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I’ve been in this here business for near 10 years now, supplying insoles to all the major work boot brands across the US of A and beyond. Started off as a one-man operation hand craftin’ insoles in my daddy’s garage. Cut to today, and we’ve got a huge manufacturing plant in China churnin’ out millions of insoles every year.

But it don’t matter how big we get, quality is still my number one priority. I stand behind every pair of insoles we make. Our fancy schmancy R&D lab is constantly cookin’ up new technologies to make our insoles more comfortable and supportive than a hug from grandma.

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Number 10 - Guangzhou Lucky Mediterranean Trading Co

 These guys make a real decent EVA and cork insole that provides good arch support. Not the most heavy duty, but gets the job done for most trades.

Number 9 - Dongguan Shing Tak Shun Technology Co.

They offer some industrial strength anti-fatigue insoles that are like walkin’ on marshmallows! A bit pricey but worth it for them 12 hour shifts.

Number 8 - Yiwu Koorsen Import & Export Co.

I like these guys for their shock absorbin’ PVC and latex insoles. Give your knees and back some sweet relief!

Number 7 - Shenzhen Enjoi Technology Co.

They make a real soft gel insole that feels like you’re steppin’ on clouds all day. Not the most durable though.

Number 6 - Yiwu Tongweida Trading Co.

This here’s my go-to for affordable PU insoles. Decent quality without breakin’ the bank.

Number 5 - Dongguan Taiya Shoe Material Co.

As one of the biggest makers around, they offer a ton of options from anti-static to orthopedic insoles. But their anti-fatigue insoles are second to none.

Number 4 - Chengdu Right Import & Export Co.

I dig their moisture-wickin’ leather and fabric insoles. Keeps them dogs from gettin’ all hot and sweaty!

Number 3 - Guangzhou Zhenhui Trading Co.

heir EVA insoles have excellent anti-slip grip and shock absorption for those workplace hazards.

Number 2 - Guangzhou Qiaolian Non Woven Co.

These guys are my supplier for all them high-end work boot brands. Their non-woven fabric insoles offer supreme cushionin’ and breathability.

Number 1 - Guangzhou Lucky Insoles Co.

I ain’t found anyone yet who can beat their durable, comfortable, sweat-absorbin’ PU and EVA insoles. I stand by them as the best bang for your buck.


Well alrighty then, I hope y’all found my personal favorites list helpful. At the end of the day, the best insole for you depends on your needs and budget. But if you ever wanna chat insoles, hit me up! I’m always down to jaw about boots

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Which China type of insoles can you Import from China?

As an insoles manufacturer and trader in China, we can supply a wide variety of insole types that can be imported globally:

  • EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) Insoles – Soft and lightweight material that provides cushioning and shock absorption. Great for casual shoes and work boots. Available in different densities.
  • PU (Polyurethane) Insoles – More durable and supportive than EVA. Provides optimal arch support and heel cushioning. Ideal for safety boots and industrial workwear.
  • Gel Insoles – Made from cushy gel that offers superior comfort and pressure relief. Helps reduce foot fatigue. Perfect for nurses, restaurant workers and jobs requiring long hours on feet.
  • Leather Insoles – Naturally moisture-wicking and breathable. Molds to shape of foot. Durable and hypoallergenic. Ideal for formal dress shoes and winter boots.
  • Cork Insoles – Eco-friendly material that regulates temperature and wicks moisture. Anti-bacterial and antimicrobial. Great for casual and work footwear.
  • Composite Insoles – Made from a combination of materials like foams, gels, fibers. Provides customized support and comfort. Used for orthotics and specialty footwear.
  • Anti-Odor Insoles – Infused with activated charcoal, bamboo or other odor-fighting ingredients. Neutralizes foot odor and keeps shoes fresh.
  • Anti-Fatigue Insoles – Designed with enhanced arch support, metatarsal padding and shock absorption to reduce foot pain and fatigue. Made for workplace footwear.

We manufacture all these insoles at our factories in China and can customize them to your specifications. Our MOQs are flexible and we offer competitive pricing. Get in touch to import the best Chinese insoles for your customers worldwide!

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