Shipping Costs from China to UK: 2023 Ultimate Guide

Shipping from China to UK guide

If you’re looking to save on the cost of shipping from China to the UK, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips that will help you reduce the cost of your next purchase. We’ll also provide a breakdown of the average shipping costs from China to the UK, so you can get an idea of what you can expect to pay. Let’s get started!

The shipping system between China and Britain isn’t as complex as some might think. There are many different ways in which you can decide what best meets your requirements. Air transport is a cost-efficient, but also the fastest way of transporting a ship. The most popular transport method in Europe is ocean shipping which takes much longer than air freight but is cheap as well. It’s expensive, but quick and therefore the best option when delivering last-minute items or shopping at home in a rush. In order to ship from China to the United Kingdom, first, decide how to transport it.

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Honourocean Shipping provides professional shipping solutions with an extensive experience in international transport logistics. We are a highly knowledgeable organization that can offer a wide variety of knowledge with decades of experience. We’ll help you determine what shipping strategy is best for your company requirements. Honourocean Shipping can provide you with the best cheapest & highest quality services from China to UK.

Costs of Import From China To UK

sea freight

Shipping from china to UK

we arrange sea freight from China to UK. We also provide you with customs clearance service and arrange all necessary documentation on your behalf.

Air Shipping

Air shipping from china to uk

We ship your goods via air freight shipping from China to UK. We provide air freight services at an affordable shipping cost from any city of China to UK.

Door to door shipping from china to uk

One of our advantage of shipping way from China to UK is door to door shipping for your deliveries. We provide door to door shipping at a low freight cost from China to UK.


Rail freight from china to uk

We provide rail freight services from China to UK via The Yiwu – London Railway Lin. Rail freight is more affordable and reduces your shipping from China to UK cost.

Express shipping china

We provided courier services from china to UK. including DHL China to UK; ups shipping from china to UK and so on courier service from china to uk.

Customs Clearance UK and China

We specialize in providing customs clearance services from China to UK. We have our own customs department, researching customs policies of both UK and China for early clearance.

Cheap shipping from china to uk

  • When shipping by sea, there are two main transit types: FCL and LCL. FCL is when an entire container is used to ship your products, while LCL is when your products share space with other people’s products in the same container – also known as groupage. If you’re shipping large volumes and can fill a container, it makes sense to choose FCL 
  • Generally speaking, FCL is a better option if you’re shipping a large volume of goods or items that are sensitive to damage (e.g., electronics). LCL is ideal for small shipments or if you’re just getting started with importing from China. It’s also worth noting that LCL rates are calculated per cubic meter, so be sure to factor that into your decision.then LCL shipping (also known as groupage) offers a more economical way to ship smaller quantities that make up less than half of the volume of a full container

cost of shipping 20ft/40ft container from china to uk 2022

FCL(full container load), Full Containerload, equates to filling a 20′ or 40′ container full with all the necessary materials. When importing fcl you can save time by sending fcl in large quantities. Price for FCL can vary depending on whether or not container is full. .Regular customers of a shipping company always get a reasonable price, cooperate shipping company :such as COSCO, CMA, ONE, MSK, MSC, etc.

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LCL shipping from china to uk

LCL (less than container load) means you cannot fill all containers and are delivered in addition to other containers or pallets. Note: During LCL shipment the goods must occupy a unified destination port and have to be consolidated. This is the reason LCL ship times are longer than FCL.

you may interest: Standard Pallet Sizes & Dimensions

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Additional services for shipping from China to Ghana

pick up

Pick up and delivery

We will pick up your goods in any city in China.parcel delivery to worldwide


Honourocean provides free warehousing services for any of your goods

cargo insurance

The cargo insurance protects your goods all the way to any city of uk

freight forwarders

We are proud to be one of the leading freight forwarders in the UK offering specialized logistics services for Amazon’s FBA to freight forwarders, brokers, Amazon sellers, and suppliers. UK bonded warehouse & storage facility with distributions as well as packing services.

Importing from china to uk- Ultimate Guide2022 - 7 Transoport method,Document, Duty caculate, Cost

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Shipping agent from china to uk-Honouroceanshipping

as top 5 logistics companies in china to UK, Our service includes:

1. air freight from china to UK;

2. shipping from china to UK prices;

3. Ddp shipping from china

4.we can support buying from china to UK, then arrange door to door UK delivery for customers.

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Import custom clearance in UK

Import tax and duties in UK

If you import goods to the United Kingdom, you will have import duty on all imports from the United Kingdom. Duty is dependent upon two factors: country of origin and type of product. In addition, imports types of products also have an important role. Typically certain goods are reclassified at lower rates of duty if they come in specific countries while others do not have any duty (e.g., duty-free). The taxes imposed in relation to imports vary according to the type of product imported. Generally speaking, it is determined on the basis of Harmonized System HS codes.

What is the cheapest shipping method from China to UK?

Sea shipping can be shipped cheaply from China to the UK. It is cheaper than air freight by many factors Sea ships also carry the longest route and therefore many ports can be selected for the transport of goods. As one example a popular Chinese port is Shanghai. The most famous UK harbours are Felixstowe, Southampton, and London Gateway. You can cut shipping costs when you choose a port near your destination if your items are shipped from other ports. Seaships offer a wider range of cargoes. The larger your shipment the more affordable it will be per unit.

Rail freight from China to the UK

Freight train transports goods efficiently by air. Chinese trains are the most popular freight in Europe. Container freight trains carry 120 containers, or about 10 million tonnes, each year. Rail freight is a more economical alternative transport option that uses the same technology in the transport of goods and services from airports. China’s train freight is the cheapest shipping service and takes 20 days from China to Europe. The train travel period is approximately 18 days, which is significantly faster than ship transports and more affordable.

shipping rate from china to uk

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Freight train from china to uk cost

shipping cost from china to UK per kg,freight trains DDP price is about: 1.5-2USD/KG

China to UK train freight time: about 25-30days door to door delivery

pallet shipping from china to uk also accept by DDP/DDU service.

About china europe railway introduce, you can view: Railway shipping cost from china

Air freight cost from China to UK

air shipping from china to can reach US4 to 5 USD per kg, based on weight, size, and volumetric weight. The final rates depend on what cargo is being shipped and Air Freight costs include various fees or charges, such as air freight charges. The fees of airlines vary according to the operating costs of the aircraft. A number of airline charges are regularly re-written based on market changes. Air shipping charges may vary depending on the airline route and season.

Carrier Services from China to UK ?

courier from china to uk:Shipping costs vary considerably based on the shipping service selected and shipping method. Before looking at China to the UK shipping rates, it’s important to compare the shipping options.

As the fastest and most hassle-free method of shipping goods from China to the United Kingdom, express shipping is the most expensive shipping method.

Due to excellent postal links, parcels can be sent from China to the UK quickly and easily. Most shipping companies will deliver from China to the UK in around 3 to 5 days.

How long does shipping take from China to UK?

China to uk shipping time How long does shipping take from china to uk ?

 Same as the shipping prices, it is depend on the shipping method and shipping type.

china to uk train freight timerail freight from china to uk time takes 28-35 days by sea shipping which are fairly stable and can be easily delivered. There are different transport lines and schedules available. Dispatch is a 24-hour service.

Here is the estimated time for you to figure it out. Shipping (FCL) :25-35 days , Sea Freight (LCL)  35-45 days, air freight from china to uk time is 2-5 days , Courier 3-5 days.

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Door delivery in UK

Our door delivery service offers two types – express delivery and truck delivery in the UK. Doors will require 3-5 business days for transport. These options provide a more economical way to get your goods where they’ve got to be. For express delivery, transit time is typically one – two days. This option will make it more efficient to move your cargo.

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shipping from china to uk customs charges

Tax and duty

You’ll be contacted by Royal Mail, Parcelforce or the courier company if you need to pay any VAT, duty or delivery charges (‘handling fees’) to receive your goods.

They’ll send you a bill stating exactly which fees you need to pay.

They’ll normally hold your parcel for about 3 weeks. If you have not paid the bill by then, your parcel will be returned to the sender.

You will not have to pay anything to the delivery company to receive goods worth less than £135 unless they’re gifts over £39 or excise goods (for example, alcohol and tobacco).


VAT is charged on all goods (except for gifts worth £39 or less) sent from:

  • outside the UK to Great Britain
  • outside the UK and the EU to Northern Ireland

VAT is not charged on goods that are gifts worth £39 or less.

You pay VAT when you buy the goods or to the delivery company before you receive them. If you have to pay VAT to the delivery company, it’s charged on the total package value, including:

  • the value of the goods
  • postage, packaging and insurance
  • any duty you owe

VAT is charged at the VAT rate that applies to your goods.

Goods worth £135 or less in total

If you bought the goods yourself and they are not excise goods, the seller will have included VAT in the total you paid.

You will need to pay VAT to the delivery company if the goods are:

  • gifts sent to you by someone else and worth more than £39
  • excise goods

Goods worth more than £135 in total

You will have to pay VAT to the delivery company either before the goods are delivered or when you collect them.

Customs Duty

You’ll be charged Customs Duty on all goods sent from outside the UK (or the UK and the EU if you’re in Northern Ireland) if they’re either:

  • excise goods
  • worth more than £135

If you’re charged Customs Duty, you’ll need to pay it on both:

  • the price paid for the goods
  • postage, packaging and insurance
Type and value of goodsCustoms Duty
Non-excise goods worth £135 or lessNo charge
Gifts above £135 and up to £6302.5%, but rates are lower for some goods – call the helpline
Gifts above £630 and other goods above £135The rate depends on the type of goods and where they came from – call the helpline

You pay Customs Duty on excise goods of any value.

Excise Duty

If you’re sent alcohol or tobacco from outside the UK, you’ll be charged Excise Duty at current rates.

If the goods are sent from the EU to Northern Ireland, check that the Excise Duty was included in the price. If it’s not, your goods may be seized.

It does not matter whether you buy the goods or they’re sent as a gift.

If you receive large amounts of alcohol or tobacco for your business, use the Trade Tariff to check duty rates.

Your goods can also be seized if they’re:

  • spirits over 35 centilitres without a UK duty stamp
  • cigarettes or hand-rolling tobacco without UK health warnings or fiscal marks

If you’re charged too much or return your goods

Ask for a refund of VAT or Customs Duty if you:

  • return your goods
  • think you’ve been charged too much

Download and fill in:

  • form BOR 286 if Royal Mail or Parcelforce delivered the goods
  • form C285 if a courier or freight company delivered the goods

Important documents when import from china to uk

Ability to manage challenging objects with flexibility ensuring a smooth and efficient transport across the world..

Customs clearance is the process of getting your shipment through customs so that it can be delivered to its final destination. To do this, you’ll need to provide certain documents, including:

– A commercial invoice

– A packing list

– A bill of lading (if shipping by sea) or an air waybill (if shipping by air)

– A certificate of origin

The commercial invoice is the most important document for customs clearance. It’s a document that lists the products being shipped, their value, and other important information like the HS code. The HS code is a harmonized system code that’s used to classify and track international shipments. You can find the HS code for your products on the website of the World Customs Organization.

The packing list is a document that lists all of the items in your shipment, their dimensions, and their weight. This is a helpful document for customs officials to have because it helps them verify the contents of your shipment.

The bill of lading (B/L) is a document that’s used when shipping by sea. It acts as a contract between the shipper and the carrier, and it lists the products being shipped, their destination, and other important information. The B/L also serves as a receipt for the goods once they’ve been loaded onto the vessel.

The air waybill (AWB) is similar to the bill of lading, but it’s used when shipping by air. It lists the products being shipped, their destination, and other important information. The AWB also serves as a receipt for the goods once they’ve been loaded onto the aircraft.

Export customs in China

Customs Clearing involves clearing goods by Customs. The shipment will be approved by Customs agents and can last from 2 days to 2 weeks. Customs approval for the Chinese economy can prove complicated. Generally, a customs clearance official is someone who examines and clears a country’s export goods.

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Few things to pay attention when shipping from China to UK

Shipping by sea is the most common and cheaper way to transport internationally traded items from China. It also provides quick delivery and reliable products. If you are planning to send a product from China to the UK this would be an excellent choice to use sea shipping to transport it in. Sea freight has more delivery speeds and is cheaper than air transport. When you are shipping from China into the UK you should always pick the nearest place. Depending upon where your goods travel in the UK you’ll ship them in Felixstowe or Southampton.

Shipping from China to the UK :Shipping times, costs and delays

Freight rate is a measure of how much it costs to transport cargo. The total costs vary depending upon the nature or method of shipment of the products, the dimensions or weight of the cargo, and the destination location. Other factors determine the costs of importing goods from China to the UK. These include location, size and modes of transport. Air, sea, inland water, etc. These guides offer pricing estimations for shipping modes between popular China ports and popular British ports.

How much is shipping cost from China?

The worldwide shipping rates greatly vary depending on the shipping service you select. So before you check shipping charges from China to the UK, one important thing is to compare all the available international shipping services.

The current average cost of shipping for all the different shipping modes is ranging from Chinese airlines to UK from $5.5 to $10 per kilogram. Air freight to the UK: $4-8 kilo. Sea shipping to UK – $300 to 3900.


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container price from china to uk

Normally, a 20ft container shipping cost from china to UK  about 1500 USD to 2000USD. cost of shipping 40ft container from china to UK is about  3000 USD to 3550 USD. update Oct,2022.

Factors affecting Destination Port Cost

The average import price is calculated by adjusting different variables. The cost of storage is the most important aspect. Some of the other factors include weights of the loads and the quantity of the products transported. Some companies include a portion of the total cost to determine the cost of shipping, while other companies offer a fixed price shipping service for shipments. List some major factors which influence the cost of destinations.

Major shipping routes from china to uk

Providing shipping from China to Britain enables you to quickly deliver your purchase from China in Britain’s ports. The rates of ships are relatively cheap due primarily to the large network of international port sites. This allows for businesses and manufacturers in China more efficient shipping options over the ocean for the UK markets. In addition he can send the goods in bulk for discounted prices.

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alibaba shipping costs to uk?

Alibaba shipping agent: honourocean shipping are alibaba golden supplier for over 5years. 

More detail for The Ultimate Guide for Alibaba Shipping

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