the goods to our warehouse or we pick up the goods for you.

  • Step 3: Shipping by air or sea:We will arrange for your goods sent to your country(the point port or door to door).

  • Step 4: Tracking: When your goods have been sent, we will send you the tracking number, you can check the status anytime.

  • Step 5: Arrival:We will make an appointment to arrange to pick up your goods.Customer will pick up with BL

Freight forwarder china to ireland

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A freight forwarder is a company that specializes in arranging the carriage of goods on behalf of its shippers. They are experts in managing the complexities of international shipping, including customs clearance and compliance with trade regulations.

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced freight forwarder to help you import from China to Ireland, we recommend using Honourocean Shipping Solutions.

if you find:

freight forwarders northern Ireland

freight forwarding companies Ireland

freight forwarder Belfast

freight forwarder Dublin

we can arrange from china door to door Ireland

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