Air Freight

Where cargo needs to be transported quickly, to worldwide, we can offer air shipping service.


The goods can ship by two kinds of air shipping as follow:


airport to airport, you need to do the customs clearance and pick up your goods by yourself.


door to door (DDP), we will send your goods from our warehouse to your address.

we cooperate with airlines: CA, BA, CK, PX, ET, EY, CK, AC, AA, TK, HU.




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The Advantages of Air Freight


Efficiency – Air freight is quick, particularly if you use a direct service. You can expect goods to be at its intended destination within days of sending it whilst sea freight can take several weeks.


More Options – be able to offer more options to the importer with air freight, including consols and direct routes.


Less Potential to Damage Shipment – Providing the goods are correctly packaged, air freight is usually a better way of shipping fragile items as damage is less likely compared to sea freight.


More Traceable – As flights are tracked, shipments are more easily traceable which can give businesses more peace of mind.

International Air FreightRelevant parameters and standard
Charging weightMinimum charging weight 45kg, some line 100kg(ex.UPS TO EURP/AF)
Package&DimensionAs air line’s request(“#” must be request from Guangzhou&thin film must request to any wooden package)
Bulky Cargi or notIf yes. The methods of calculation: Max L x MAX H x MAX W / 6000CM
Covering country220 Countries & areas around the world
Flying timeDifferent time with different places: Inquiry sales case by case
QuotationDifferent AOD, different rates; Inquiry sales case by case
Consignment RequestCorrect info as Sending/Receiver documents, commodity, packages, weight & volumes ex…
Custom documents commercial invoiceCustom Sheet/Custom consignment/Contracts/Invoice/Packing list
Special statement/custom marterialsBrand consignment and company license are needed for Brand cargo
Limited areaDangerous liquit, powder. Prohibited cargo as the cargos as Air line prohibited


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