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Baking could be one of your most cherished chores if you have the right tools. It is not about whether you are a master chef or a beginner; you need that ultimate motivation to bring it to perfection. The right equipment or tools is the most effective way to boost motivation or willingness to bake. The right equipment selection not only ensures fewer faults but also minimizes the chances of mess outcomes. 

Here is a list of the most useful tools for baking that will simplify your work.

Table of Contents

Preparatory tools and large equipment


Flour sifter– Flour sifter is a very significant kitchen device that comes up with a handle and mesh strainer. Its appearance seems like a cup. Some sifters might have blades to easily break the lumps, while some may not.

Function – It helps break the flour lumps or remove air pockets.

Rolling pins

Rolling pins– Rolling pin is a long and thin cylindrical tool with two handles on each side. It is rolled over a wooden or marble flat board. 

Function – It is used to easily turn dough into even flattened sheets.

Pastry brush

Pastry brush, also called basting brush, is made with natural bristles. Nowadays, silicone bristles are seen more. They may be round or flat in shape. 

Function– It applies or spreads butter, oil, sauces, glazes, or other liquids on food.

Cooling rack

A cooling rack is a non-stick grid design equipment on which food is perched. It is suitable for multiple roles like oven roasting, grilling, cooking, and many more. 

Function– It helps in allowing air throughout the food from all sides. It dehydrates the food.


Baking paper

Baking paper, bakery paper, or parchment paper is grease-proof and moisture-resistant paper essential for baking purposes. 

Function– When lined in a baking pan, it prevents food from directly touching the pan, making the cleaning job easy. It also protects the food.

Egg separator

Egg separator– It is a compact tool that you must have if you love experimenting with eggs.

Function – It separates the egg white from the egg yolk within a few seconds. 


It is box-like equipment with chambers to heat the food articles. The heating is done in a highly controlled way. They use electricity to accomplish the task.

Function– It is used for baking, cooking, warming, or grilling food.

Oven mitts

Oven mitts– Oven mitts, also known as oven gloves, are thermally insulated hand gloves worn to safeguard from burning the hands.

Function – It handles hot objects like cookware, stoves, or oven, so you do not get burnt while holding them.

Measuring tools

Dry measuring cups

Dry measuring cups– Dry measuring cup is subtle when it comes to accurately measuring dry ingredients to be put into the recipes. There are four standard sizes of cups, quarter, one-third, half, and one cup. 

Function – It accurately measures dry ingredients like flour, oats, and sugar.

Liquid measuring cup

Liquid measuring cup has clear marking for cups, ounces, and millimeters. These cups are available in materials like borosilicate glass, food-grade plastic, or aluminum. 

Function– Liquid ingredients can be conveniently measured with a liquid measuring tool.

Measuring spoons

Measuring spoons are available in different sizes: 1 tablespoon, 1/2 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon, and 1/4 teaspoon. It ensures you put the right quantity of ingredients into the recipe.

Function– It accurately measures the dry or liquid ingredients required in small quantities.


The timer is the primary device required to bake or cook a masterpiece. It assists in timing during cooking, making your job hustle-free and more reliable. Usually, timers are countdown timers of up to an hour. 

Function – Timers help you manage your cooking time, preventing food burning.

Oven thermometer

Oven thermometer is a heat-resistant and highly durable tool that is either hung or stands on its own. It has a clock face dial which allows you to accurately take account of the temperature of the oven.

Function – It helps in testing the hot spots. Also, you could evaluate the temperature inside the oven to ensure seamless cooking.

Mixing tools

Mixing spoon

Mixing spoons are special long-handled spoons meant for fusing. They are formulated to mix the batter or ingredients with more consistency. It has center holes which ensures the mixture should evenly flow through.

Function– It helps in better mixing, the holes or spaces in it prevent resistance.


The spatula has a broad flat head attached to a handle for precise mixing. It is an essential utensil for mixing, scraping and spreading food ingredients. It is also known to be a flipper or turner.

Function – The spatula works best for flipping or turning things upside down, allowing thorough mixing. 

Mixing bowls

A kitchen needs several bowls so you can neatly do your chore. Mixing bowls is one of them and prominent when it comes to working doughs, storage, organizing, or mixing dry ingredients. These are wide-mouth bowls that allow easy whisks and stirring.

Function– It helps in properly kneading dough and mixing food ingredients. 


It is a mixer of a coil of wires which could be used to beat eggs, mix cream or other liquids with a desirable consistency. Those ingredients are uniformly mixed or blended smoothly, which can drag air to the mixture. 

Function– It helps in mixing the ingredients nimbly.


Electric whisks

Electric whisk is a device that mixes ingredients at a remarkably fast speed. They are mostly used occasionally or by professional bakers who bake frequently. It has an electric motor in the device, which causes whisks and mixes the ingredients after setting a speed.

Function – It helps mix ingredients at a determined speed without much strain.


Cutting tools

Cookie cutters

A cookie cutter is a tool composed of sharp edges which cut the dough into the desired shape and make it more characteristic. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. 

Function– It gives a fancy cut to the dough into a specific shape.

Chef’s knife

A chef’s knife has a long, wide blade tapering a sharp point. It is widely used to make fine cuts in just a few strokes. 

Function – it makes the cutting and chopping job easier due to its sharp blades. It could also be used for peeling or coring.

Chef’s knife

A chef’s knife has a long, wide blade tapering a sharp point. It is widely used to make fine cuts in just a few strokes. 

Function – it makes the cutting and chopping job easier due to its sharp blades. It could also be used for peeling or coring.

Pastry cutting wheel

It is a small time saver kitchen tool with a sharp cutting wheel attached to the wooden or metallic handle. Its sharp edges ensure the pastry dough is precisely cut.

Function – They not only cut the dough but give them a patterned edge and texture.


A grater is an essential metal device usually made of stainless steel with a surface surrounded by holes with sharp edges. This highly rough surface allows the food article to be cut down into smaller parts. It is also known as Shredder.

Function -It helps in grating any large food material into small pieces.

Dough cutter

Dough cutters are characterized by a thin sharp blade with a wooden or plastic handle on one side. The blade is usually stainless steel or polypropylene. It is a multifunctional kitchen tool.

Function– It effectively cuts pastry dough and scrapes the containers to emptying.

Baking pans- Different types

Loaf pan

A loaf pan is sometimes referred to as a bread pan, which mainly keeps the bread in good shape when it rises. It’s rectangular and has depth. Usually, it is made with non-stick metal, glass or pottery, or stoneware. The rectangle shape makes it convenient to uniformly slice the bread. Whether you are baking meatloaf, pound cake, or yeasted bread, a loaf pan is a choice for you.

Function– Loaf pans are easy to use, easy to clean, easy to handle, and versatile for baking.

Round pan

Round pans are for yielding ideal textured baked goods. It is considered best due to its versatile design for baking layered cakes, tiered cakes, brownies, or cheesecakes. They are usually 8 or 9 inches in diameter and about 1½ inches in depth. Some have a removable button to keep baked goods intact when removed from the pan.

Function– It has a thick rolled edge, so it prevents warping. The round shape is somewhat more convenient for baking and moving things.

Tube center pan

Tube center pan is a round pan with a hollow tube. The tube in the center has huge significance in terms of quick baking. This is because the center tube also conducts heat, which leads to quicker baking. Due to this, the removal of the cake from the pan becomes easier. The cake baked in this pan comes out in the shape of a ring, which is quite impressive. 

Function – The tube in the center allows uniform and faster cake baking. 

Sheet pan

A sheet pan, also known as a baking tray, is a rectangular flat pan used for the oven. Like other pans, it is also available in multiple sizes and materials. Regarding the commercial preparation of baked goods, sheet pans are the top choice. It has great strength.

Function– It is best for making sheet cakes, cookies, or bread rolls, roasting vegetables, and preparing pastries. 

Muffin pan

Muffin pans are used to make savory or tasty goods, like cupcakes, muffins, and egg cups. The sizes available are 4, 6, or 24, but usually, size 12 is used. Any individually portioned sweet can be easily made and served into it.

Function– Compared to other pans, muffin pans are more suitable and handier, especially for individual serving cakes.  

Decoration tools

Decoration tools

A pastry bag is one of the best ways to unlock keys to your imagination. It showcases how playful you want to be with your baked goods. The piping bags are cones that are squeezed, and cream is released from them. Silicone piping bags are often used because they are reusable and eco-friendly. Also, they are more trustworthy, as they do not burst or break.

Function – The piping bags are filled with colorful creams, which can be used to make different shapes and patterns above the cake, ultimately decorating it.

Cake spatula

A cake spatula, also called a palette knife, has a flat, flexible, and broad blade, mainly used for leveling. Due to the flexibility of the blade, it can evenly spread the soft topping or cream that will appear smooth in texture. They are easy to handle and use. Whether you are smoothing with buttercream or icing the sides of a cake, a spatula does work great. 

Function – It is used to flatten and smoothen the side and top creamy layer of cake.

Cake leveler

Some people may find it unnecessary, but without leveling the cake, the whole appearance of the cake seems disrupted. Cake levelers have long curved rods held by hands and ultra-thin metal wire for leveling the cake. It is necessary to maintain the consistency and stability of the cake. Pretty cakes do require leveling, so it does not look bumpy.

Function– It is necessary to make cakes of even texture.

Cake turntable stand

Cake turntable stand– Turntables are necessary if you want to precisely decorate each cake portion.

Function– Its rotatory movement allows you to decorate each part of the cake without scooting. 

Cake board

Cake board– Cake board is a hardboard of around 3-4mm covered in foil. They are strong enough to support the base of the cake.

Function– It supports the cake, making it more presentable and easy to carry.

Cake topper

Cake topper– Cake toppers are best used as an accessory for the cake. It may be used to signify the purpose of celebration with cake. They are lightweight and beautifully crafted. 

Function– it makes the cake eye-catching, presentable, and admiring.

Decorating tips

Decorating tips or pastry tips are the most promising decoration for the cake. They are mostly seen in metal, but plastics are also available nowadays. They are used with the piping bag. The tips come up with different shapes and patterns like petals, closed stars, round, basketweave, leaves, and many more.

Function– It is used to elegantly decorate the cake with the help of a piping bag.

In a nutshell

Baking is truly interesting and exciting work if you have the right tools and equipment. The baking tools and equipment are meant to ensure the job is accomplished in the desired way. Each step of baking involves a new set of tools that makes your work as easy as a cakewalk. They assist you in measuring the ingredients, mixing them, baking them in the oven, and ultimately decorating it.


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