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Chinese replica products are extremely popular due to their low costs. People are attracted to them world-wide due to the status symbol they carry with them. Are you thinking about selling Chinese replica products yourself? There are numerous websites where you can find providers of such items. The following article will serve as a guideline showing you how to navigate and find the absolute best match to your business and your vision.

Most commonly these websites offer a wide range of goods such as bags, clothing, jewelry, shoes, all sorts of appliances and accessories as well. Therefore the following, easy-to follow, four chapters and additional FAQs section will help you navigate and find what you need. Please note that purchasing fake items with the exact same logo and/ or name is illegal. We encourage you to look for only similar designs.

Best Products to Import From Chinese Replica Websites

During the following section we are going to list the six most commonly sought after products ordered from China. These are of course legal, and from reliable sources. The most popular items from Chinese replica websites are:

  • Designer Bags 

If you are considering buying bags, be sure to make thorough research on its production cost. These costs can be very different based on the varying websites and their respective orders. Usually the cost of production still remains as the bags need to resemble authenticity. There are many factors to consider, one of which is the type of leather they use. Do check different prices that might offer the same product and see what materials they worked with, then see their respective prices and make your decision based on quality and relative price.

  • Quality Watches

Most commonly Chinese replica watches can be categorized into 3 groups. These groups are based on the 3 grades awarded to them depending on the above factors:

  • A Grade
    This is the most basic category. It has a given good quality however it has only the most basic features.
  • AA Grade
    This grade is better than the A graded watches. With carefully executed craftsmanship and attention to detail, these watches tend to sell for higher prices.
  • AAA+ Grade
    The best category of them all. These watches truly encompass all that is desired in a watch. Except of course for them being cheaper than their original counterparts. If you decide to build your business to be more high-end, then this is definitely the category for you.

Sports Shoes and Accessories

Sports shoes and sport accessories are another huge hit in the Chinese replica business. Whether it is runners or hiking shoes, or even just regular sneakers, footwear in general is always sought after. Similar to our tips on purchasing “designer” bags though, do be careful about what you spend your money on. The quality of the materials used in producing these shoes can vary to the extremes, so this should always be a priority when researching before you decide to invest in a large bulk of them.

Makeup and Accessories

Makeup items are as always very popular. With the rise of social media presence of influencers and celebrities demonstrating their own makeup routines as well as selling their own products, these beauty producers and accessories have been enjoying an accelerated demand. Though as always, do make sure the components of the product are of as high quality as possible. You don’t want to start your new business receiving negative reviews. This is crucial with all products. In order to avoid this, do thorough research on what works and what might be harmful. Besides, you can always rely on reviews left by buyers of other sites as well.

Smart Devices

Smart devices have been gaining tremendous popularity without a doubt. Besides phones there are all sorts of other accessories as well, such as headphones, earbuds, speakers, watches, smart rings and so on. China has been playing a dominant role in selling these products. The highest in demand are still the phones and their accessories. While there are plenty of iPhone looking products on the market, again, make sure to check your sample products before purchasing larger volumes of it. This is so that you can check the product’s quality and overall user experience for yourself before a customer would have to have a bad experience with it. A good step of caution could also be to check for the sellers certificates and review from previous retailers.

Ways to Find the Best Products from Chinese Replica Websites?

The following section will help you find the right websites matching the types of products you are planning to sell on your website. China has countless options for almost any and every product imaginable. Because of this it is important to be able to navigate in the ocean of offers. 

When starting a business of importing goods, it’s always a good idea to meet your vendors in person or have a third party conduct meetings and quality checks for you. We will start with our top 10 picks for best and most reliable websites and what products are best to get from them. Then we will provide you with a few extra tips as to what to look out for when buying.

Top 10 Chinese Replica Websites and Their Best Sellers

  • Alibaba – Electronics, Watches, Health & Beauty:

    Further info about Alibaba:

    The Ultimate Guide for Alibaba Shipping cost

  • Wholesale Clothing from China
  • AliExpress – Jewelry, Women’s Accessories, Shoes
  • Made In China – Apparels, Furniture, Hardware
  • DHgate – Watches, Bags
  • – Home Essentials, Accessories, Bags
  • Global Sources – Electronics, Lifestyle
  • – Sportswear, Home Improvement 
  • DIY Trade – Office Supplies, Toys, Accessories
  • Fashion TIY – Beauty, Bags, Shoes

Rotita – Accessories, Jewelry

Use Specific Keywords

Knowing where to look exactly will save you a lot of time. Now that you have our top picks, be sure to also look the way you have to. This is in order to save yourself even more valuable time and get the right products for your business quickly. Here are some examples of efficient ways to look up your desired products. When using the vendor’s search engines try to type in using some of the the following ways:

  • AAA & Category of Products
  • High-End Brand & Category of Products
  • Luxury Brand in Europe & Category of Products
  • Abbreviation of Brand  & Category of Products

When you follow the above steps, it will take you to the vendor’s website faster. Here you need to be sure to look out for all the information you need. Besides also check for logos or the lack thereof. If you have any questions or concerns, get in touch with the vendor’s customer service staff and get confusion out of your way.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Product

You have successfully identified the type of product you need and found the specific website through which you will be able to order. Now, before you proceed with placing your first order it is more important than ever to remember a few key things to check off your list. Depending on the product you are going to order be sure to always check for its:

  • Price
  • Material
  • Quality
  • Manufacturer
  • Licenses
  • Warranty
  • Logo
  • Customer Reviews

Top Replica Markets in China

The following are the top 8 markets to visit in China if you plan to do your market visits in person. These places are highly regarded and have been around for a relatively long time. They come very helpful when one is looking for inspiration as well:

  • Shanghai AP Plaza
  • Beijing Silk Market
  • Beijing Pearl Market
  • Shanghai Qipu Road Clothing Market
  • Shanghai Hongqiao New World Pearl Market
  • Shenzhen Luohu Commercial Center
  • Shanghai Taobao City
  • Guangzhou Garment Wholesale Center

How to Start Up Your Replica Products Business?

Starting up your replica business might seem scary at first. However it really is just a series of steps that we collected for you. After following these key steps you will find that in no time you will be running your own business and learn while doing it. The following are the 7 most important steps to remember:

  • Find the Website Being the CLosest Match to Your Business
  • Identify and Look Up Your Chosen Product
  • Agree to Terms and Conditions With Vendor
  • Create a Listing For Your Products on Your Site
  • Customize Listing by Using Vendors Information and Images If Permitted
  • Good Luck!

What to Expect while Importing

Many people might share the belief that there are difficulties while ordering from China, such as language barriers. However this is an obstacle proving to be less and less present while conducting business. There are easy to use tools such as WeChat.
Instead what one should focus on is finding a reliable vendor that provides high quality products, practicing good and constant communication throughout the process. It is not easy to determine whether a product will be what you expect just by visiting a vendor’s website. That is why, the best thing you can do is to order samples from your supplier and test them beforehand. If you don’t have time for that, another option would be to use a sourcing company to check the items’ quality for you. 

Managing Your Products’ Shipping

International shipping always comes with worries. Based on your location, the size and type of goods you ordered and even the time of the year things can be very different. Be sure to check for what is most optional for you. Sea or air freight or perhaps land transport? Besides, do be sure about whether you can even receive your goods where you are. In certain regions customs will not allow replica products at all. Do your research:

  • Your Rights As a Seller/ Importer
  • Be Sure Your Products are Competitive
  • Check for Country/ Region Specific Regulations
  • Plan Your Budget
  • Choose Vendor & Check for Proforma Invoice 
  • Maintain Tracking & Communication After Placing Order 
  • Use Customs Broker Services If Needed at Customs


The following is a small section designed to answer some of the questions you might have at the end of the article. We hope it will get you the right information you need to finalize your plans and proceed with placing your first orders.

What Are Replica Goods?

Essentially replica goods look similar to high-quality products or well known, branded products without violating their trademarks by placing the same labels for example. Replica products exist in all and every area of goods such as, electronics, foods, accessories, jewelry and so on.

Is It Illegal to Sell Chinese Replica Products?

Selling knock-off products in many places like China is now considered illegal. However if you are to sell them anyways it is a preferable option to acquire the ones that have no logo trying to imitate their original counterparts. 

Can I Have These Products Shipped to My Country?

The method of shipping is the same as it is with regular products. However you need to research your country’s rules and possibly use EJET to avoid confiscation or additional fees.

Do Extra Charges Apply?

Yes, there are extra charges applied commonly. Usually you will be charged for additional costs related to the shipping process (based on the size or value of the goods), parcel handling services or tax related additional fees. 


Before you dive into selling replica products from China, be sure to take your time. Do your research and identify what you need. Check for local and international rules and visit the site in person. If you cannot, ask a third party to conduct visits for you. Check for items not having labels in an attempt to imitate any original brands protected by trademarks. Most importantly make sure you sincerely like the products you are selling. This will serve as a secret ingredient in making you more passionate and driven about your business. This will undeniably lead to more success. Don’t settle for anything less than that. After you have followed our steps and placed your first orders, be sure to ready yourself with all information necessary when it comes to shipping, customs and additional fees as well.

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