Air Freight from China: The Ultimate Guide to Fast and Cost-effective Shipping

Air freight from China

Air freight is recognized for its safety and speed, making it an ideal choice for transporting items that are either highly valuable per unit weight or require urgent delivery. For instance, air freight from China to Europe can take up to 5-7 days, a significant reduction from the 35/40 days typically required for sea freight.

At Honourocean, we aim to be your go-to for all supply chain solutions. We achieve this by engaging in nearly every facet of logistics management, including air shipping.

This page is dedicated to guiding you through the nuances of China air freight. It covers various aspects such as the benefits, types of cargo suitable for air transport, a sample airway bill, The Process of Air Freight Shipping from China, Cost Factors in Air Freight Shipping,How to Choose the Right Air Freight Provider, a list of major airports in China, Future Trends in Air Freight Shipping and more. Continue reading for detailed insights.

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As china freight forwarding companies since 2009.

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Understanding China Air shipping

Air freight shipping stands as the fastest and most efficient way to transport goods worldwide. It’s particularly suitable for high-value commodities, perishable items, or time-sensitive products, offering a dependable and swift solution. For businesses that import from China, gaining a thorough understanding of air freight is crucial to optimizing logistics and enhancing supply chain efficiency.

Benefits of Choosing Air Freight

  1. Speed: The most significant advantage of air freight is its speed.

  2. Reliability: Airlines tend to have very strict schedules with consistent departure and arrival times. This reliability allows for precise planning and minimizes the risk of delays.

  3. Global Reach: Air freight offers a vast network, connecting almost every corner of the globe.

  4. Security: Airports have robust security measures, which significantly reduce the risk of theft and damage.

  5. Lower Inventory Costs: With faster shipping times, businesses can adopt a just-in-time approach to inventory management.

  6. Less Packaging Required: Due to the reduced handling and shorter transit times, goods shipped by air require less packaging compared to other modes of transport.

  7.  min order is only 0.5kg, as the sea freight min order 1cbm, small orders can ship by air easily


Air Freight Terminology

Air Waybill (AWB): Air Waybill, is a non-negotiable transport document issued by the carrier (Master AWB) or the agent (House AWB). consignee picks up orders from the airport with AWB.

International Air Transport Association (IATA): This is like the global club for airlines, supporting their activities and creating policies and standards that keep the skies friendly and the business running smoothly.

Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) & Actual Time of Departure (ATD): These are all about timing! ETD is when your shipment is expected to leave, and ATD is when it takes off.

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) & Actual Time of Arrival (ATA): Similarly, ETA is when your cargo is expected to land at its destination, while ATA is when it arrives.

Estimated Transit Time (ETT): This gives you an idea of how long your shipment will take to reach its destination. It’s a forecast and usually quite accurate, but remember, it’s not set in stone.

Dangerous Goods: These are items that need special attention because they might pose risks to the aircraft. The IATA classifies them to ensure everyone’s safety during transport.

Dimensional Weight (Also known as Chargeable Weight or Billable Weight): This is how carriers decide what to charge you for shipping. They look at the size and weight of your package and charge based on whichever is greater.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): This refers to the smallest amount of cargo you can send to avail of certain rates. It’s typically tiered, with different rates for different weight brackets.

Unit Load Device (ULD)

You can simply take it as an air container just like a sea container. Not much attention needs to be paid. * If the cargo exceeds the weight and volume, the carrier can determine the allowable maximum limit and volume of cargo based on the flight model, departure, and destination airport handling equipment conditions.

Air Cargo Types

1. General Cargo:

This is your typical shipment and includes items such as electronics, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, and wristwatches. Given their high value, these items constitute a significant portion of air cargo’s value – with electronics alone making up about 40% of the international air cargo industry’s value. Transporting these goods by air is costlier than sea freight, but the speed and safety of air transport make it worthwhile, especially given the high value of the goods.

2. Special Cargo:

Special cargo requires extra attention due to its unique characteristics. This category includes living animals and goods that are either dangerous or require specific temperature controls. For instance, certain chemicals fall under dangerous goods, while seafood may need refrigeration or freezing throughout the transportation process. These goods aren’t just handled differently; they’re subject to stringent regulations and require various inspections and special handling procedures. Not every airline is equipped or willing to transport these goods, so it’s crucial to provide detailed information about your shipment to avoid penalties, additional fees, or outright shipment rejection.

Special cargo often requires an Identification and Classification Report for Air Transport of Goods to be presented before loading. This report essentially verifies that the goods have been tested and classified correctly.

Let’s break down some sub-categories of special cargo:

  • Powder
  • Chemical
  • Goods containing oil or liquid
  • Items with an embedded battery
  • Magnetic materials (requiring a magnet test)
    • Audio accessories and equipment
    • Items with motors inside

Keep in mind, restrictions vary based on national laws and specific airline regulations. Most airlines have strict policies against shipping items like lithium battery-powered toys, scooters, hoverboards, power supplies, power banks, airbags, electric boards, and electronic boards.

In summary, whether you’re shipping general or special cargo, understanding the nuances and regulations is key to ensuring a smooth and compliant shipping process. Always communicate clearly with your carrier and adhere to all guidelines to avoid any mishaps or delays.

How to understand a quotation and calculate the price?

Know the Terminology:

  • Chargeable Weight: The cost of air freight is typically calculated based on chargeable weight, which is the actual gross weight or the volumetric weight of the shipment, whichever is greater.

  • Volumetric Weight: Calculated as (Length x Width x Height)/Dimensional Factor. The dimensional factor varies by unit (cm or inches) and service type but is usually around 6000 for cm and 166 for inches for air cargo.

  • Gross Weight: The total weight of the shipment, including goods and packaging.

  1. Breakdown of a Quotation:

    • China local charge if (exw term ) : pick up from factory charge, custom clearance charge, document charge.

    • Freight Rate: This is usually given per kilogram against the chargeable weight.

    • Fuel Surcharge: An additional charge is applied due to varying fuel prices.

    • Security Surcharge: Added due to security measures that need to be undertaken.

    • Terminal Handling Charges: Fees for handling the cargo at the airport.

    • Other Surcharges: These could include charges for dangerous goods, valuable cargo, or additional services.


  2. Calculating Chargeable Weight:

    • Step 1: Measure the dimensions of the package (Length x Width x Height).

    • Step 2: Calculate the volumetric weight using the dimensional factor provided in the quotation.

    • Step 3: Compare the volumetric weight with the actual gross weight and use the higher value as the chargeable weight.

  3. Calculating Total Cost:

    • Step 1: Multiply the chargeable weight by the freight rate per kilogram.

    • Step 2: Add up all the surcharges (fuel, security, terminal handling, etc.).

    • Step 3: Add any taxes or customs duties applicable to your shipment.

    • Step 4: The total of all these will give you the total cost of shipping.

  4. Reviewing the Quotation:

    • Ensure Accuracy: Double-check all the measurements and weights.

    • Understand the Terms: Make sure you understand all terms and conditions, including delivery times, liability, and claims procedures.

    • Compare Quotes: If possible, get quotations from multiple carriers to ensure competitive pricing.

  5. Negotiating and Finalizing:

    • Negotiate: Sometimes, there’s room for negotiation in freight rates or surcharges, especially if you’re a frequent shipper or sending large volumes.

    • Finalize: Once you’re satisfied with the rates and understand all the terms, you can finalize the quotation and proceed with the shipping.

Remember, accuracy in your initial weight and dimension reports is crucial, as discrepancies can lead to unexpected costs. Also, international shipments may involve more complexities, including currency exchange rates and international tariffs, which should be considered in the cost calculation. Always read the quotation carefully and consult the carrier or a freight forwarder if you have any questions or need clarification.


An important cost

In general, Air freight is more expensive than Sea freight for all goods with a higher volume than 1,5 CBM and a higher weight than 167 kg (200 kg for express).

Despite its higher cost, air freight is far more advantageous in terms of delay.

By choosing quicker transport methods, you will rationalise your costs effectively.

Also, Air freight is the safest transport method.

By opting for this service, you will understate the risk probability (breakage, theft…) during the transport of your products.

It will make you feel more serene to know that your goods are undergoing safe, fast, and fluid transport.

Reminder, for example a China- UK transit or vice versa in door-to-door lasts:

3 to 6 days via Air freight VS  35 to 40 days via Sea freight

Air cargo tracking-A permanent tracking system

you can track online for your orders

Each AWB has its unique number. You can find this number on the head section. By submitting the number on the tracking page of the airline’s official website, all updated tracking information will be available.

The bill format is 2 airline code + 3 numbers as prefix + several numbers. Example, Air China Cargo, CA as the airline code, 999 as prefix.

“Classic” air freight: tracked from airline company or track trace.

“Express” Air freight: Tracked via tracking number at courier website.

or you can track at honour ocean tracking wesite via :

Air Waybill (AWB) Sample

If you have read our blog, you can also understand the AWB. AWB is almost the same structure as the Ocean Bill of Lading (OBL).

An Air Waybill is a documentary proof of the contract of carriage between the shipper and the carrier.

It also serves as:

  • a delivery receipt

  • a receipt of goods for shipment

  • a document required for Customs clearance

  • a form of invoice for the carriage of the goods

  • an insurance certificate (if the insurance cover was arranged through the airline)

  • a dispatch note, bearing a list of all accompanying documents, and any special instructions given by the shipper

Difference between AWB and OBL

The rule of AWB played in international shipping is almost the same as OBL, but AWB doesn’t serve as a document of title. This is the most significant difference.

The words non-negotiable are printed at the top of the Air Waybill, and must not be changed or removed.

The AWB will be delivered with the air cargo. So as soon as the plane departs from the loading airport, the cargo rights will be transferred to the consignee. The consignee can only show their identification to claim the shipments. The AWB cannot be transferred. That’s why you have to pay freight costs before departure from China.


“Rate Charge”

A column called “Rate Charge” is in the middle of an AWB. This rate will be automatically generated by the airlines according to IATA, and can NOT be modified. The charge shown is higher than you really paid.

This is the all-in billable weight rate, calculated by:

  • GCR (General Cargo Rate)

  • SCR (Specific Commodity Rate)

  • CCR (Commodity Classification Rate or Class Rate)

  • BUC (Bulk Unitization Charge)



Top 10 International Airports in China

In international air transport, there is the standard short name of each airport created by IATA. The airport’s short name is formed by three capitalized letters for easy recognition.

  1. Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) – Located in China’s capital, Beijing, it’s one of the busiest airports in the world and serves as a primary hub for international travel into and out of China.

  2. Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) – Serving the city of Shanghai, it’s a major aviation hub in Asia and handles a significant volume of international flights.

  3. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN) – Serving Guangzhou, a major city in southern China, it’s a key airport for international connections, particularly in Asia.

  4. Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport (SZX) – Located in Shenzhen, close to Hong Kong, it serves as an important airport for both domestic and international flights.

  5. Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (CTU) – Serving Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, this airport is a major hub for flights throughout China and Asia.

  6. Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) – Though a special administrative region, Hong Kong’s airport is one of the busiest and most well-connected in the world, serving as a significant gateway to mainland China.

  7. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA) – Serving the city of Shanghai along with Pudong Airport, it mainly handles domestic flights but also serves some international routes.

  8. Kunming Changshui International Airport (KMG) – Serving Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan province, it’s known for its modern facilities and connectivity to Southeast Asia.

  9. Xi’an Xianyang International Airport (XIY) – Serving Xi’an, known for the Terracotta Army, it’s one of the largest airports in China and serves as an important hub for travel within China and internationally.

  10. Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (HGH) – Serving Hangzhou, a major city in eastern China, it provides extensive flight services both domestically and internationally.

Main Airlines’ Shipping Routes

1. Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand
BR, CA, CZ, FM, GA, KE, MH, SQ, MU, BI, NX, NZ, PR, QF, TG, UO, 5X, ZH, AI, VN, 9W


2. South Asia, Middle East and Africa
EK, EY, ZP, MU, SU, PR, CA, UW, CX, QR, MH, CZ, SV, TG, TK, BI, SQ, AI, GA, BA, HU, 9W, W5, ZH, ET


3. Europe
CZ, MU, CA, BA, KL(MP), UPS, RU, Y8, GD, EK, SV, CX, EY, KE, OZ, JL, TK, AY, SU, LX, TG, ZP, QR, BI, HU, MH, ZH, 6U


4. America
MU, F4, BR, QF, Y8, UPS, PO, SQ, CX, KE, OZ, JL, UA, AA, CO, AC, AM, HU, BA, LX, EK, PR, CZ


Air freight type: airport to airport,door to door (ddu/ddp)

There are two broad classifications of air freight services: airport-to-airport and door-to-door (DDU/DDP). Airport-to-airport air freight involves the shipment of goods from one airport to another, while door-to-door (DDU/DDP) air freight entails the shipment of goods directly from the sender’s door to the recipient’s door.

Honour ocean Shipping offers the following delivery times:

  • Door-to-door air freight requests between China and your country: 3 to 15 days

  • DDP shipping from China to the USA via air: 4-8 work days+delivery (about 3-5 work days)

  • Air port to airport directly airline: about 1-2days

  • Air port to airport transfer airline: about 5-7days

Key Players in Air Freight Industry

FedEx, United Parcel Service (UPS), The Emirates Group, Japan Airlines, and All Nippon are the main global players in the air freight industry. Airlines are essential to the air freight industry, as they are responsible for transporting goods and cargo from one location to another. Meanwhile, freight forwarders such as importers and exporters specialize in transporting freight via air, whether on passenger aircraft or cargo aircraft. Their primary duties include booking cargo space, overseeing international logistics, and managing export and import documents.

Customs brokers also play a crucial role in the industry. Their focus includes:

  • Compliance and regulatory services

  • Managing transactions related to customs entry

  • Product classification

  • Customs valuation

  • Duty payment

Air Freight vs. Other Shipping Methods

A comparison of air freight with other options such as sea freight, rail freight, and express courier services is crucial when considering shipping methods for goods from China to the US. This comparison allows businesses to choose the most suitable shipping method based on factors like cost, speed, and cargo type.

Sea Freight Comparison

Sea freight, which involves utilizing cargo ships to transport goods from one port to another, is generally slower than air freight, with an estimated lead time of 30-40 days for shipments from China to the USA. However, sea freight can be more cost-effective compared to air freight, especially for larger shipments, due to its lower shipping cost.

For instance, LCL ocean freight is an alternative option for larger shipments from China to the US. LCL shipping involves consolidating different types of cargo coming from various senders. This is all placed into a single container for transportation. While LCL shipping has its drawbacks, such as more complex shipment tracking, additional paperwork, and an increased risk of delay, it still provides an economical and reliable way of transporting smaller consignments.

FactorAir TransportSea Transport
DistanceAir is most preferred for a direct city to city transport and on the most direct routes between countries.Sea is preferred for shipments that need to travel great distances spanning the vast oceans.
Type of CargoUnless special aircraft chartered, there are limited dimension and weight for loading.Apart from the traditional parcel or box freight, sea is also used to transport heavy equipment, cranes, project cargoes, etc.
Time SensitivityThis mode is chosen mostly due to its quick transit time and their usually reliable scheduled arrival and departure times. Benefits may be lower inventory carrying costs and the opportunity to capture market share.A transit time of a month from point to point is quite normal for a sea freight shipment.
CostAir cost higher mainly due to the capacity available on a plane, the higher fuel consumption and operational costs of a plane.A cargo ship can carry much more at once.
Safety of CargoAirport regulations are controlled quite strictly and these regulations include the storage, handling and securing of your cargo.If the cargo inside the container is not packed properly, or LCL, there is a risk of cargo getting damaged.
AccessibilityAshandled quicker, there may not be congestion at the airports as compared to the long queues at the sea ports. Even had, it could be solved in days.Periods of severe congestion in sea ports could happen, which brings with it its own problems of additional costs like demurrage and detention.

Rail Freight Comparison

Rail freight is another shipping method designed specifically for shipping freight, which involves loading cargo onto railcars that are then transported by locomotives along the rail network to the desired destination. While rail freight is faster than sea freight, it is still slower than air freight, with rail freight from China to Europe typically taking 15 to 20 days.

However, rail freight offers several advantages over air freight, such as:

  • Reliable delivery times unaffected by weather conditions

  • Cost-efficient shipping

  • Capacity to transport large volumes of cargo at one time

  • Safety

  • Environmental friendliness

Express Courier Services Comparison

Popular express courier services for shipping from China include:

  • FedEx

  • DHL

  • UPS

  • TNT

  • SF Express

Express courier services are ideal for transporting small and lightweight items that require expedited delivery, such as documents, small electronics, and personal items. While air freight is typically faster than express courier services, the latter may provide more inclusive services, such as door-to-door delivery, which can affect the overall cost.

However, it’s important to note that express courier services have weight and dimension limits for shipments, with a maximum weight limit of 150 lbs (68 kg) and a maximum dimension limit of 108 inches (274 cm) in length and 130 inches (330 cm) in length and girth.


Calculating Air Freight Costs from China

A myriad of factors such as cargo volume and weight, distance, and other variables that affect rates are considered when calculating air freight costs. To accurately calculate air freight costs, businesses can consider factors such as:

  • Distance

  • Route

  • Cargo volume and weight

  • Any additional services such as insurance, warehousing fees, taxes, and customs duties.

Factors Affecting Air Freight Rates

Various factors affect air freight rates, such as fuel prices, peak season, and route and distance. For instance, fluctuating fuel prices directly influence air freight costs, as higher fuel prices increase the operating costs of airlines, leading to higher air freight rates, and vice versa.

Additionally, during peak season and high demand, air freight rates tend to rise due to the increased demand for air cargo space surpassing available capacity. Furthermore, the chosen route and distance can also affect the cost of air freight shipping.

Choosing the Right Air Freight Service

Various factors, such as cargo types, restrictions, and industry-specific requirements influence the choice of the right air freight service. It’s essential to consider these factors when selecting an air freight service provider to ensure a smooth and successful shipping experience.

Customized Solutions for Different Industries

Tailored air freight solutions cater to the specific needs of various industries. For instance, customized air freight services for the fashion and apparel industry provide:

  • Cost-effective transportation of garments and textiles globally and domestically

  • Customs clearance

  • Warehousing

  • Freight services tailored to the industry’s specific requirements

The pharmaceutical industry can benefit from temperature-controlled shipping containers, such as Envirotainer, to guarantee the quality and efficacy of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical goods. Meanwhile, the manufacturing industry can leverage specialized transport solutions tailored to their needs, such as GEODIS, Rhenus, and DHL.

Provision of Air Charter Services for Specific Projects

Air charter services offer a unique solution for specific projects that require a tailored approach to air freight. These services allow businesses to charter a whole aircraft for their exclusive use, providing a high degree of flexibility and customization.

Whether it’s for large-scale projects, time-sensitive cargo, or destinations not covered by regular air freight routes, air charter services can cater to these specific needs. This can be particularly useful for industries like oil and gas, mining, construction, and aid and relief, where cargo often needs to be transported to remote or difficult-to-reach locations.

The key advantage of air charter services is the ability to schedule flights according to the project’s timeline and the possibility to use airports that commercial airlines do not typically serve. This can significantly reduce transit times and offer a higher level of control over the shipping process.

However, it’s important to note that air charter services can be more expensive than regular air freight services. Therefore, it’s crucial to carefully assess the project’s requirements and budget before opting for this service.

Import Documentation Requirements

Accurate documentation is vital when importing goods from China, as it can prevent issues with Chinese customs and ensure the smooth transport of goods. The required documentation for importing goods from China may include:

  • Air Waybill (AWB)

  • Invoice

  • Shipping list

  • Customs declaration

  • Export license

  • Commercial invoice

  • Packing list

  • Certificate of origin

  • Import declaration

Inaccurate or incomplete import documentation may result in fines, delays in customs clearance, seizure of goods, and possible legal action.

Working with Freight Forwarders

The benefits of working with a freight forwarder are numerous and include simplification of the shipping process and expert guidance on various aspects of air freight shipping. However, it’s essential to choose the right freight forwarder for your needs to ensure a successful shipping experience.

Benefits of Using a Freight Forwarder

A freight forwarder can assist in cost-savings in air shipping from China by:

  • Determining the most appropriate shipping method based on cargo volume and weight

  • Consolidating smaller quantities of goods to create a larger quantity

  • Selecting the applicable shipping terms

  • Sourcing a reliable freight forwarder

Moreover, a freight forwarder can effectively manage the transport cargo process and assist with advance planning to guarantee that the cargo is shipped promptly and at the most cost-effective rate.

Tips for Choosing a Freight Forwarder

When selecting a freight forwarder, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  • Experience in the relevant industry

  • Accreditation

  • A comprehensive network

  • Wrap-around services

  • Industry knowledge and expertise

  • Customer service

  • Reliability

  • Compliance

  • Understanding of the specific business or shipment requirements

Evaluating a freight forwarder’s credibility based on these factors can help ensure a smooth and successful shipping experience.

What Honourocean Can Do for You?

You have goods that quickly need to be moved. You have the dimensions, the weight, the timeline and you find Honour Ocean as your China air freight forwarder.

We understand that the products we are going to forward are urgent, high-value, time-sensitive or perishable.

What we are trying to do is deliver your shipments as early as possible, and make the process smoothly with a competitive air shipment quote. Whether airport to airport, or airport to door, you can rely on us.

  • pick up from any city of china

  • Cargo insurance

  • Door to Door service

  • Fumigation and inspection

  • Direct flight worldwide

  • Single-source quoting

  • Competitive air freight rates

  • Customs clearance service at the origin or destination

Honourocean covers all major airports in China at cheap prices. Depending on where’s your shipment located, and the available schedules to your destination, we’ll choose the most suitable one for you as your loading airport. We rely on qualified partner carriers that are committed to providing safe, efficient, and on-time service to importers across the world.

Low cost, time-definite services, and proof of delivery, that’s what we are doing and we are good at it. We are always interested in new opportunities and supporting your business.

Honourocean improves profitability for customers by allowing them to focus on their core competencies while we manage their logistics, providing great air freight solutions.

If you choose delivery by air, we’ll understand that you can’t afford customs issues or any hang-ups, and you certainly don’t have time to deal with them. You can just leave the rest to us, once we agree to the freight charges and the ETA.

Honourocean helps customers gain more control over their supply chain, become more cost-effective, and increase transportation management efficiency. Thank you to all our customers for allowing us to be your one-stop logistics provider and helping deliver peace of mind.

Get a free quote now for air freight from China to the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and worldwide. We are always ready for your time-critical supply chain management.

Learn more about shipping solutions via ocean, express courier

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Insurance and Risk Management

To protect businesses from potential losses during air freight shipping, insurance and risk management strategies are employed. Various types of cargo insurance are available to suit different needs, and implementing risk management measures can minimize potential issues during transit.

Types of Cargo Insurance

Various types of cargo insurance are available for air freight shipping, including air transport insurance and air cargo insurance. When shipping goods via air freight, it’s important to purchase adequate insurance coverage to protect against potential damage or loss during transit.

The procedure for claiming cargo insurance for air freight typically entails notifying the carrier, recording the claim, filing the claim, checking up, and arriving at a settlement.

Risk Management Strategies

Implementing risk management strategies can help minimize potential issues during air freight shipping. Some effective risk management strategies include:

  • Adopting a proactive approach to identify potential risks

  • Developing personalized solutions tailored to the cargo

  • Monitoring and analyzing flight and duty data

  • Identifying and evaluating risks involved in handling freight

  • Implementing cargo risk management practices

By implementing these strategies, you can ensure a smoother and more secure air freight shipping process.

Additionally, leveraging technology can provide enhanced efficiency, improved visibility, data analytics, and risk mitigation in air freight shipping.

Air Shipping Process with Honour ocean

We suggest you buy FOB, and let your supplier handle the inland trucking to the airport. If the incoterm is EXW, we can also pick up for you.

Quote → Book → Pay, job done from your side. Let us do all the rest heavy job without disturbing you.

  1. with your shipping details. (Quote)

  2. (Book)

  3. We or your supplier arrange inland delivery to the airport.

  4. We confirm the chargeable weight.

  5. as we agreed. (Pay)

  6. We arrange customs declaration and forward the goods.

We’ll keep tracking your shipment and keep you updated till received.

As a valued partner we want to deliver more than just savings, we deliver peace of mind.


In conclusion, air freight shipping from China to the US offers a range of benefits, including speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness for certain types of goods. By understanding the various aspects of air freight, such as different shipping types, cost calculation, cargo restrictions, and industry-specific requirements, businesses can make informed decisions and select the most suitable shipping method. Furthermore, working with a reliable freight forwarder, adhering to customs and IATA regulations, and implementing risk management strategies can ensure a smooth and successful air freight shipping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does air freight cost from China to us?

On average, air freight costs between $3-$9 per kilogram from China to the US. Standard air freight is the most cost-effective option for shipments between 150-500 kilograms. Very light shipments can be charged according to dimensional weight rather than actual weight.

Honour ocean shipping can arrange air door to door freight, min order only 12kg .

What is the cheapest freight from China?

Express Shipping from China to the US is the most cost-effective option, with a rate of approximately $5 per kilogram for packages and small shipments up to 150 kg.

Who is the best shipping agent from China to USA?

Honour Ocean has been a trusted air shipping agent from China to the USA and worldwide for over 14 years. We have a team of over 50 professionals available to chat online 24/7, providing you with the best possible service.

How long does it take to ship from china to usa?

Shipping to the US from China generally takes between 1-45 days, depending on the shipping method and final destination. Air Express is usually 1-5 days, air freight 2-15 days, and sea freight 15-35+ days.

How can I choose the right air freight service for my business?

Choose an air freight service that best fits your business needs by evaluating cargo types, restrictions, and industry-specific requirements.

Air freight rate forecast 2024

Based on the multiple industry forecasts and perspectives I reviewed across those articles, the overall outlook for air freight rates in 2024 is cautious with expectations of moderation from current levels:

  • Demand outlook is mixed – the UPS article forecasts air cargo ton miles to grow 2.4% globally in 2024, while other sources expect softer demand, especially if recession concerns materialize. This uncertainty clouds rate predictions.
  • Supply constraints will begin easing as passenger airlines continue adding belly capacity and freighters enter service. Several sources highlight new aircraft deliveries supporting supply growth.
  • However most see air freight continuing as a “sellers’ market” with tight capacity limiting rate declines. Conditions won’t return to deep COVID lows.
  • Fuel costs and inflation are worries that could keep baseline rates elevated compared to historical levels.
  • Greater seasonality predicted in 2024 rates after the volatility of recent years, but risks around recession or shock events add uncertainty to forecasts.

In summary, the expert outlook is for air cargo rates to moderate from recent highs in 2024 but remain well above pre-pandemic levels. Continued capacity shortages combined with fuel/inflation concerns will limit the downward rate trajectory. More predictability in seasonal swings is likely but global risk factors add variability to the 2024 rate environment.

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