Top10 Manufacturers of Golf Carts in China

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Golf carts are one of the most popular modes of transportation on golf courses. Many manufacturers distribute golf carts for industrial and utility purposes. But did you know that most golf carts are manufactured in China? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the top 10 manufacturers of golf carts in China. You may be surprised to learn that some of your favorite brands are made in China!

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Importing Electric Golf Carts from China

Electric golf carts, an emerging phenomenon in the revolution of golf carts. They run on rechargeable batteries, which are called battery powered vehicles. So it’s a completely environment friendly machine. That is why it has reached the peak of popularity among all the golf players and enthusiasts.

China electric golf cart manufacturer and supplier are most in Guangdong and Zhejiang. Manufacturers specialize in designing and developing electric golf cart that is quiet and has enough power to get you up to the hills. Whether you need electric golf cart for personal or business, you can always find a trusted factory that works with you.

Importing Push Golf Carts from China

Push golf cart comes with 3/4 wheel (varies from model to model). These are more like a small simple trolleys to carry your golf bag and accessories. You can assign a push cart to one golfer only.

Push carts have nowadays become very popular because it makes your golf experience less hectic, requires no power source apart from some elbow grease, you can move straight from one hole to another.

China push golf cart manufacturing factories are most in Zhejiang and Guangdong. Find the best push golf cart that’s right for you and your business. You can import a great new push cart that is best for your customers for the coming golf season. Choose a supplier that offers quality assurance push golf carts in every number of orders.

Importing Pull Golf Carts from China

Pulling golf carts are almost similar to the pushcarts. The main difference between these two is in the number of wheels. Just like, pushcarts come with at least 3 wheels, pull carts come with 2. There is a resting edge on the place of the 3rd wheel, which will hold your bag.

So, all you do is, lift the front edge of the cart a lttle bit, then pull the cart.

Travel the course with ease with golf pull carts. Find the golf pull cart that’s right for your business in China leading suppliers and manufacturers mostly based in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. Select the best golf pull carts that can make your walk on the golf course easier with a cart designed to hold your items. Whether you need golf pull carts for personal needs or business, Chinese suppliers can satisfy your needs.

Importing Remote Controlled Golf Carts from China

If carrying your heavy golf bag is lagging your enjoyment on a sunny day of golfing, you should seek some other available options for carrying that heavy thing. In this case, remote controlled golf carts can be very handy for you.

Moving this cart is just like driving a remote control toy car with a remote. So, you can just walk relentlessly on the course without the hard work of carrying that bag or pushing the cart.

Find the best remote control golf cart to keep your upper body strong and ready for the course. China professional suppliers of remote controlled golf cart offer a wide variety of remote control golf cart that is suitable for your business. Leading remote control golf cart suppliers are based in Guangdong and Zhejiang province.

Importing Gas Golf Carts from China

Gas golf carts, the classic one. Well, in many opinions it can be used as a full-time vehile!! Just kidding. But indeed it has the funetions of a full fledged vehicle.

These carts have two/four-stroke engines, which are powered through fuel, mostly petrol. That means it is quite a powerful cart and can carry a lot of loads. Also, it can move faster, generate more speed and so on.

Usually, they have 4 seats along with carriage spacing. So, in the vast and large golf courses, gas golf carts come handy.

If you are about to import a gas golf cart in China, Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces are your ideal place to be. You can import gas power golf cart including newest design, great sizes, etc. There are lots of manufacturers that provide a wide variety of high-quality gas power golf cart. Find great deals of this product that will help your facility needs.

Importing Luxury/Club Car Golf Carts from China

In China, you can find the most professional luxury golf cart manufacturers in Guangdong, but there are also in other provinces like Fujian and Jiangsu. Manufacturers provide high-quality luxury golf cart supplied by verified and experienced Chinese manufacturers. Find out the best luxury golf carts and Honourocean will recommend and help you decide which one supplier is the best for you.

In China, Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces have the most supplier of club golf car. Choose a supplier that offer a wide variety of club car golf cart options and providing very good technical support. So, whether you need club car golf cart for personal, business, and golf operations deliver, you can find a reliable Chinese supplier that meet whatever your needs.

Importing Multi-Passenger Golf Carts from China

Find the coolest multi passengers golf carts, perfect solution for transporting your clients, employees, or even VIPs from one point to another. Leading suppliers from China are mostly located in Guangdong province. Appreciate the quality, comfort and style of the best multi-passenger golf cart Chinese offer. You can surely get a vehicle that can handle your specific needs without breaking the bank.

Importing Adaptive Golf Carts from China

A very noble machine. If someone has physical disabilities to stand up properly, but strong shoulders or sheer willpower for playing golf, then they can surely take the help of adaptive golf carts. The single-seated carts have some extraordinary features like:

  • The ParaGolfer carts are adaptive wheelchairs, which can raise the seat and the person sitting on it to a standing position. From there, you will get more shoulder movement spacing, good enough to get a club swinging.

  • The SoloRider carts are single-use golf carts which are operated with hand controls. The pivoting seat can be turned into 230 degrees and the seat can be raised up to 12 inches.

  • Such carts have enough spaces to carry a person, his golf bag and a small dustbin.

  • These are mostly used by elderly people, physically challenged persons and by whom who had a severe spinal injury or similar issues.

Importing adaptive golf carts from China has revolutionized how people experience golf. These manufacturers, among provinces such as Henan and Zhejiang, have designed advanced and reliable models like never seen before that can help people of all physical abilities get out on the course and enjoy this beloved sport.

Why Buy Golf Cart from China?

1. Cost

You can buy a well-made cart from a Chinese manufacturer for much less than ones made in many other countries today. In fact, the cost can be significantly less than you would pay in many other countries.

Lower cost equipment is very beneficial to businesses. For example, if you own a sightseeing business you may be able to buy two carts for the price of one very expensive cart made elsewhere. Many cities in the world today have tight budgets and if they can save money on utility vehicles and police patrol wagons, it can improve the quality of life for everyone, with better services.

Everyday people will enjoy the lower costs also. Imagine having your own customized golf cart for the golf course. This could make you the envy of all your friends and relatives.

2. Quality

Just because something cost less, does not mean it is of lower quality. In fact, you can receive some of the finest quality golf carts when you do business with Chinese manufacturers. The price of labor in China is significantly less and raw material prices are much lower. Chinese manufacturers have much lower operating costs than many other countries. With low operating costs, they can afford to charge much less for their golf cart vehicles and still make a profit.

3. Options

What kind of golf cart do you need? You will find many different types of carts available. In addition, your carts can be customized in a number or ways. For example, you can have your company name and logo placed on your carts. They can be made to fit your specific business needs. You may order lift kits, more powerful motors, special windshields, and many other custom items. With customization options which include sun umbrellas, cup holders, extra seating, and more there is a wealth of choice for retailers on the Chinese market.

4. Service

Service is one of the most important reasons to buy from a quality Chinese Manufacturer. Chinese golf carts manufacturer is a leading country of custom and stock golf carts.

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Golf Cart Sea Freight Shipping from China

Not only does shipping by sea provide businesses with a cost-effective shipping method for large golf carts, it also allows for larger orders making it convenient for businesses to purchase multiple golf carts from China at once.

Golf Cart Air Freight Shipping from China

Because air freight doesn’t incur time delays due to large loads migrating through different types of terrain, golf cart shipments can arrive at their destination sooner than ever before. For those looking to get their hands on the newest models with ease, China’s use of air freight shipping is essential.

Golf Cart Rail Freight Shipping from China

Golf cart rail freight is extremely economical as it reduces the costs associated with air cargo and traditional container transport. Golf cart rail freight shipping from China is proving to be a safe and cost-effective option for many companies looking for reliable transportation solutions for their products.

Golf Cart Door to Door Shipping from China

China-based golf cart dealers have made door to door shipping an accessible and seamless solution. This type of delivery service provides complete guidance from purchase to arrival – from helping secure the necessary documents up until the moment your cart is delivered directly to your doorstep.

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Top10 Manufacturers of Golf Carts in China

Below is a list of the ten largest manufacturers of golf carts and neighborhood electric vehicles sorted by factory size.

1. Suzhou Eagle Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Suzhou Eagle is a professional electric golf cart manufacturer. It commits to research and develop low speed electric vehicles industry. The company insists on the philosophy of “quality first, customer supreme” to provide customers with quality products and satisfactory services. Eagle has a strong R&D team with rich experience in electric golf cart industry and has passed the ISO9001:2015 international quality management system certification.

In Suzhou Eagle Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd, the main products are electric vehicles low speed. The company occupies an area of 30000 square meters, has more than 500 employees. The company has a complete production line, and strong technical force. The company always adheres to the principle of “quality first, customer satisfaction”, provides customers with high-quality products and services.

2. Haike Vehicle Co., Ltd

Haike Vehicle Co., Ltd. is a professional electric vehicle manufacturer located in Jinan High-Tech Development Zone, Shandong Province, China. The company was established in 2011 with a registered capital of RMB 50 million. It covers an area of 66,667 square meters and has a total workforce of 380 people. Haike Vehicle specializes in the research and development, production and sales of electric vehicles.

3. Guangdong Yatian Industrial Co., Ltd

Guangdong Yatian Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the most innovative technological companies in vehicular air-conditioning systems. It ranks first in terms of both technology and products. Guangdong Yatian Industrial Co., Ltd. has a strong R&D team composed of engineers with many years of experience in the industry. They have developed a wide range of products that are popular in the market, including electric cars, Golf carts, Utility vehicles, motorcycles, scooters and quad bikes.

4. Anhui Zhengmin Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd

Anhui Zhengmin Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the largest electric golf vehicle manufacturers in China. It has a capacity of 10,000 vehicles produced annually and a workforce of 300 employees. The company’s products are exported to Europe, America, and Southeast Asia.

5. Dongguan Excellence Golf & Sightseeing Car Co., Ltd

Dongguan Excellence Golf & Sightseeing Car Co., Ltd, was founded in 2006, located in Dongguan City, Guangdong, Southern China. As an ISO 9001, CE authenticated company, EXCAR is a professional manufacturer of low-speed electric vehicles with an experienced and professional R&D team. They have developed various types of vehicles that surely meet your needs.

6. Shenzen Aoxiang Industrial Development Co., Ltd

A leading golf cart and manufacturer in Shenzen Guangdong China, founded in 2003. Shenzen Aoxiang Industrial Development Co., Ltd are operating with 15 years of manufacturing experience. They cover an area of 25 000 sqm. The company ensures high assurance of their product. Expect that they designed unique and attractive golf carts, sensitive steering systems, stable rideability, a comfortable hand feel, and a smooth outlook make its perfect or ideal cart for all golf courses.

7. Marshell

Marshell is one of the most popular manufacturers of electric golf cart vehicles in China. They also manufacture high-grade batteries related to automotive electronic components in China, cleaning vehicles, mobility scooters, electric forklift, electric stacker, electric pallet truck, electric tractor, etc. Marshell now has three large factories in China located in Shanghai, Zhaoqing, and Anhui that own 300,000 sqm. workshops area with over 100 experienced staff and more than 1600 expert workers.

8. Trolli King Manufacturing Factory

Located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong China, Trolli King is your one-stop-shop for your wide range of medical products, such as golf carts, wheelchairs, and rollators. Established in 1978 specialized in R&D and manufacture for almost 30 years. Own advanced CNC manufacturing equipment and production lines that ensure to manufacture high precision products ISO9002. Their main products have passed CE certification in the EU and SG certification in Japan.

9. Tianjin Zhongyi Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Located in Tianjin city. A famous manufacturer of golf carts with a novel, beautiful and fashionable appearance at a very competitive price. The main products of Tianjin Zhongyi include electric sightseeing cars, electric golf carts, electric patrol cars, electric vintage cars, etc. Productions with advanced fields both abroad and at home. Their products are now broadly used in airport halls, theme parks, railway station patrolling, tourist attractions, and community commuting due to its reliability and long-lasting performance.

10. Langqing Electric Car

A factory approved by ISO9001, IOS14001, OHSAS18001, and CE certification. Founded in 2000, Guangzhou Langqing Electric Car Co., Ltd is located in Nansha District Guangzhou that covering an area of 150,000sqm. Specializing in the production, research, sales and services of electric vehicles, 8-seater golf cart, mini golf cart for sale, electric shuttle bus, electric tow tractor, electric shuttle car, and so on. At present, they have fixed assets of 200 million RMB, and more than 200 professional employees. They ensure high-class golf cart vehicles at economical prices.

Golf Cart Manufacturer China: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re looking for high quality and reliable golf carts from China.

Or, you would like to find a golf cart manufacturer in China you can trust.

Whichever the case, this guide provides basic and fundamental information about golf cart manufacturer China.

Read this guide if you want to learn more.

New Carts VS. Used Carts

New golf carts can be pricey, they generally start at about five thousand dollars. But if you buy new, you will be able to choose to pay for just the features that you want.

You will also have the peace of mind of knowing that all of the parts in your cart are new and won’t need a replacement for a while. If you do have a problem, new carts generally come with a warranty to take care of it.

A quality used cart can be found for around two thousand dollars and up. Since the designs haven’t changed that much over the last ten years, there’s a good chance no one will know that you bought a used model.

Try to find a used cart dealer that offers a warranty on those carts as well as the new ones.

Which Features should you Consider when Importing Golf Cart from China?

When purchasing a golf cart, you need to consider the following features:

Car-size and Seat capacity

You find golf carts available in different sizes with different seat counts.

The number of seats is instrumental with your intended use of the golf cart.

When you buy a golf cart for use with your family, you have to consider your family size.

Consequently, the number of seats in your golf cart depends on the number of persons in your family.

Source of Power

You have the option of two golf cart types from China: those that are electrically-powered, and those that are gas-powered.

The two golf cart types differ in their transmission and care, and maintenance routines.

While you will spend more to purchase and maintain a gas-powered golf cart, you’ll extract a longer service life from it.

However, while the electric-powered golf cart will cost you less in maintenance, it will have a significantly lower performance level.

Budgetary Needs

Obtaining and maintaining a golf cart requires you to have a significant amount of resources.

While some golf carts are excessively costly with high maintenance needs, some are affordable.

You can purchase used golf carts from China instead of new ones to cut on costs.

Additionally, going with the electrical type rather than the gas-powered type considerably lowers your costs.


Safety is an important feature to consider, especially when you intend to use the vehicle with a younger company as kids.

For instance, you need your golf cart to have safety brackets along the sides to prevent falling off.

Additionally, a top cover can offer you protection from the elements such as rainfall and excess sunshine.

When used on standard traffic infrastructure, you find the top cover useful in protecting you from falling objects.

Do Golf Cart Manufacturer China offer Replacement Parts?

When you purchase from golf cart manufacturers in China, you get a warranty that secures your purchase.

Your golf cart is serviced freely for issues that are not of your own making with a warranty.

For instance, when a part of your golf cart malfunctions or fails, your warranty comes in handy.

You can take your cart to the nearest appointed dealer for a replacement of parts.

Furthermore, even beyond your warranty, you may find the need to replace a worn-out or damaged part.

Golf cart manufacturers in China understand this and provide you with replacement parts at a fee.

Will Golf Cart Manufacturer China offer Aftersales Service?

After-sales service is offered to you as a customer by sellers and manufacturers after you purchase a product.

You find this service involves offering you support, such as servicing a warranty, upgrades, training, and repair.

When a manufacturer offers you after-sales service, you derive increased value from your golf cart purchase.

Manufacturers use after-sales service to increase brand loyalty through customer satisfaction.

Additionally, manufacturers can benefit from marketing through word-of-mouth on the strength of their after-sales service.

Consequently, many golf cart manufacturers in China offer you after-sales support when you purchase from them.

Why do you need Freight Forwarder to Import Chinese Golf Cart?

A freight forwarder is an entity that ships packages on your behalf rather than have you directly ship an item.

There are many advantages you will find when you use a freight forwarder as follows:

Lower Shipping Cost

When importing your golf cart from a Chinese manufacturer, you have to pay for shipping to get the product.

Shipping directly is an expensive venture, primarily if you handle it individually.

However, when you use a freight forwarder, you can save significantly on shipping costs.

You find forwarders transact large volumes of cargo, thereby considerably reducing the unit charge of shipping.

You Engage Fewer Entities.

When you employ a freight forwarder, you only engage a single entity in ensuring you receive your golf cart.

However, importing individually may require you to have up to three different entities to traverse, sea, air, and land.

Simplifies the Import Process

Using a freight forwarder simplifies the import process for you, unburdening you with the task of ensuring your cart’s safe arrival.

You can rest assured that you will receive your cart in good time and condition with the freight forwarder’s experience.

Forwarders are Highly Flexible

When importing products, they pass through different ports of entry and may encounter different circumstances.

For instance, you might have delays or diversion of shipments and government interference such as port closure.

Such circumstances are stressful when handling shipping yourself as you might be at a loss of what steps to take.

However, the experience of a freight forwarder will help in ensuring your cargo arrives as expected.


Sometimes unforeseen circumstances such as sudden port or boundary closures will delay your cargo.

You will require a warehouse to store your purchase until you identify an alternative.

When importing directly, you accrue a high storage cost that will increase the value of your purchase.

However, freight forwarders can store your cargo alongside others in their warehouse networks at no extra cost.

Which Documents do you Require to Import Golf Cart from China?

When importing, it is necessary to possess documents allowing you to bring in the product.

There are several reasons, such as taxation, that necessitate possession of authorizing documents.

You find different countries will have additional requirements for the importation of a golf cart, for instance.

While some countries might ask you for documentation highlighting the vehicles’ carbon emission level, others will not.

However, the following documents will suffice when importing a golf cart from China:

  • A certificate of origin

  • An airway bill or bill of lading

  • An invoice for the golf cart

  • A certificate for Imports Standard Mark (ISM)

  • A packing list

  • An import license

How do you Ship China Golf Cart?

After purchasing a golf cart from China, you need to have it delivered to you in your country of residence.

Shipping is, therefore, essential for you to receive and enjoy your golf cart.

You can select one of three shipping modes for your golf cart:

Air Freight

When you ship via air freight, your golf cart is loaded to a cargo plane and flown to your location.

You find this process to be faster than the other methods but will cost you more.

Roll on Roll off (RoRo)

You find low cost attached to this shipping method that involves moving vehicles within enormous cargo ships.

You note this option is only viable when a vehicle is in good working condition and drivable.

Furthermore, you can only procure this option when working between major seaports.

You might also have to incur additional costs if you are located further inland from the port of arrival.

Using Containers

Using a container is another inexpensive way of shipping your golf cart from China.

You can use a single container to ship your cart or consolidate your cart with other vehicles headed in your direction.

Consolidation is much cheaper as you share the shipping and clearance costs with the other vehicles’ owners.

However, this method is slower as the container has to be filled first before being shipped.

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