Air and Sea Shipping from China to Thailand

When it comes to shipping from China to Thailand, there are two main options: air and sea. Which one is best for you will depend on a number of factors, including time, budget, and the type of goods you’re shipping. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at these two shipping methods so that you can make the best decision for your needs.

At Honourocean Shipping, we are conscious how important it can be for our customers to find accurate information about shipping processes. For this reason, we built this shipping guide to help you with it. As an international freight forwarder shipping to worldwide for many years, we are able to answer any question or doubt you may have. Have a closer look at the article we made ad-hoc, and feel free to contact us at your convenience for any additional information.

Importing from China to Thailand has traditionally centered on computer components, consumer electronics, clothing, and machinery.

Shipping from china to thailand

Air Shipping

Air freight from china to thailand

Door to door delivery from china to thailand

Cheapest shipping from china to Thailand

  • When shipping by sea, there are two main transit types: FCL and LCL. FCL is when an entire container is used to ship your products, while LCL is when your products share space with other people’s products in the same container – also known as groupage. If you’re shipping large volumes and can fill a container, it makes sense to choose FCL 
  • Generally speaking, FCL is a better option if you’re shipping a large volume of goods or items that are sensitive to damage (e.g., electronics). LCL is ideal for small shipments or if you’re just getting started with importing from China. It’s also worth noting that LCL rates are calculated per cubic meter, so be sure to factor that into your decision.then LCL shipping (also known as groupage) offers a more economical way to ship smaller quantities that make up less than half of the volume of a full container

FCL shipping from China to Thailand


By selecting an FCL (Full Container Load) option, you have the ability to send all your goods in a single shipping container – reducing the cost of shipment and ensuring that your items arrive quickly and securely.

Additionally, many FCL service providers offer door-to-door delivery which means you don’t need to worry about coordinating your import or export process with terminal management companies.

LCL shipping from China to Thailand


Without having to send full containers, LCL allows you to combine shipments with other customers and reduce freight rates on multiple items at a time.

With its reliable transport of smaller loads or bulk cargo from China to Thailand, LCL shipping can be a great way for businesses to save money on their shipping needs without compromising on quality and speed of delivery.


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pick up

Pick up and delivery

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cargo insurance

The cargo insurance protects your goods all the way to any city worldwide

custom clearance

Customs clearance

We will handle all paperwork and other details for you.

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What Are Your Options for Shipping Freight From China to Thailand?

When shipping freight from China to Thailand, there are two major options to consider.

Sea freight from China to Thailand

Sea freight from China to Thailand is an increasingly popular means of transportation for businesses around the world looking to source materials and products at low cost. Utilizing this method of shipment can bring enormous savings when compared to the more traditional route of air transport.

Sea freight will be the best solution if :

  1. Shipping large-scale items that cannot be easily broken down or compressed.

  2. Plenty of time between origin and destination points

  3. The destination outside of congested urban areas


Main ports in China & Thailand

China and Thailand are two countries that are blessed with numerous ports which play a significant role in their economy.

Main ports in China

  1. The port of Shanghai

  2. Ningbo-Zhoushan

  3. Guangzhou

  4. Shenzhen

Main ports in Thailand

  1. Laem Chabang port

  2. Bangkok port

  3. Sriracha port

Transit time:

The transit time from China to Thailand depends on the mode of transportation. By air, the transit time is approximately 4 hours. By sea port to port, the transit time is approximately 5 days, if  door to door by sea about 16-18 days, by land transport about 6-8 work days.

Honourocean Advice : Please contact your Honourocean Shipping to set up any sea freight transportation service. We will figure out together what is the best destination port, suited to your expectations and needs.

Sea Freight Rates

Shipping cost from China to Thailand by sea freight is relatively low compared to shipping costs for other shipping methods. Sea freight rates from China to Thailand vary and depend upon the shipping process, weight of the freight, and other shipping requirements.

Transportation costs may also be reduced because shipping large amounts of goods in bulk can help cut down on prices per item. Depending on what exactly you are shipping and in what quantities, shipping through sea freight from China to Thailand may actually turn out to be the most convenient and cost-efficient option available.

Honourocean Advice : We handle everything for you, sticking to your budget and expectations! Contact our Honourocean professional now and receive a free quotation within 4 hours!

Air freight from China to Thailand

Air freight shipping has become an increasingly important route for the shipment of goods from China to Thailand, allowing for reduced transportation times and an incredibly efficient delivery method for businesses who need their products in Thailand as soon as possible. China cargo airlines offer air freight services that are reliable, dependable, and cost-effective, enabling businesses to ship large amounts of goods quickly and on budget.

Air freight will be the best solution if :

  1. Timely delivery of goods.

  2. Your shipment is relatively small or urgent.

Main airports in China & Thailand

Shipping in China and Thailand has become easier with airports providing an efficient way to send items from one location to another.

Main Airports in China:

Beijing Capital International Airport

Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport


Main Airports in Thailand:

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

Don Mueang International Airport

Transit time:

The typical transit time can be as little as five business days with an average end-to-end delivery time of around seven days.

Remark Honourocean: As an example, a flight from Shanghai to Thailand takes approximately 4 hours. But, this is not the only thing that has to be taken into consideration. An air shipment is made up of several logistic steps, that can cause unexpected delays or troubles.

First things first: when it comes to transit time for your air shipment, you have to keep in mind we are not only talking about the flight duration. The whole process of shipping by air is complex, and many processes have to be carried out.

*Concretely, we have to close a deal with the airline company, book space for your parcel, arrange storage prior to departure if needed, carry out customs clearance, etc.

In this way, even though the flight duration is around 4hours, don’t expect to receive your parcel within this amount of time. Additionally, every shipment is different. It means that the transit times will vary according to the type of cargo to be cleared out, the option you choose (priority express freight, regular air freight, etc.).



Anyway, keep in mind that the following steps have to be followed when shipping by air:

  • Step 1 – Gathering details about the shipment: type of cargo, weight, destination, service required, etc

  • Step 2 – Honourocean Shipping closes shipment with the airline company

  • Step 3 – Storage at warehouses prior to departure

  • Step 4 – Flight duration

  • Step 5 – Customs clearance

  • Step 6 – Cargo arrival and delivery services (if required)

  • *Considering only flight duration would thus be a huge mistake.

    Honourocean Advice : The best solution is to contact your Honourocean Shipping advisor. Once we have clarified what kind of shipment you need us to arrange, we’ll be able to forecast transit times and all related information.


Air Freight Rates

Air freight from China to Thailand is becoming more popular as air cargo offers an increasingly convenient way to ship goods around the world.

The cost of air freight from China to Thailand can vary greatly, depending on the size and weight of the shipment, destination, and other factors.

Larger shipments tend to be more expensive but often provide better value for money as air shipping generally provides faster transit timelines than slower and cheaper modes of transportation such as ocean freight.

Honourocean Advice : This is why our pricing strategy is based on a case-by-case method. Contact us now and received your personal quotation within 4h!


Your best freight forwarder of Other Shipping Service

freight forwarder

In addition to sea and air freight services, we also provide many other services that you will be interested in.

Customs clearance

When shipping goods from China to Thailand, import customs clearance is a critical step. As stated by Thai Customs, if goods originating from China (or any other foreign country) have a combined value exceeding ฿10,000 thai baht (approximately $323 USD), the consignee must provide documentation including an invoice and commercial documents in order to gain clearance at the country’s customs office.

The good news is that thai customs has been known to offer fees reductions for those goods which will be used for both agricultural or educational purposes.

customs clearance procedures:

Applying for customs clearance procedures from China to Thailand can often be a daunting task, but with careful preparation it doesn’t have to be.

First, the importer should take note of all import duties that apply and make sure they are properly accounted for in the import documentation.

Then they need to ensure the import permits and licenses necessary are acquired prior to beginning the import process. They must also adhere to any additional custom regulations applicable in Thailand such as additional documents related to agricultural and food items or raw materials.

Finally, they will need to complete a customs declaration form with full details of the import shipment before seeking clearance from Thai Customs.

All these steps help streamline customs clearance procedures and prevent any unforeseen delays upon import into Thailand.

It is important to hire a experienced freight forwarder who has the expertise with conventions, regulations, taxes, and other paperwork needed when importing into Thailand. These freight forwarders are experts when it comes to navigating the various complexities of cross-border logistic logistics, helping shippers work through any issues that may arise within the shipping process.

Express shipping freight

For air freight services from China to Thailand, express shipping provides an efficient way to ship cargo. With their speedy delivery options, packages can reach their intended destination in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.

Furthermore, express shipping not only ensures the timely receipt of the package but also guarantees that it arrives in perfect condition. The air freight service comes with a reliable tracking system so customers know exactly when their package will arrive making it easier to plan production and delivery times for businesses.

Door to Door service

Door to Door service from China to Thailand has become a lifesaver for many businesses looking to quickly ship products abroad. With its direct and reliable delivery, it is easy to understand why more people are turning towards this convenient option.

Additionally, due to its packaging system, goods are protected from damage by shock or wetness during transit, giving customers peace of mind about their shipments.

What’s more, door-to-door shipping offers guaranteed arrival times that allow customers to plan the movement of the goods with precision. Customers can now rest easy knowing that their valuable goods are safe and secure in transit between China and Thailand.

Freight insurance


With the right freight insurance service, your shipment will arrive safe and secure.

These services provide experienced agents who will manage all aspects of your shipment, ensuring that all safety protocols are followed and that you’re protected with cargo and accident insurance.

You can rest assured knowing you’ll only pay for the exact amount of coverage needed, allowing goods to arrive on time while staying within budget.

Honourocean Shipping can also supply quality inspection,repacking ,labeling service,etc

If you have any questions, pls contact us.

Below is the FAQs for shipping to Thailand


4 steps to import products from China Including documents that must be prepared for customs clearance

  1. Submitting documents of import declaration information.

  2. Submitting the import declaration to the officer for inspection.

  3. Officer checking product information and tax details.

  4. Staff inspect and release products.

How long does shipping take from China to Thailand?

On average, it will take 8 days to ship your package from China to Thailand, as well as any other destination worldwide. The 8 days are an average time frame, and in some cases you may receive your package earlier within 5 to 6 days if all operations go smoothly on both ends.

Shipping by air freight from China to Thailand takes between four and eight days, depending on your choice of departure airport and the size and nature of your shipment. Ocean freight shipping is a slower process, with extra logistics required for LCL in particular.

What is the import tax from China to Thailand?

From this date onwards, Thailand will apply a 10% GST for all goods and services imported into Thailand and not subject to exemptions. *The rate of 0% is only applicable for exports of goods and services.

Remark Honourocean : All other goods are not subject to duties, and are subject to GST only.

DDP Shipping transit time from China to Thailand?

  • DDP Air freight from China to Thailand can take between 4-5 days.

  • DDP Road freight from China to Thailand can take 13-14 days by LCL.

  • DDP Rail freight from China to Thailand can take 16-20 days by LCL.

  • DDP Sea freight shipping from China to Thailand takes 30-35 days by LCL.


How do I avoid customs tax in Thailand?

Custom tax

If your shipment with CIF(cost, insurance and freight) are worth less than the de minimis value of THB1,500, you can avoid paying import tax in Thailand.

What Cannot be shipped to Thailand?


These include items like firearms, explosives, knives and live animals, as well as drugs and psychotropic substances.

Additionally, some types of plants may have an import ban due to environmental protection rules.

Shipping container to thailand from china?

shipping containers

Shipping containers provide an essential service that allows countries worldwide to transport and receive goods without having to worry about the potential risks of theft or robbery.

Whether its for a business, an individual or a family, the cost of shipping will depend on the size of the container being shipped.

If you’re looking to ship items in bulk, then opting for a 40ft standard container would be ideal. On the other hand, if you’re only looking to transport fewer items then it might be cost-effective to go with either a 20ft standard container or 40hc high cube container.

How do I find my Thailand HS code?

hs code

You can get one on Thailand’s government website. You can also use the HS code search tools online – just type in a detailed goods description and you’ll get your code. With this number, customs authorities all over the world are able to identify the contents of your package.

What documents are required to ship to Thailand?


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