warehousing-Consolidated Shipping

We consolidate the goods in our warehouse, as well as some value-added service, like stick new label, repack, take photo, inventory management, etc.

we supply consolidate shipping  for many stores such as gojane

Amazon sellers consolidate many samples from 1688, Alibaba  we consolidate all orders together to one shipment, can save shipping cost.

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1 We will contact suppliers with your permission;

2 Arrange suppliers to deliver the goods to our warehouse when it is the right time;

3 Consolidate all the goods in our warehouse and make one PL and PI for the shipment;

4 Confirm the packing list and invoice and B/L with you before the shipment forwarding;

5 Send you original or surrendered B/L for you to pick up the cargo at the destination.

6 We will contact suppliers with your permission;

7 Arrange suppliers to send the goods to our office;

8 Collect and repack all goods into one carton;

9 Make one invoice for your express shipment;

10 Confirm invoice with you before cargo on board.

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