100+ China Shipping Agents: How to Find the Reliable One?

The Role of Logistics in Global Sourcing

Logistics is a critical component in the success of global sourcing strategies. It encompasses the management of transporting goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption, ensuring that products are delivered in the right condition, quantity, place, and time, and at the right cost. Here are key ways logistics plays a pivotal role in global sourcing:

1.Cost Reduction

2. Ensuring Timely Supply

3. Enhancing Supply Chain Resilience

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Freight forwarding company

As china freight forwarding companies since 2009.

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How Does a China Shipping Agent Work?

A China shipping agent, also known as a freight forwarder or cargo agent, plays a crucial role in facilitating the international movement of goods. They act as intermediaries between shippers (individuals or businesses) and carriers (shipping companies, airlines, or trucking companies), handling various aspects of the shipping process to ensure smooth and efficient transportation from China to the destination country. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how a China shipping agent works:

Key Responsibilities

1. Booking Transportation Services

Shipping agents arrange for the shipment of goods by selecting appropriate carriers and transportation methods (e.g., sea, air, road). They negotiate rates with carriers to secure the best possible prices and ensure timely delivery of good

2. Documentation

They handle all necessary paperwork, including bills of lading, commercial invoices, packing lists, and customs documents. Proper documentation is essential for customs clearance and compliance with international trade regulations

3. Customs Clearance

Shipping agents assist with customs procedures, ensuring that goods comply with regulations and facilitating smooth clearance at borders. They prepare and submit required documents, classify goods correctly, and represent importers in customs audits if necessary

4. Cargo Loading and Unloading

They oversee the loading and unloading of cargo, ensuring that goods are handled properly to prevent damage. This includes coordinating with warehouses and port authorities

5. Warehousing and Storage

Many shipping agents provide warehousing services, offering secure storage facilities for goods before they are transported to their final destination. This can include short-term storage or long-term warehousing solutions

6. Tracking and Coordination

Shipping agents monitor the shipment’s progress, provide updates to the shipper, and coordinate any necessary changes or adjustments. They keep clients informed about the status of their shipments and handle any issues that arise during transit.

7. Risk Management and Insurance

They assess potential risks involved with transporting goods and provide suitable risk management solutions, including arranging cargo insurance to protect goods during transit.

Faster Delivery Time and Updated Tracking Information

Shipping agencies can help customers with tracking their products. Your package will be shipped within the same day. The staff have a comprehensive knowledge of local communities ensuring you can deliver the packages quickly. It keeps you updated about tracking your shipment and provides you with security and privacy.

Types of China Shipping Agents

  1. Freight Forwarders: Freight forwarders manage the entire shipping process from origin to destination. They do not own their own vessels or aircraft but utilize the services of various carriers to transport cargo. They specialize in handling complex shipments, negotiating rates, and providing comprehensive logistics solution

  2. Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCCs): NVOCCs act as carriers, issuing their own bills of lading and providing their own shipping schedules. They often have a strong network of partnerships with various carriers, enabling them to offer competitive rates and flexible routing options

  3. Customs Brokers: Customs brokers specialize in handling the customs clearance process for imported goods. They are experts in customs regulations, tariffs, and import procedures, ensuring that shipments comply with all customs requirements

  4. Logistics Service Providers: These providers offer a broader range of services beyond just shipping, including supply chain management, warehousing, quality control, and distribution. They provide customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of their clients

  5. Specialized Agents: Catering to niche markets and specific product types, these agents offer expert handling of specialized goods such as electronics, apparel, hazardous materials, and perishables. They are knowledgeable about specific industry regulations, packaging, and handling, ensuring that specialized shipments are managed with the utmost care and expertise.

100+ Best China Shipping Agents List:

Below I have listed some freight forwarders in China, but the advantageous transportation routes of each agent are different. So, you need to ask for more information.

Honour ocean shipping Consolidation, Shipping, Inspection, 3PL prep ServicesYiwu/Shenzhen
Fulfillment BridgeGlobal Fulfillment SolutionsHongkong
Fulfillman Drop shipping servicesShenzhen
Sino-shippingChina Shipping agentHongkong/Shenzhen
Super International Shipping
China shipping companyHongkong
DdpchChina Shipping agentShenzhen
ShippaboChina Shipping agentShenzhen
GuidedimportsChina Shipping agentShenzhen
CnxtransChina Shipping agentShenzhen
BansarchinaChina Shipping agentNingbo
FlexportChina Shipping agentShenzhen
LeapelogisticsChina Shipping agentShanghai
CoyoteChina Shipping agentChicago
ForcegetChina Shipping agentShenzhen
Hapag-lloydChina Shipping agentUS
LivingstonintlChina Shipping agentShenzhen
Air7seasChina Shipping agentShenzhen
ChinadivisionChina Shipping agentShenzhen
Yusen-logisticsChina Shipping agentShenzhen
CargofromchinaChina Shipping agentShenzhen
FreightforwarderservicesChina Shipping agentShenzhen
ShippoChina Shipping agentShenzhen
NextsmartshipChina Shipping agentShenzhen
FreightwavesChina Shipping agentShenzhen
AgsmoversChina Shipping agentShenzhen
PartnertradeChina Shipping agentShenzhen
ChinafreightChina Shipping agentShenzhen
GeodisChina Shipping agentShenzhen
Shaq-logisticsChina Shipping agentShenzhen
YamatohkChina Shipping agentShenzhen
ShipkooChina Shipping agentShenzhen
MntlinkChina Shipping agentShenzhen
GlobalinklogisticsChina Shipping agentShenzhen
SinoglorylogisticsChina Shipping agentShenzhen
GslogisticsChina Shipping agentShenzhen
FloshipChina Shipping agentShenzhen
LigentiaChina Shipping agentShenzhen
CbiplogisticsChina Shipping agentShenzhen
Tj-chinafreightChina Shipping agentShenzhen
PhxlogisticsChina Shipping agentShenzhen
Worldcargo-logChina Shipping agentShenzhen
EverglorylogisticsChina Shipping agentShenzhen
KerrylogisticsChina Shipping agentShenzhen
TrimanshippingChina Shipping agentShenzhen
MarineagencyChina Shipping agentShenzhen
Kako-logisticsChina Shipping agentShenzhen
BtxglobalChina Shipping agentShenzhen
JbhuntChina Shipping agentShenzhen
RohligChina Shipping agentShenzhen
Us-deliverChina Shipping agentShenzhen
ChinausfreightChina Shipping agentChina, US
ShipwareChina Shipping companyShenzhen
AsianausaChina Shipping agentShenzhen
FreightosChina Shipping agentShenzhen
Container-xchangeChina Shipping agentShenzhen
TwillShipping agent in ChinaNetherlands

How to Select the Best China Shipping Agents?

Selecting the best China shipping agent from a pool of over 100,000 global freight forwarders requires careful consideration of the following key factors:

  1. Specialized Transportation Requirements: Not all freight forwarders handle every type of cargo. It’s vital to choose an agent with proven expertise in shipping your specific items, be it machinery, hazardous materials, oversized or delicate goods. Confirm their capabilities in handling your particular shipment needs.

  2. Identify Freight Forwarder Size: Consider the scale of operations. Large global freight forwarders can offer better rates and extensive networks but may prioritize bigger clients. Smaller forwarders might provide more personalized attention to smaller shipments but could have higher rates. Evaluate the trade-offs based on your shipping volume and needs.

  3. Evaluate Shipping Experience and Price: Don’t make decisions based solely on price. A low initial quote might be misleading if subsequent shipments are more expensive or if hidden fees are involved. Ensure that the price aligns with the level of service and experience offered and that it’s competitive without compromising quality.

  4. Analyze Service Level and Capabilities: The efficiency and reliability of your shipping agent are paramount. They should have a robust network to coordinate with air, ocean, and customs officials effectively. Timely and transparent communication is a key indicator of their customer service level. A prompt response to your initial quote request can reflect their overall responsiveness and commitment.

Evaluate Shipping Experience and Price

Choosing prices alone is a wrong strategy. Often, the freight forwarder discounts the shipment to win the sale, but gives them back on the next shipment. Several freight forwarding firms hide fee payments from customers to make them appear attractive to them over the competition more transparent. The best freight forwarding company will most likely be on the cost of service. You should have no problems unless you are not using the services we provide. If a product is cheaper than others, be careful to determine the reasons behind it.

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How to Get a Shipping Quotation?

The next thing you need to know is What do you need to get a shipping quotation? 

Freight forwarders require the following information before they can provide a quotation.

  • Shipping method: Air or ocean

  • Total Cargo Volume (cbm)/Total Weight (kg)

  • Each Carton of weight and Dim

  • Freight Term: EXW Factory or FOB

  • Pick address: factory address or port name

  • Delivery address

  • Insurance (Yes / No)

  • Freight Quote normally does not include: Duty & Tax


Ensure you’re ready with all the necessary details when you request a quote for affordable shipping. It’s important to remember that the final freight cost can only be firmly established once your products are fully manufactured and packaged. However, you can obtain a preliminary estimate by providing the relevant information upfront.

Importer’s Guide for Finding China Shipping Company Checklist

Packaging: Ensure your goods are tightly and efficiently packed to reduce costs and prevent damage during transit. Compact packaging can also lead to lower air freight costs.

Incoterms: Understand the shipping terms in your sales contract, as they determine when you assume responsibility for the shipment from the seller. For instance, FOB means taking control post-loading onto the vessel, while EXW indicates coordinating shipping right from the seller’s warehouse.

Cargo Insurance: Opt for comprehensive cargo insurance. Carrier liability often covers only a fraction of your cargo’s value, so it’s wise to be fully insured against all eventualities.

Documents: Ensure your supplier provides you with the Commercial Invoice and Packing List. These documents are crucial for obtaining accurate quotes and facilitating smooth customs clearance.

Details: Be prepared with essential information like the origin, destination, mode of import, size, value, and other pertinent details. This will streamline the quote request process and ensure accurate communication.

Shortlists: Determine which forwarders to approach for quotes based on recommendations or previous positive experiences.

Request: Obtain quotes for your shipment, considering using platforms like Alibaba Freight for instant comparisons.

Review: Scrutinize the quotes carefully, ensuring all aspects are covered, including potential oversights like trucking costs or customs handling.

Accept: Choose a quote based on a balanced consideration of cost, service quality, and reliability, not just price.

Instruction: Once you’ve selected a forwarder, provide them with all necessary documentation, such as the Shipper’s Letter of Instruction (SLI).

Next Steps: After booking your shipment, remember that this is just the beginning of the shipping process. Stay informed and involved until your goods safely reach their destination.

Goods storage planning

Shipping agencies from China have large inventories located in highly-traffic zones. Their expertise includes dealing with diverse types of products.

Evaluate Shipping Experience and Price

Choosing prices alone is a wrong strategy. Often, the freight forwarder discounts the shipment to win the sale, but gives them back on the next shipment. Several freight forwarding firms hide fee payments from customers to make them appear attractive to them over the competition more transparent. The best freight forwarding company will most likely be on the cost of service. You should have no problems unless you are not using the services we provide. If a product is cheaper than others, be careful to determine the reasons behind it.

Order Fulfillment Made Simple

Honourocean is the most cost-effective, eCommerce fulfillment system in China. Our proprietary technology allows us to complete your orders at less cost. Getting in contact with international clients may prove difficult unless there is a local presence. Here is Honourocean Ship. Our Global Fulfillment Network helps you expand your business worldwide!

Questions to Ask Chinese Shipping Agents Before Starting Work

Before you hire logistics agents in China, some simple questions can help you avoid scams.

Common Scams Employed by China Shipping Agents

  1. Unusually Low Price Rates: Scammers capitalize on customers’ desire for cost-effective solutions. They offer suspiciously low rates compared to market averages, enticing businesses to overlook potential red flags.

  2. Diverting from Agreed Shipping Methods: After agreeing on a specific shipping method, scammers may switch to a slower, cheaper option without your knowledge. This intentional delay can lead to missed deadlines and costly disruptions.

  3. Withholding Bill of Lading: Scammers may withhold the bill of lading, a crucial document for cargo clearance. They may then demand additional fees to release the document, placing customers at a disadvantage.

  4. Incomplete or Misleading Documentation: Scammers may provide incomplete or inaccurate documentation, resulting in delays and potential cargo seizures at ports. They may then demand additional fees to rectify the situation.

  5. Concealing Sub-port Information: Shipping agents may withhold information about the specific sub-port where cargo is located. This lack of transparency can hinder tracking and increase the risk of cargo loss.

  6. Lack of Container Condition Documentation: Request photo proof of your cargo within the shipping container to ensure its condition. Scammers may avoid providing such documentation to conceal potential damage caused by subpar containers.

  7. Procrastination Tactics: Scammers may employ procrastination tactics to delay the shipping process, creating uncertainty and frustration. This can be used as a pretext for demanding additional fees or bribes.

  8. Freight Quote normally does not include: Duty & Tax.Please keep that information in mind when requesting cheap shipping quotes. Final shipment costs will only be confirmed when the product is manufactured and packaged. However, you can still request an estimate using the information provided.


Protecting Yourself from China Shipping Agent Scams

  1. Verify License and Accreditation: Always check the license and accreditation of potential shipping agents to ensure they operate legally and adhere to industry standards.

  2. Seek Recommendations and Reviews: Gather feedback from previous and current customers to assess the shipping agent’s reputation and performance.

  3. Conduct Background Checks: Utilize your network to inquire about the shipping agent’s reputation and conduct background checks. Seek information from individuals with industry knowledge or direct experience with the company.

  4. Evaluate Professionalism: Assess the professionalism of the shipping agent by reviewing their company website, logo, and social media presence. Ensure they maintain a professional online presence.

  5. Establish Clear Communication Channels: Maintain open and clear communication channels with the shipping agent throughout the entire process. Document all interactions and agreements.

  6. Seek Legal Counsel: If you encounter any issues or suspect fraudulent activities, consult with legal counsel to protect your rights and interests.

How to find the right shipping agent for your company

In Chinese countries, exporting your products and selling to clients is often complicated due to various rules, regulations, and forms needed for clearing customs. So you need an experienced international shipping agent, to understand and navigate China’s shipping requirements. China’s shipping agencies have a good amount; the entire part is obvious if one has searched Google for China shipping agents before. Which are the best quality products?

  1. Understand Your Requirements: Clearly define what you need in terms of shipping volume, frequency, types of goods, and destination countries. This will help you determine the kind of services you require from a shipping agent.

  2. Research and Compile a List: Start by researching and compiling a list of potential shipping agents. You can find these through online searches, trade directories, and industry recommendations. Focus on agents that specialize in shipping from China and have a good understanding of the local market.

  3. Check Experience and Expertise: Look for agents with experience in handling the type of goods you are shipping. They should have a strong understanding of Chinese export regulations, customs clearance, and have established relationships with carriers and local authorities.

  4. Evaluate Services Offered: Assess the range of services offered. Some agents might provide additional services like warehousing, packaging, consolidation, and quality checks. Choose an agent whose services align with your needs.

  5. Verify Reputation and Reliability: Check the reputation of the agent. This can be done through online reviews, testimonials, or by asking for references. A reliable agent should have a track record of timely deliveries and effective handling of customs and other regulatory issues.

  6. Compare Pricing: Get quotes from different agents to compare prices. However, don’t make your decision based solely on price. Consider the value of the services offered and the agent’s ability to meet your specific needs.

  7. Communication and Customer Service: Effective communication is crucial in shipping logistics. Ensure the agent has a responsive customer service team and clear communication channels. They should be able to provide timely updates on your shipments.

  8. Local Presence in China: An agent with a local presence in China can be more effective in handling your shipments. They are likely to have better insights into local practices and can provide on-the-ground support.

  9. Licensing and Accreditation: Ensure the shipping agent is licensed and accredited by relevant authorities. This adds a layer of security and professionalism to their services.

  10. Trial Shipment: If possible, conduct a trial shipment with the agent to evaluate their performance. This can give you a practical understanding of their efficiency, reliability, and problem-solving capabilities.

  11. Long-term Partnership Potential: Consider the long-term potential of the partnership. A good shipping agent should be able to scale their services as your business grows.

Remember, the right shipping agent is not just a service provider but a partner in your business’s supply chain. Taking the time to carefully select the right one can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle in the long run.

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Important documents when Importing From China

Ability to manage challenging objects with flexibility ensuring a smooth and efficient transport across the world..

Customs clearance is the process of getting your shipment through customs so that it can be delivered to its final destination. To do this, you’ll need to provide certain documents, including:

– A commercial invoice

– A packing list

– A bill of lading (if shipping by sea) or an air waybill (if shipping by air)

– A certificate of origin

The commercial invoice is the most important document for customs clearance. It’s a document that lists the products being shipped, their value, and other important information like the HS code. The HS code is a harmonized system code that’s used to classify and track international shipments. You can find the HS code for your products on the website of the World Customs Organization.

The packing list is a document that lists all of the items in your shipment, their dimensions, and their weight. This is a helpful document for customs officials to have because it helps them verify the contents of your shipment.

The bill of lading (B/L) is a document that’s used when shipping by sea. It acts as a contract between the shipper and the carrier, and it lists the products being shipped, their destination, and other important information. The B/L also serves as a receipt for the goods once they’ve been loaded onto the vessel.

The air waybill (AWB) is similar to the bill of lading, but it’s used when shipping by air. It lists the products being shipped, their destination, and other important information. The AWB also serves as a receipt for the goods once they’ve been loaded onto the aircraft.

Can They Provide Door-to-door Delivery in Your Country?

Are DDP deliveries allowed? Are they going to only ship the items to their destinations from your country? You must find it out before you do anything else.

China Inspection Services

For a seamless ordering process and a complete customer service package, the company provides a one-on-one inspection. This method ensures that all products meet our guidelines for resale.

What role does China Shipping Agent play in Quality Control?

They must ensure quality control – they know how they’re doing. The inspector is qualified to check the quality of goods before shipment. Furthermore, the logistics service is managed by third parties including Quality Control.

What role do Chinese shipping agents play in customs clearance?

The shipping agent in China may be able to assist with passing your goods through the border. The tax & duty burden is theirs. They also filed the entire document for the officials. In addition, they assist customers in customs transactions.


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