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Shipping from china to zimbabwe

Are you looking to import goods from China to Zimbabwe? If so, you’re in luck! This blog post is designed to help you understand the process of shipping from China to Zimbabwe. We’ll discuss the different shipping methods available, as well as the cost and time commitment involved. We’ll also provide some tips on making your shipment as safe and affordable rates as possible. Let’s get started!

cost of shipping a container from china to zimbabwe

shipping costs from china to zimbabwe

One-stop cargo Container Shipping options from China to zimbabwe

We offer very competitive cost of shipping a container from china to zimbabwe and LCL shipment from China to any seaport in zimbabwe

air freight to zimbabwe

Air freight to zimbabwe

Honourocean was established in 2009 as an integrated international logistics services company offering global logistics and cross-border supply and delivery. Besides Guangzhou Shenzhen Shanghai Hong Kong, the company owns significant international aviation facilities in Shenzhen and Shanghai.

air freight cargo zimbabwe

Courier services to Zimbabwe from China

 DHL charges from china to zimbabwe, UPS, FedEx, TNT. In Zimbabwe, Honourocean delivers your courier in china in about 5-7 business days with the economy shipping. With Honourocean you have the flexibility to pick a shipping type that suits your need.

china to zimbabwe shipping

Door to door delivery

we provide door-to-door service from china to zimbabwe. We offer competitive rates and an efficient, timely service that guarantees your items will be delivered safely and securely at any time and economically.


We provide warehouse storage service, and packing service, take photo ,inspect and so on.we have rich experience such as 30-50 suppliers order combine to one containers.

shipping goods from china to zimbabwe

Collect service

consolidate goods from suppliers direct shipping FCL and LCL gather goods from different suppliers, consolidate cargo in our warehouse and arrange door delivery Inspect the products and check the suppliers credit for you.

Table of Contents

Honourocean 14 years shipping agents from china to zimbabwe

  • The most convenience and speed shipping route from China to zimbabwe
  • Compliance with import/export regulations at each port of call
  • A service that has built strong relationships with the logistics team every step of the way
  • Update status for each shipment process
  • The professional operation team ensure smooth processes and customers worry-free 

How much time does it need to deliver a parcel from China to Zimbabwe?

When it comes to shipping goods from China to the zimbabweMain Products Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Door to Door Shipping, Shipping, Warehousing Service, Consolidation Shipping, Custom Brokerage, Railway Shipping, Project Cargo Shipping. The most popular option is sea freight because it is the most economical. However, it is also the slowest option, 

sea shipping transit times of around 55 days.

If you need your goods to arrive faster, you can choose air freight. Transit times for air freight cargo zimbabwe are around 5-7 days, but it is more expensive than sea freight. 

Shipping from china to zimbabwe

The most common way to ship freight from China to zimbabwe is by sea. This is because it is the most cost-effective option.


Sea freight prices are constantly rising as aviation prices increase. It does not just ship; the container sizes and the ports vary equally. The cost of an FCL ship is evidently dependent on the destination both in distance and freight volume. Below are some 20″ and 40″ price samples for different destinations from China to zimbabwe



For general ocean freight, we have two types of service FLC: FCL, full container load, which entails the load on a fully loaded vessel. You have one basic rule. lcl shipping mean less than full container

china shipping line: ours cooperate with shipping companies from china to zimbabwe: COSCO, HMM, Maersk, OOCL, CMA and so on.

Major ports of the Zimbabwe

The seaports of Dubai are international and regional hubs and are vital for accelerating economic growth and promoting economic diversification. Honourocean offers sea shipping services from all China maritime ports to major Emirates maritime ports like

  • victoria falls
  • mutare
  • hwange
  • bulawayo
  • bata
  • harare

How much does it cost to ship a package from China?

The cost of shipping a package from China to Zimbabwe varies depending on the size and weight of your shipment, as well as the shipping method you choose. For example, air freight is typically more expensive than sea freight, but it will get your goods to Zimbabwe faster.shipping cost from china to Zimbabwe is below

air freight to zimbabwe: about 4-7 USD/KG, transport time 3-5days

express shipping cost to Zimbabwe: about 5-10USD/KG, transport time about 5-7days

cost of shipping a container from china to Zimbabwe:20ft container shipping is about 3000-4500USD, 40GP/40HQ is about 5000-6000USD,transport time about 50days

The 3 biggest airports in Zimbabwe

air freight to zimbabwe

Honourocean can ship your shipment within 24 hours on international flights between China and major airports in zimbabwe. We have air cargo to zimbabwe: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong.

HRERobert Gabriel Mugabe International AirportHarare1611
VFAVictoria Falls International AirportVictoria Falls45
BUQJoshua Mqabuko Nkomo International AirportBulawayo23

Customs Clearance Procedures

Commercial Clearance Guidelines on Imports & Exports

Commercial Importations

These are goods imported for commercial purposes by any individual or organisation. Clearance of such importations is done by a Bill of Entry which is processed in the ASYCUDA system. The importer should have a Business Partner Number which is activated for Customs purposes.

Importers are encouraged to engage the services of professional clearing agents because of the complexities of the valuation system and the Harmonised System of classification of goods. The following documents are required when clearing commercial importations:

  • Bill of Entry (Form 21)
  • Suppliers’ invoices
  • Export or Transit Bill of Entry from the country of export (where applicable)
  • Value Declaration Forms.
  • Consignment notes, for instance Rail Advice Notes or Air Way Bill (AWB) or Bill of Lading
  • Freight statements
  • Cargo manifests
  • Insurance Statement
  • Certificates of Origin where preference is claimed
  • Port charges invoices (where applicable)
  • Original Permits, Licences (for controlled goods – SPS / goods not on OGIL)
  • Duty Free Certificates (for government importations),
  • Rebate Letters (for goods imported under rebate of duty)
  • Value Rulings (for importers issued with advance Value Rulings)
  • Agent / Importer’s Worksheet

*N.B. Copy of Tax Clearance Certificate (ITF 263) should also be attached.

Calculation of Duty

Duty is calculated on the basis of Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) value of the imported goods up to the point of entry into Zimbabwe. Insurance and Freight inside Zimbabwe is excluded from the Value for Duty Purposes (VDP). The CIF value of the imported goods is an aggregate of the cost of goods, insurance, freight and any other charges incurred outside Zimbabwe.

Submission documents and Clearance of Goods

A Bill of Entry (Form 21) is lodged through the ASYCUDA World system. This is an internet based system where clearing agents and registered companies submit their clearance documents electronically. All the supporting documents should be scanned and submitted as attachments online (in ASYCUDA) together with the bill of entry.

If importer has no tax clearance certificate (ITF 263) Informal Cross Border Trader’s Tax of 10% of the value for duty purposes will be due and payable together with any duties and other charges which may be due before goods can be released by ZIMRA.

Payments of duty are done by way of bank deposits into the ZIMRA account. The deposited amount will be credited to the agent’s or importer’s account with ZIMRA.

Documents are processed, assessed and if correct a Delivery Release Order is issued authorising the collection of goods from the carrier or detention. If there is need to inspect the goods, an Examination Order is issued and an inspection carried out to verify the quantities, classification, origin, values or any aspect that needs clarification.

After assessment, two sets of documents in hard copies must be submitted for final release of the goods.

Origin and Preference

Preferential duty regimes and certificates of origin

These are trade agreements so that goods can enter Zimbabwe or be exported to any member state duty free or at lower rates thus making them cheaper

Where goods are imported from SADC, COMESA or any Member State with which we have a bilateral trade agreement, preferential rates of duty will be applicable if the correct certificates of origin are attached.

Available trade agreements are: COMESA, SADC, Zimbabwe-Malawi Trade Agreement, Zimbabwe-Botswana Trade Agreement, Zimbabwe – Mozambique Trade Agreement, Zimbabwe- South Africa Trade Agreement and Zimbabwe-Namibia Trade Agreement.

A certificate of origin signed by the exporter or manufacturer of the goods and duly authenticated by the relevant authority in the country of export should be produced.

For goods to be exported from Zimbabwe, the exporter and the goods should be registered with ZIMRA under the relevant trade agreement.


Importation into bonded warehouses

Goods can be imported into a licensed bonded warehouse and can be kept there for a period of up to two years before payment of duty. The facility is meant for importers who want to make bulk purchases and enjoy quantity discounts and cheaper transport costs for bulk shipments. The importer also has two years to sell his goods direct from that warehouse and will only take out small quantities as per customer requirements. This helps the importer in that cash is not tied-up on goods not yet marketable.

Removal of Goods in Bond

This is removal of goods in bond for final clearance at an inland port. A clearing agent who has a bond with ZIMRA or an importer who does in-house clearing and has a bond with ZIMRA can move goods from an entry point (border post) and do the final clearance inland. Goods moved under Removal In Bond are expected to be entered for consumption within 10 days.

Removal of Goods in Transit

This is removal of goods destined to other countries through Zimbabwe. Security for duty at stake for those goods will be through a clearing agent who has a bond with ZIMRA or a cash deposit. Goods removed in transit are expected to make exit within three days. The bill of entry will be acquitted in the system as proof that the goods have made exit. If the bill of entry remains outstanding in the system, the goods are taken to have been consumed in the country and duties waived at time of importation will be called for or the bond on those goods will be called-up.

Dealing with Transit Cargo

Transit cargo has posed so many challenges both for ZIMRA and the clearing agent involved. For ZIMRA, a lot of revenue has been lost as some of the goods would never make exit but disposed of on the local market. For clearing agents, after making the transit entry they do not have control over the driver and whatever may happen on the way yet they would have committed themselves to ZIMRA on processing the entry. To curb that problem especially on vehicles in transit, such motor vehicles need to be transported on a carrier as from 1st November 2010.

Customs Procedure Codes (CPCs)

Different importers import goods for different reasons and as such different Customs Procedure Codes (CPC) will be used on such importations. Such codes will enable importer to enjoy any privileges they are entitled to, for instance, importations for the exclusive use of the Government will come in duty free and a specific code for that was created. Some goods were granted a suspension of duty and such CPC was created also for that purpose. Some importers enjoy certain rebates and such codes will enable suppression of the duties due. However each declaration is verified by checking also if the CPC used is applicable. If one tries to take advantage of non-applicable codes, it becomes a false declaration and the goods will be liable to seizure.


Documentation has to be done by either a registered importer or a registered clearing agent. No duties are payable on export but clearance fees will be due and payable.

A Bill of Entry (Form 21) is lodged through the ASYCUDA World system same as for imports with the following supporting documents attached electronically to the entry:

Exchange Control CD1 forms which are obtained from  commercial banks

Suppliers’ invoices

Consignment notes

Copies of Export Permits/Licences (where applicable)

Temporary Importations

These can be cleared as follows:

By payment of a temporary deposit which is refundable on export.

By an ATIP (Application for Temporary Importation Privileges) which is guaranteed by a bank or insurance.

Temporary Import Permit Extensions

Tourists and visitors clear their vehicles on temporary importation permits (TIPs) which are valid up to the date endorsed on the day of entry. If this permit expires before the visitor or tourist leaves the country, he/she can visit the nearest ZIMRA office for an extension. Listed below are the requirements for an extension to be granted.

  • copy of the TIP
  • valid Carbon Tax payment
  • valid insurance
  • motor vehicle
  • passport
  • Importation of Goods

Private importations which are not merchandise can be cleared on Form 49 (receipt) without the need to engage the services of a clearing agent. The importer completes a declaration form called Form 47 and submits invoices for the goods and some of the documents listed below depending on how goods were transported to Zimbabwe.

  • Rail Advice Notes – transport by rail
  • Bill of Lading
  • Freight Statement
  • Vehicle Registrations

Motor vehicles acquired outside Zimbabwe need to go through ZIMRA formalities so that owners will be able to register them locally. The following are documents required for the vehicles to be registered locally:

Customs Clearance Certificate

  • Police clearance
  • Proof of residence (utility bills)
  • National Identity Document
  • Clearance papers required:
  • Bill of Entry
  • Form 49 Receipt
  • Release Order
shipping cost from china to zimbabwe

Speed and timely delivery of cargo to the zimbabwe from China

For your cargo delivery, airfreight is a convenient means. Naturally, it’s gonna depend on your shipment. Depending on the product sizes we sometimes choose the ocean. We guarantee it is achievable by using Honourocean products in the quickest time.

Tell me the Door to Door delivery service?

Honourocean DDP service which will take all shipping and customs work from a customer’s destination country into a delivery center. Sometimes the customer cannot supply the needed permits for our export or custom clearance procedure – this is very complex. Hence, Honourocean offers a Door to Door delivery for this customer. We offer air or sea shipments to Dubai and the Emirates, and door-to-door services. The DDP transport service covers every step necessary for the shipment from the source.


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How can I import from China to zimbabwe?

To import products from China into Zimbabwe, you can use the services of Honourocean. Honourocean is a leader in Chinese shipping and offers Customs clearance services to all customers preparing to export goods from China to zimbabwe.

 Below is the FAQ from zimbabwe importers, here we add the answers for you information.


once you need send parcel to Zimbabwe with best price, you can contact with Honourocean team

shipping from china to zimbabwe

shipping process

There are 5 important steps in the shipping process.

  • Step 1: check freight base customer reqeust (1-2 hours):Via some basic information: product name, weight, the volume we send quotation confirm ship way

  • Step 2: Consolidation(1-3days):Honourocean contact supply sends the goods to our warehouse or we pick up the goods for you.

  • Step 3: Shipping by air or sea:We will arrange for your goods sent to your country(the point port or door to door).

  • Step 4: Tracking: When your goods have been sent, we will send you the tracking number, you can check the status anytime.

  • Step 5: Arrival:We will make an appointment to arrange to pick up your goods.Customer will pick up with BL

alibaba shipping to zimbabwe

Honourocean shipping is alibaba golden supplier for shipping from china to zimbabwe.

more detail you can view :The Ultimate Guide for Alibaba Shipping Costs From China

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