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Door to Door Delivery Services from China to Kuwait

honourocean shipping is an NOVCC in a world freight forwarder which can provide you a door-to-door service and the best shipping solutions. we can offer you competitive shipping rates for your shipment from China to Kuwait, and we are one of the best freight forwarders in China to Kuwait.

shipping from china to Kuwait about 3000-5000USD for FCL shipment; air freight from china to Kuwait about 3-7USD/KG. freight base time and shipping way.

Start Shipping Smarter

shipping cost from china to kuwait

Since 2009, has shipped thousands of ocean freight containers from China to Kuwait. We’ve learned proven methods on how to get your shipment to Kuwait as fast as possible while keeping your costs low.

air freight kuwait

It is very easy to ship from China to Kuwait, and Honouroceanshipping provides the best freight shipping and air cargo services.

  • Urgent Air Freight (1-3 days)
  • Economical Air Freight (5-7 days)
  • Airport to Airport, Door to Door, Door to Airport, Airport to Door
  • DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) & DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid)

DDP to kuwait

DDP service by AIR /SEA Including customs duty&taxes (DDP/DDU)

in this way, we arranged to pick up, customs clearance process, and delivery to door. no hidden charge

We help you to save money

Our shipping rates are very competitive, and we use the most efficient shipping carriers. So shipping from China to Kuwait is very cheap for you.

Freight Services Process Simplified

International shipping can be a complex process, especially with regard to documentation, regulations, and routing decisions, customs clearance, and tax, so let us use our skill and 12 years of expertise to take care of it for you!

We can step in to make your international shipping process smoother and easier, allowing you to focus on your business.

We do it all. So you don’t have to.

No matter your industry or business size, China Freight can help. We have teams of experts dedicated to serving Kuwait-based importers like you.

We do it all- freight forwarding, e-commerce logistics, customs clearance, or warehousing, from origin to destination. We want to help alleviate your stress, support your business, and keep you ahead of the competition in your industry. 

Stress-free shipping, just for you

Shipping time from China to Kuwait

Normally, air shipping port to port from china to Kuwait is about 1-3days.

by courier, transport time about 2-4days;

by sea shipping from China to Kuwait about 25-35days

Air DDP transport time about 10-15days;

sea DDP about 40-50days

Air cargo freight transit times from China to Kuwait

Transit TimeKuwait International AirportAhmad al-Jaber Air BaseAli Al Salem Air BaseUdairi Army Airfield
Shanghai3 days2 days3 days4 days
Shenzhen1 day3 days4 days2 days
Guangzhou2 days1 day1 day4 days
Beijing3 days4 days3 days3 days
HongKong3 days4 days3 days3 days
Ningbo4 days2 days2 days2 days

Ocean freight transit times from China to Kuwait:

From / ToDohaKhor al MuffattaKuwaitMena Al AhmadiMina Al Ahmadi  ShuwaikhShuaiba
Shanghai35  Days30 Days35  Days25 Days30 Days35  Days25 Days
Shenzhen30 Days30 Days25 Days30 Days30 Days25 Days30 Days
Ningbo25 Days35  Days30 Days25 Days35  Days30 Days25 Days
Guangzhou30 Days35  Days30 Days35  Days35  Days30 Days35  Days
Hong Kong30 Days30 Days25 Days30 Days30 Days25 Days30 Days
Qingdao25 Days25 Days30 Days25 Days25 Days30 Days25 Days
Tianjin25 Days35  Days30 Days35  Days35  Days30 Days35  Days
Xiamen30 Days30 Days25 Days25 Days30 Days25 Days25 Days
Dalian35  Days30 Days35  Days30 Days30 Days35  Days30 Days
Dongguan25 Days30 Days35  Days30 Days30 Days35  Days30 Days
Nanjing35  Days30 Days25 Days25 Days30 Days25 Days25 Days

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