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Are you starting up your own business? Or maybe just looking for something new to invest in and refresh your offer to your existing customers? Regardless, this read will be of great service to you. During this article we are going to discuss the top 20 affordable products you can order from China. These products are always high in demand and can bring you profits. Therefore the following pages will provide you with a guideline in what exactly to look for. Besides, several useful tips and tricks will be offered as to what is worth investing your money in. It is always good to order based on your business and your clients, though these products are guaranteed to fly off the shelves.

How to Find the Most Profitable Chinese Products

When you are first starting out importing products from China to your business, there are a few important things to keep in mind. The 2 most important factors are seeking out profitable products and purchasing them at a cheap price. The full process is, of course, much more nuanced than that. Although these simple pillars are the strong foundations on top of which any successful retail business stands. Therefore the question we seek to answer during the following chapters is, how to find these profitable and affordable Chinese products? With the help of the following 3 steps, you can make this challenge that much easier for your business.

Step 1 Do Your Research & Create a Top List

When you have the aspiration to open up your physical store there are a few things to take care of. Firstly, what kind of products are you interested in selling? Today this is not such an easy decision as it used to be. There are ocean’s worth of options available. These are customizable products of all sorts, colors, shapes and sizes. Therefore it is more important to be sure of what your vision is exactly when it comes to selling your products. The more passionate you are about these the likelier it is that you will succeed. Therefore choose with caution. Always be sure to:

  • Do Extensive and Comparative Research
  • Visit Your Seller in China if You Can
  • If You Cannot Visit Find Local Third Party Companies to Do So
  • Inform Yourself About Local and International Customs Regulations

Step 2 Verify Your Products & Check For Value of Investment

Once you settle on your desired products it is important to take an analytical look at potential profit margin. This is absolutely crucial, as this will be the key to your success. Do this as precisely as you can. You need to take a look at various factors that will determine the final expenditures versus revenues after all of the steps are taken. First and foremost, be sure to get a price offer from several different manufacturers. The prices can differ a lot depending on their location, the methods and materials they might use and so on. Secondly, calculate all costs related to your purchase, shipping and any other potential additional costs. These could be insurance, packaging, customs or a third party quality check in case you are unable to personally see after the products’ quality.

Step 3 Sample & Order

Always make sure to either have your third party company check the quality of your products beforehand. Or check it yourself, if this is an available option for you. If you are unable to do either, order samples from the manufacturer. This will help you make your final decision. Then go on and order in a bulk or any cost-effective way that will serve your business.

Top 20 Made In China Products That are High In Demand

Recently we have been going through turbulent times. COVID-19 has made it extra challenging for businesses to continue their operations on a global scale. Many even had to shut down permanently. These times were survived by the ones that were able to adapt and quickly come up with new strategies. The manufacturing industry in China has remained strong. The following 20 are our top picks for best seller Chinese products. These goods will surely be very popular. Still, do your research in order to find what suits your own business best. Here are our top picks:

  • Mobile Phones
    The highest in demand of all products are phones. There is high competition and always newer designs, looks and features. China manufactures countless phones and distributes them world-wide. 
  • Electronics
    When it comes to electronic products, they are always more expensive than their non-electronic counterparts. For instance toothbrushes, food processors or even bikes.  Here lies a potential of high profit-margins. 
  • Toys
    Another of the absolute best sellers are toys. The vast majority of toys are manufactured in China. There are endless options in customizing them and ordering them in different bulks, designs and sizes. 
  • Office Products
    The demand for these products too has been increasing rapidly. The pandemic has been reshaping our known norms. It has been creating a need for creative and interactive office or office-like spaces. Therefore many companies have a new-found need for office products they didn’t before. This is in order to be able to meet the new wave of digital nomads needing to work remotely in various productive environments such as cafes, hostels, lobbies and so on.
  • Computers
    Nowadays, more than ever before, computers are in high demand. This too is due to COVID. The pandemic has been forcing any and all industries to shift towards online methods and alternatives as to concluding increasing parts of their operations via digital platforms.
  • Furniture 
    The furniture industry has been enjoying steady growth as well. During the past years it has been estimated that the furniture and related exports were worth over $27 billion.
  • Automotive Products
    With their relatively cheap and innovative alternatives, China has been taking a note-worthy slice of the global automotive industries. Their automotive exports make up 30% of all car exports.
  • Beauty
    Nowadays, beauty products are incredibly well selling. These easy to produce items are always in demand, due to influencers and celebrities either endorsing branded products or selling their own. A wide-variety of original brands as well as replica products are available on the Chinese market. 
  • Training Equipment
    Again, due to recent changes in everyday life and its norms have gone through severe changes. Home workout equipment has never enjoyed this level of demand. China sells a high variety of low to high quality home gym equipment. You can easily research and purchase a multitude of these products for your business as well.
  • Home Appliances
    Several types of home appliances, such as heating and cooling systems, are manufactured in China. This billion dollar market is satisfied by the local factories both for domestic and for world-wide use. Do comparative research as prices change from platform to platform. 
  • Athleisure Products
    Athleisure products have been gaining rapid growth in demand. This is due to the fact that dressing habits and norms have been changing rapidly throughout recent times. Purchasing such items are a safe bet as most people use them now not only for sports but staying at home or even socializing in cafes or doing various outdoor activities. Comparing platforms, you will find samples and prices to be different. Such as Amazon or the Alibaba Group. 
  • Further info about Alibaba:

    The Ultimate Guide for Alibaba Shipping cost

  • Artificial Flowers
    Artificial flowers are hugely and constantly in demand in the corporate world. As real plants take lots of effort, water and extra costs to maintain, these plastic and non-plastic counterparts never die or go bad. Reports say that the US bought wholesale artificial flowers for over $800 million in 2018.
  • Clothing & Accessories
    China is yet again dominating in the exports of clothes and accessories with a whopping 36% of combined exports globally.
  • Wholesale Clothing from China
  • Arts & Crafts
    Arts and crafts are always sought after. Particularly among families with kids. Though again, nowadays when more people have to stay home naturally the demand for arts and crafts has increased as well. These items are always a safe bet, always popular and there are plenty of cheap options available.
  • Education Products
    Made in China school products are of endless varieties as well. They can serve as affordable alternatives for their many branded, expensive counterparts.
  • Cleaning Appliances
    A variety of brands of sanitary products have been of high demand from China. The need for these products include hand sanitizers, soaps, masks and so on.
  • Kitchen Appliances
    These items also made our top 20 list as there is always a need for innovative and easy to use products in the kitchen. Comparative research is always useful. Kitchen appliances tend to differ to a great degree as well. Comparing items on versus on Amazon will prove this.


  • Pet Supplies
    These items are sold in vast quantities as well. The Alibaba Group has over 850000 products available to order for your local pet store.
  • Smart Gadgets
    These popular items tend to come with low manufacturing costs and higher prices giving you a higher potential for increased profit margins. The downside is that oftentimes their quality can be lower as well.
  • Mobile Accessories
    Mobile accessories such as chargers, tripods, lights, earbuds and so on are of extreme popularity. A quality check is always useful though before you make your final decision and place your order.


Useful Tips Before Ordering

After listing our top 20 picks of the most in-demand Chinese products you are ready to make your choice and get the product matching your needs. Though before you make your final decision take a look at some of our tips. Pay attention to the below list and you can potentially save yourself some extra time and money:

  • Make Sure to Research Local Rules and Regulations When Ordering
  • Be Sure That Your Desired Products Are Allowed In Your Country
  • Calculate All Additional Costs In Advance
  • Inform Yourself About Local Customs and Contract Styles 
  • Check For the Most Convenient Way of Shipping For You
  • Remember To Do Quality Check Before Ordering
  • Check For Potential Delays Due To Weather and Have a Plan B

Frequently Asked Questions

Finally, our frequently asked questions section is aiming to give you more information on some aspects of this topic. Here are some of the top asked questions when it comes to importing goods from China:

What US Companies Import From China?

Countless corporations do that. Some even have their own facilities set up overthere. Some of the companies include Avon, Apple, AT & T and GE

Which are The Best Online Platforms for Product Purchase

The top sellers are several sub-platforms of the Alibaba Group such as AliExpress and

What's the Easiest Way of Buying From China in 2022?

The following steps might make it easier for you to purchase from China in 2022 in these turbulent times:

  • Always Seek the Formula for Profit Margins
  • Research MOQ
  • Choose the Best Payment Option for Your Business
  • Choose the Best Transport Option for Your Business
  • Do Thorough Research and Compare Quality & Price
  • Be Sure to Track & Record all Operations
  • If Possible Order Samples
  • Maintain Constant Communication

Easiest Way to Find the Right Manufacturers

There are several options that you can choose from. Here are the easiest ways to decide which manufacturer to go with:

  • Seek Out the Industry Trade Association
  • Relies on Referrals From Other Businesses
  • Conduct Comparative Research With Regards to Price & Quality
  • Find International Trade Shows for More Reliable Information


Since the outbreak of the recent pandemic lots of things have changed drastically. Therefore it is more important than ever before to take quick actions in your business. Though adapting to new circumstances is becoming easier by the day. The Chinese manufacturing market has stood the challenges of COVID. It still is the dominating source of manufactured goods. If you are about to open a new business, transition your old store to something more modern or simply find new manufacturers, this is the place for you. They provide the world with high quality, low cost products that will increase your chances of higher profits in your business. There are countless options when it comes to picking the right products fitting your needs. Therefore it is important to keep in mind what the vision and mission of your business is exactly.

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