Why Choose Hong Kong As Your Logistics Transport Hub?

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Hong Kong is no doubt one of Asia’s best-known transport hubs for those in the logistics business. The port city connects the various parts of Asia into a cohesive and comprehensive unit. The economy of this island city is one of the most beneficial ones for international trade, both in facilities and regulations. The development of Chinese logistics infrastructure and the ease of many trade barriers have decreased the container from 23.1 TEU in 2012 to 19.8 TEU in 2016 all over Hong Kong. It has further increased in the next 2 years. In 2017, it increased to 20.77 TEU, seeing a growth of about 4.8% from 2016. But is that the only reason why the business owners consider Hong Kong a shipping and logistics hub? There are many factors why Hong Kong continues to be one of the busiest hubs for transportation. 

6 Reasons Why Hong Kong is an excellent answer to shipping your goods

1. Hong Kong’s accessibility by airway, roadway, and sea


Now, this is an open secret. Wherever in the world, you might be, reaching Hong Kong is not a problem from any corner. Be it roads, railways, airways, or even seaway; Hong Kong is well connected with most parts of the world. It is accessible through most key cities of China like Guangzhou and Shenzen. Also, it figures prominently on the air routes of the most popular carriers globally.

Needless to say, this makes it a hot and happening destination for a logistics business. This also adds to the geographical and optimal location of the port city. Both in attracting new businesses and encouraging entrepreneurs to take up new challenges, Hong Kong offers attractive opportunities. 


2. You can avoid taxes and tariffs in Hong Kong


Taxes and tariff rates act as a significant deterrent. This is a key source of worry for businesses who have concerns about the cost implication. But for all those who want to make it big in the logistics business, Hong Kong could actually be the haven. One of the most important advantages is user-friendly regulations. They have designed the taxation policies in a way that optimizes the gains for the entrepreneurs.

Thus, it becomes a win-win combination for all who have concerns about how to save those extra bucks in custom duty, tariff rates, and taxes. Aided by both volume and vision, this port offers the best of both worlds. On the one hand, you have some of the most updated facilities. It also offers you opportunities to avoid paying too much tax or letting your profit erode in the name of tariff charges. 


3. Hong Kong’s excellent shipping facilities


This, thus, brings us to the next important reason why Hong Kong could be a dream destination as a shipping hub. It is not only the fourth-largest port globally in volume but also facilities. It offers you the latest port and storage alternatives. The ships are laden with features and excellent technology. It will help you take your business many notches higher and in a seamless manner.

The operators are not only technology-savvy but customer-friendly as well. This helps a lot in getting the best possible service in the fastest time possible. Often in this era of competition, time is the essence. The shipping facilities ensure you are never at a disadvantage on this count. 


4. One of the simplest shipping procedures is in Hong Kong


The procedure is another aspect where Hong Kong offers you a definitive advantage. The processes in effect always ensure that you use the least time and money in getting things done. This is no doubt a major advantage and helps you to keep your business a step ahead of the competition. Moreover, with simplified processes, you have to hire fewer staff members. That ensures further savings as well as an effective business model for your customers over the longer term. This also acts to your advantage when you make Hong Kong your operational hub. 


5. Hong Kong is an international marketing hub


Even in marketing your products better, you need an ecosystem that is better geared to achieve it. Hong Kong offers a strategic location, excellent connectivity, with a sound legal system. This gives you an easy way to push your business higher in every possible way and create a conducive work atmosphere. As a result, businesses find it much easier to market their products by making Hong Kong their hub. It enables a seamless business process. Besides, it creates opportunities for taking your business to a completely new level and at par with other international operators. 


6. Government Support in Propelling Logistics Industry


It is also important to mention the initiatives undertaken by Hong Kong Government. It is optimizing its resources and capabilities like a strong legal setup and lucrative tax policies. Also, it is commissioning a series of maritime and logistics solutions and regulations to ease user convenience. Not only that, but Hong Kong’s existing legal system also needs a mention. The environmental-friendly policies sync well with the rising global consciousness about limiting carbon footprint. Moreover, it is bringing in tax concession bills to attract ship leasing businesses. 

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The Bottom Line

It will not be wrong to say that when it comes to a convenient and cost-effective shipping destination in Asia, Hong Kong is the top choice for most. Both in volume and quality, it is a great choice. On average, this island port handles over four million tons of air freight and 20 million tons plus ocean freight. It is also amongst the top 5 container ports globally and acts as a gateway to China and Far-east on the sea route. It is amongst the world’s biggest cargo hubs. It has excellent storing and warehousing alternatives. So, for businesses and entrepreneurs, this port offers a comprehensive shipping package that is hard to say no to. 


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