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International Shipping to Philippines

Statistics show that the Philippines’ eCommerce market is valued at $3.370 billion in 2020. This is estimated to grow to $6.610 billion in 2024 thanks to a growth rate of 18.30%. rowing at an amazing rate of 18.30%. So, if you’re thinking about trying to ship to the Philippines to access this growth marketing, this article will help you figure out how to do it and get the best rates possible.

Honourocean shipping provides air and ocean transportation services for all types of your shipments to Philippines. Our freight shipping specialist will guide you and monitor your shipment until it arrives to Philippines.

Your one stop for reliable services to Philippines shipments, significant savings and easy shipping.

Whether you are shipping documents, samples, personnel effects, commercial goods, cars, or heavy machinery to the Philippines, you are at the right place!

honourocean shipping service for many shopee oneline seller at philippines shopeelazada philippines sellers or other business men who import from china.

Should I choose a freight forwarder from China or the Philippines?

When you’re importing goods from China, it is always best to choose a freight forwarder from there, regardless of the mode of transportation. The Chinese freight forwarders are the best option for overseas transporters because they have the advantage of language and geography, and you will also need a warehouse for storage and preparation. An experienced Chinese freight forwarder will have these abilities: he will be fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese; he will have a thorough knowledge of the Chinese business culture, experience in managing Chinese suppliers, category and sourcing process experience, quality control experience, audit experience, and logistics experience. In general, the local forwarders (from the Philippines) will often have to contact another agent in China to handle the picking, preparation, storage, and customs clearance.

more detail, you can view :

What does a shipping agent do?

9 Tips to Preparing Your Cargo for International Shipping

International Parcel Shipping to Philippines

We also compare the parcel shipping rates to the Philippines from well-known couriers like DHL®, USPS®, FedEx®, and UPS®. Then, we offer discount those rates by up to 60%.

Air Freight to Philippines

Honourocean provides the most reliable Air Freight Shipping services with the cheapest shipping rates.

The average Air freight transit time is 2 to 4 business days to the Philippines.

the cheapest way to ship to the Philippines

Honourocean has partnered with more than 30 of the top international Ocean freight companies such as Maersk Group®, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) ®, COSCO®, CMA CGM Group®, Hapag-Lloyd®, UPS Freight® to provide you with the best rates for your ocean freight shipping.

Compare and Save on ocean Freight Shipping Services to Philippines

DDP shipping to Philippines

Honourocean provides door-to-door shipping including duty freight to the Philippines.

we arrange air or sea shipping to port, we arrange both china and Philippines custom clearance, then delivery to door. such as via lbc ,lbc tracking:

or local trucking delivery to door if big shipments

What is the cheapest way to ship to the Philippines?

Honourocean shipping with sea door to door excluding tax is the cheapest way.

min order 1 cbm

transport time: about 15-18days

customers can pick it up at the Manila warehouse, or we can send it to the door 

For more detail, pls contact honourcean shipping get quick chat :

How long does it take to ship a package to the Philippines?

Express service (DHL,UPS/FEDEX) : about 2-3days

air to airport : 1days

air DDP :about 4-5 workdays

Here is a table of the actual transit time between the major ports in China and the Philippines :

Hong Kong / Shenzhen
9 days11 days10 days9 days
Dalian7 days9 days8 days7 days
Tianjin12 days14 days13 days12 days
Qingdao11 days13 days12 days11 days
Ningbo10 days12 days11 days10 days
Shanghai10 days12 days11 days10 days
Xiamen9 days11 days10 days9 days

*As far as transit times from China to Philippines are concerned, it should range around 7-13 days, depending on the city of departure in China.

We can provide professional shipping services from any port in China to the Philippines. Including Shanghai to the Philippines, Shenzhen to the Philippines, Ningbo to the Philippines, Guangzhou to Philippines, Qingdao to the Philippines, Xiamen to the Philippines, etc. In a word, we can arrange any shipment from any place China to philippines.

There are many different types of shipping methods available, and it can be confusing to determine which one is right for you. In general, there are three main types of shipping methods: air cargo, ocean freight, and DDP shipping. Each type of shipping method has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to consider all of your options before making a decision.

Door to Door Delivery from china to philippines

One of the best shipping options is to use an international shipping company for door-to-door shipping from China to  Philippines. The company will take care of everything including all types of packaging, customs clearance, and delivery. If you are not in need or want to deal with the hassle of shipping your goods yourself this type of service is perfect for you

Please note that the final cost depends on product name, weight and volume,ship way

Step 1: check freight base customer reqeust (1-2 hours)

Via some basic information: product name, weight, the volume we send quotation confirm ship way

Step 2: Consolidation(1-3days)

Honourocean contact supply sends the goods to our warehouse or we pick up the goods for you.

Step 3: Shipping by air or sea

We will arrange your goods send to your country(the sea port ,air port ,or door to door).

Step 4: Tracking

When your goods have sent, we will send you the tracking number, you can check the status anytime.

Step 5: Arrival

We will make an appointment to arrange to pick up your goods.Customer will pick up with BL

Want to know when to book space?

Normally we book space in advance 2-3days, if peak season, we book in advance 1 or 2 weeks

here is basic knowledge you should know before shipping

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Here is commom pitfalls many customers meet 

As 12 years logistics provider, Honourocean is a professional, reliable, honest freight forwarder.

we can solve all these problems for you.

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