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No matter the business, one always needs stationery supplies. Should it be pens, pencils, sticky tape, or just regular paper businesses and organizations run smoother if they have the right type and quantity of these items. Therefore stationary is in high demand at all times. In the following article, therefore, we are going to list the top 20 stationery manufacturers in China. They produce a variety of items within the office space. Some are low-priced and are attractive if you are on a budget. However, there are plenty of high-quality office supplies. They work well for your business or store, which will bring style and class to the business’ identity. Some of these high-quality items are for example handbags, wallets, laptop bags,  name tags, high-quality paper products, gift boxes, and so on. Hopefully, the following list of the top 20 suppliers in China will be of use to you. Here are our top pics in no particular order: 

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Hong Kong Visitor (International) Leather Co., Ltd.

This international stationery manufacturer is based in  Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. First founded in 2006, the company specializes in making leather products. These stationary leather goods include but are not limited to laptop bags, handbags, travel cases, wallets, card holders, gift items, mouse pads, and so on.  The company is reliable and provides its clients with high-quality leather products regardless of the exact item. They are a worthy choice if your business is about high-end leather stationery products. Though they have not been around for too long they targeted a specific segment of the market that provides them with an advantage. Leather products are high in demand, yet not produced by every manufacturer. Hong Kong Visitor is a worthy choice if you are looking for quality leather products that look designer and stylish while not costing too much. 

Ningbo Xuer Stationery Factory

The Ningbo Xuer Stationery Factory is based in Beilun district, Ningbo city, China. This company is well-equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. These make it easier for them to produce high-quality products. Apart from the office space, Ningbo Kuer Stationery’s products are versatile enough to be used across the board. They specialize in boxes and bags made mostly of tin, PVC, and plastic. The company is very popular and trusted by its clients. The playful and eye-catching designs attract new buyers worldwide. This manufacturer is a worthy choice if you are looking for affordable solutions. They offer many products that could easily satisfy your needs

Xiamen Andi Import & Export Co., Ltd.

This china manufacturer is based in Huli District, Xiamen city, China. This company takes pride in manufacturing great quality designer products for one’s office spaces. They produce both finished and semi-finished products catering to their customer’s needs every time. Some of the items they produce include watches, bracelets, batteries, pens, toys, gifts, shopping bags, keychains, antique decorations, and so on. This is an excellent company to choose from if you need products that are high-quality yet affordable. Besides, it is always a good feeling to be able to get all you need from one manufacturer. 

Ninghai Highstar Stationery Industry Ltd.

This China manufacturer is based in Ninghai Ninghai, Ningbo Zhejiang. They produce high-quality office supplies as well as supplies for schools. Their products sell well across the world. Ninghai Highstar performs particularly well in Japan and the United States. They are a trusted, quality office and school supply manufacturer. Besides, they also produce home stationery, which is popular among their many partners. This company could be the right choice for your business if you are looking for multi-purpose products that you can make use of in different environments. 

Ningbo ETDZ Shunying Stationery Packing Co., Ltd.

This office supply manufacturer had been around for over 25 years. Established in Ningbo, Ningbo ETDZ Shunying Stationery Packing Co., Ltd, as its name suggests as well, is specialized in manufacturing paper products mainly for packaging. Besides they make educational materials, quality papers, gift boxes, toys as well as most popular items around the office that are made of paper. The company has many years of experience and they are a worthy choice if you are looking for a partner that knows about paper products. 

Ningbo Yongxin Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.

Established in Ningbo, China, Ningbo Yongxin Imp & Exp Co has been a strong force on the market for over 20 years. They bring high-quality products when it comes to stationery items. Though they have a special focus on custom-made promotional products. They produce a wide variety of promotional material. These include but are not limited to notebooks, pencils, gel rollers, pens, pouches, erasers, highlighters, and so on. All of these are customizable for your needs.

Zhejiang Yizhou Stationery Gift Co., Ltd.

This stationery manufacturer company was established in Zhejiang, China. They take pride in their efforts to always strive for excellent quality as well as being an independent brand. The company makes mainly office and school stationery type products. These include popular paper products such as cards, gifts, crafts, boxes, envelopes, sticky notes, and decorative and special papers. 

Ninghai County Yiyi Stationery Factory

This office stationery manufacturer is based in Ninghai, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province in China. They own advanced production equipment, which allows them to manufacture high-quality products when it comes to office or school supplies. Their main focus is on producing staplers, punchers, gifts, and other practical, useful supplies. 

Ningbo Boren Electronic Ltd. Company

This company is located in Mainland China, in Zhejiang. They specialize in lighting, metal and glass equipment, and designer indoor decorations. They provide their clients with high quality as well as affordable prices and stylish-looking products. Products Ningbo Boren Electric produces include lamps. Besides those they also make lighting products, magnetic products, and bottle openers.

Ningbo Beilun Inmax I & E Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Beilun Inmax I & E Co., Ltd caters to a wide global market, they have been working with large international companies for quite some time. They manufacture simple, but very in-demand products, such as pens, pencils, paper bags, envelopes, and other school and office necessities. Ningbo Beilun is a trustworthy company catering to its partners’ needs. One of their strengths is that their products are easy to use, no matter the environment. This way they create supplies that one can take advantage of at home, at the office, at schools, or in any creative environment.

Shanghai CMB Import & Export Co., Ltd.

The Shanghai CMB Import & Export Co., Ltd has been around for quite some time. In its 17 years of history, they have established itself as a strong competitor in the market. This manufacturer produces popular school and office supplies such as paint, chalkboards, pens, erasers, pencils, sharpeners, paper products for school practice, office notepads, merchandise, and so on. A reliable high-quality manufacturer.

Guangzhou Zhongchuang Packing Products Co., Ltd.

This stationery manufacturer was established in 2009 in Guangdong, Mainland China. Their produced goods enjoy wide popularity as they are sold in many places around the globe. South and Middle east, Europe, as well as North America. Their stationary products include notebooks, pencils, crayons, rulers, pens, envelopes, boxes, wallets, themed products, school bags, jewelry, erasers, and so on. A company that manufactures high-quality products at a reasonable price.

Qixiang Stationery And Packing Materials

The company is based in Shenzhen, Guangdong area, China. It is a well-known correction fluid manufacturer. The company was established nearly 30 years ago. Over the years they have become a leading and trusted name when it comes to office correction tools. Qixiang Stationery And Packing Materials have made themselves a strong competitor due to their focal point. Correction fluids, while important, are not produced as widely as other office supplies. This manufacturer takes pride in making products of good quality, yet at an affordable price.

Jinjiang Overseas Chinese Plastic & Rubber Co., Ltd. Fujian Province

This stationery manufacturer company has been around for over 35 years. In their time they have become a trusted and high-quality producer of supplies. Their main focus is bags, notebooks, organizers, crafts, pens, and pencils. Besides also chalkboards, boxes, plastics, packing material, and other school supplies. Their strength in the office supplies market is coming from their high-quality products as well as their wide variety of available supplies.

Tian Jun Trade Co., Ltd

This stationery manufacturer is fairly new in the game. Established in 2009, Tian Jun Trade Co., Ltd has been successfully catering to partners’ needs worldwide ever since. Some of their main products are notebooks, spirals, papers & paper products, hardcovers, labels, packaging materials, and so on. This company has established itself well during the past decade. They are producing quality stationery and other products and are a worthy option to consider. This stationery manufacturer is a worthy

Today (Ningbo) Crafts Co., Ltd.

Established in 2006, this company’s headquarters are based in Zhejiang, China. Regardless of their fairly recent establishment, they are a strong force on the market. Distributing to Western Europe as well as South and North America, Today (Ningbo) Crafts Co., Ltd is focused on an environmentally friendly alternative regardless of the product. Their main products include gifts, recycled materials such as paper and aluminum products, notebooks, pens, bottle cans, retail products, bamboo products, and so on.

Shanghai Cmb Import And Export Co., Ltd.

Established in 2005 in Shanghai mainland China, this manufacturer is a dominant force, especially in the European market. They produce a variety of pens, pencils, math sets, ruler erasers, chalkboards, and so on. Shanghai Cmb Import And Export Co., Ltd has a wide selection of office as well as school supplies to select from. A reliable and well-known company that is a worthy option for your business.

Ningbo Wellecos Stationery & Gift Co., Ltd.

This trading company had been a competitor on the market for the past 8 years. Based in Zhejiang, Mainland China, Ningbo Wellecos Stationery & Gift Co is a wonderfully versatile manufacturer. They produce a huge variety of products. Whether you need supplies for a small, low-budget space or a large multinational company, you will likely find what you need here. They make credit card holders, luggage, travel sewing kits, gift bags, sticky notes, rulers, desk organizers, pens, and so on.  A good choice, regardless of the size of businesses looking for new supplies.

Zhongshan Unimass Animation And Culture Co., Ltd.

This global manufacturer was established in 1996. They are trustworthy and licensed by streaming giants, such as Disney and Marvel for branding themed products. (Frozen, Mickey Mouse, etc.) They are focused on office stationery as well as school start supplies. The Xiaolan Town-based manufacturer is reliable and produces quickly and good quality products.

Ningbo Vontone Stationery Co., Ltd.

The company was established a little over 20 years ago. Based in Zhejiang, Mainland China, Ningbo Vontone Stationery Co produces a wide variety of office supplies. Apart from the office stationeries, this manufacturer’s primary focus is writing tools. These tools work in many different environments. These include but are not limited to markers, pens, pencils, highlighters, permanent markers, and so on. They are a trustworthy company that will cater to your needs year-round.  



No matter the business, having the right products is always very important. Especially in quickly used products like office or school supplies. It is necessary to find and get the right quality. The above top 20 China office supply manufacturers will surely be of help. No matter who your clients might be, this list will contain everything you need. Our picks were in no particular order. What matters more is for you to dig deeper. Make sure to identify what your business needs exactly. And then you will have a much easier time finding which business to start a partnership with. For instance, you might need a trusted and experienced manufacturer. In this case, Jinjiang Overseas Chinese Plastic & Rubber Co might be the right choice. But, if you are looking for a company with a large variety that is also putting the environment first, perhaps take a look at Today (Ningbo) Crafts Co. The decision should always be based upon your business needs and your vision. 

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Which China Stationery Items can you Import from China?

China is a booming stationery hub paradise where you can always virtually source any stationery item you can name.

Regardless, here is a list of the specific items:

  • Art supplies
  • Badge holder
  • Board
  • Board eraser
  • Books
  • Book cover
  • Calendar
  • Calculator
  • Clipboard
  • Desk organizer
  • Drafting supplies
  • Easels
  • Filling products
  • Letter pad
  • Magazines
  • Maps
  • Notebook and writing pads
  • Office tapes and adhesives
  • Office binding supplies
  • Office cutting supplies
  • Office equipment
  • Office paper
  • Pencil bags and cases
  • Pencil sharpeners
  • Printing supplies
  • Stamps
  • Stationery set
  • Stencils
  • Writing accessories
  • Yellow pages
  • Paper envelopes

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