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Is there any possibility of export of goods from China? I guess you’ve got a reason to want to import directly from China. Possibly the reason is to eliminate intermediaries in order to gain an easier price offer. This means many things must be considered. One example is shipping. It is not only the shipment of goods from China. It involves many different things that you have to know to make this process easy. Hence this guide will guide everyone on the way from China to Indonesia.

Shipping from china to Indonesia

Air Shipping

Air freight from china to Indonesia

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Cheapest shipping from china to Indonesia

  • When shipping by sea, there are two main transit types: FCL and LCL. FCL is when an entire container is used to ship your products, while LCL is when your products share space with other people’s products in the same container – also known as groupage. If you’re shipping large volumes and can fill a container, it makes sense to choose FCL 
  • Generally speaking, FCL is a better option if you’re shipping a large volume of goods or items that are sensitive to damage (e.g., electronics). LCL is ideal for small shipments or if you’re just getting started with importing from China. It’s also worth noting that LCL rates are calculated per cubic meter, so be sure to factor that into your decision.then LCL shipping (also known as groupage) offers a more economical way to ship smaller quantities that make up less than half of the volume of a full container

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FCL Shipping from China to Indonesia

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LCL Shipping from China to Indonesia

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How to start shipping from China to Indonesia?

Shipping from China to Indonesia doesn’t have to be a daunting task. There are several steps you can take to make the process run smoothly and efficiently.

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Step 1: Check trade laws in China and Indonesia

When it comes to shipping goods internationally, it’s important to understand the specific trade laws and regulations in both countries. Knowing the trade policies of China and Indonesia will help you better plan for any additional fees or tariffs, as well as ensure cargo arrives safely and on time.

Step 2: Decide what to import

Securing the products you want to import from China is a crucial step in putting together a successful shipment to Indonesia. Deciding on which items to bring over and how many requires careful consideration: product selection, evaluation of market demand and price comparison are essential research components here.

Step 3: Choose a shipping method

Step 3 in the process of shipping from China to Indonesia is choosing a shipping method. Options range from air freight, which can deliver directly to your door, to ocean freight which is most often the cheaper option for heavy and bulky items. Depending on speed, budget and the kind of shipment you’re executing, different levels of service can be incorporated into both air and ocean freight services.

Step 4: Find a supplier

Step four in the process of shipping goods from China to Indonesia is the most important step: finding a supplier. Careful consideration should be taken when selecting a supplier, as they are the ones who will ultimately be responsible for providing quality goods and shipment services to your business.

Step 5: Estimate your tax liability for importing goods from China to Indonesia

Step 5 of the process is to estimate your tax liability for importing goods from China to Indonesia. Understanding the Indonesian taxation system related to imported goods is important in this step, and further research or consulting with a professional may be advised if unfamiliar. Additionally, understanding possible import duties, taxes, and fees can help businesses avoid any costly surprises at customs in Indonesia during their shipment process.

Step 6: Define your shipment’s Incoterms

Step 6 in the process is defining your shipment’s Incoterms. These are international trade rules that clearly define the responsibilities of a buyer and seller by assigning specific obligations, risks, and costs related to a shipment. It’s important to choose the correct Incoterm for each individual shipment as using the wrong one could lead to additional delays, cost overruns, and potential disputes between you and your supplier.

Step 7: Customs clearance from China to Indonesia

This step involves carefully filing all relevant documents to customs, waiting for them to process it, and getting a permit to enter Indonesia before actually shipping. Customs need to make sure all paperwork is in order and that goods do not violate any Indonesian laws during transit. Although it may sound intimidating, following the right steps and having help if needed can make customs clearance easier than expected.

Step 8: Hire a freight forwarder

Step 8 entails searching for a reliable freight forwarder who can provide valuable advice and customized services—from selecting cargo carriers, consolidating shipments, arranging ideal routes, and even tracking packages during every stage of delivery. With the help of an experienced freight forwarder, you’ll be able to successfully start shipping from China to Indonesia!

Top Imports from China to Indonesia

The trade relationship between Indonesia and China is often highlighted for its importance to both economies. The top imports from China to Indonesia consist of products from many different industries, from technology to clothing. Popular imports from China to Indonesia include:

  • laptops

  • mobile phones

  • cables

  • plastics

  • clothing

  • footwear

It’s no wonder why the importation of Chinese goods continues to expand in the Indonesian market –these products bring modern convenience and competitive prices that are attractive to both businesses and consumers alike.

Shipping Methods from China to Indonesia:

Shipping products from China to Indonesia is an increasingly popular move among businesses around the world, as China offers a wide variety of goods at competitively low prices. Fortunately, there are several shipping solution available for transportation between the two countries, allowing businesses big and small to find one that fits both their price range and time-frame needs.

Sea freight from China to Indonesia

Sea freight is a great way to transport goods from China to Indonesia. Not only is it economical and practical, but it can also provide a good deal of flexibility when it comes to scheduling.

As the two countries have developed more comprehensive trade agreements in recent years, the cost of sea freight has become much more competitive, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to move their goods on a large scale.

Moreover, many Chinese shipping companies have increased the number of services available to Indonesian ports, allowing for faster delivery times and increased reliability.

With increasing numbers of shippers taking advantage of these options, sea freight from China to Indonesia has become a reliable and affordable method for transporting large quantities of goods internationally.

LCL shipping from China to Indonesia

Organizations shipping from China to Indonesia can benefit from LCL (Less than Container Load) shipping in more ways than one.

Not only does it save money for organizations by having shared freight costs, thus avoiding the high expense of taking up an entire 20 or 40-foot container, but it also offers convenience.

With LCL, organizations will have the freedom to choose their own carriers and ports in order to arrive at the destination on-time with reduced risk of damage and other unexpected issues.

Additionally, organizations can have their goods fully insured while they’re stored at the port or while they’re in transit. All of these benefits make LCL shipping ideal for anyone who is looking to transport smaller-sized products without worry or costly investment.

FCL shipping from China to Indonesia

With FCL shipping, clients can take advantage of warehousing options and customs solutions, allowing them to easily manage the importation of their goods into Indonesian territory.

Goods can be loaded quickly and safely due to standard container sizes and uniform packing procedures. Delivery times are made shorter by eliminating delays because all goods are wrapped together in one container instead of making multiple partial shipments that may be subject to transit issues.

Sea freight shipping time

While it has its share of risks due to inclement weather and other factors, on average it takes between forty-five and sixty days for goods shipped via sea freight to arrive in Indonesia. This may take slightly longer or shorter depending on the location of pick-up and drop-off points.

Main seaports in China to Indonesia

China is an integral part of the global shipping industry, and all ports are important for the transportation of goods between countries. There are seven main seaports in all of China that are shipping to Indonesia −

  • Qingdao

  • Shanghai

  • Shenzhen

  • Guangzhou

  • Ningbo-Zhoushan

  • Xiamen

  • Tianjin

These massive ports all have different specialties but all form a key link in the supply and distribution chain due to their strategic location. The network of seaports has accelerated economic development and become essential for international trade between China and other foreign countries like Indonesia.

Main seaports in Indonesia

Indonesia is a strategically located country in Southeast Asia and in close proximity to mainland China. As a result, all of its seaports, including major port cities such as

  • Tanjung Priok – Indonesia’s busiest port

  • Belawan in North Sumatra

  • Makassar (formerly Ujung Pandang) in South Sulawesi

  • Banjarmasin in South Kalimantan

  • Bitung on Sulawesi’s northeast coast

These ports play a key role in shipping from neighboring China.

Air freight from China to Indonesia

Air freight from China to Indonesia has been gaining in popularity, as air shipping can provide some amazing benefits over other shipping methods.

With air freight, shipments arrive much faster which is ideal for urgent cargo and foods with short shelf lives.

Additionally, air freight shipping also reduces damage associated with long periods of transportation, which is useful for fragile items that otherwise might suffer on long journeys.

Air freight shipping time

Air freight delivery times typically range from two to five days, depending on the distance between the origin and the destination.

However, things like weather conditions, improved customs and quarantine security measures, peak periods, and airline schedules can cause delays.

In spite of these potential challenges, air freight remains the preferred choice due rapid delivery times in comparison with other methods of transportation. With its enhanced reliability, businesses can rest assured that their cargo will be safely and efficiently delivered within a specified timeframe when they choose air freight services.

Main airports in China to Indonesia

Shipping from China to Indonesia is becoming more and more popular, with all major airports in China offering flights.

  • Beijing Capital International Airport

  • Shanghai-Hongqiao International Airport

  • Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

  • Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport

  • Xian Xianyang International Airport

These all provide freight shipping services for cargo to all of Indonesia’ s major cities. The direct flights are quite convenient and reliable, reducing the risk of delays or lost items due to connecting routes.

Main airports in Indonesia

Indonnesia is home to all sorts of different airports that can provide transportation for shipping items from China all throughout the country. From Jakarta to Lombok, all major Indonesian cities have airports that offer travelers and shippers alike access to all the areas they need in a quick and easy way.

  • Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali

  • Soekamo-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta

  • Hang Nadim International Airport in Batam

  • Halim Perdanakusuma Airport in Jakarta

  • Kualanamu International Airport in Medan

  • El Tari International Airport in Kupang

  • Adi Sumarmo International Airport in Surakarta

  • Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport in Makassar

All these airports provide efficient service for all of Indonesia’s shipping needs from all parts of China.

Express shipping from China to Indonesia

The express freight option is one of the most efficient ways to ship goods from China to Indonesia. This express shipping service is much faster than using air or ocean freight, allowing customers to receive their orders in as quickly as a few days. Many express freight companies have the capability to track shipments and give updates along the way, so customers can be certain that their goods are on the right path.

Express shipping carriers from china to indonesia:

  • UPS

  • Fedex

  • TNT

  • DHL

  • EMS

Express shipping time

When ordering goods from China to Indonesia, express shipping times are usually quite helpful.

Depending on where in China the item originates from, it can take anywhere from 2 days to up to 10 days for the item to be shipped from China to Indonesia.

Other factors that may affect the delivery timeframe include customs regulations and clearance procedures, as well as whether or not the item needs to be shipped by air or boat.

To get an accurate estimate of when exactly your goods will arrive, communicate with the freight forwarders ahead of time and ask about their projected turnaround time. With some careful planning and attentiveness it is possible to receive your item in a timely manner.

Shipping cost from China to Indonesia

Freight forwarding usually requires careful analysis of all the associated costs and expenses throughout the delivery process, including extra charges for fuel, customs documentation, port clearance, taxes and storage services.

By taking into account these additional factors as well as the geographic location of both countries, businesses can rest assured their goods will arrive in Indonesia at their expected destination on time and within their budget.

How do I know what method is right for me?

Shipping from China to Indonesia can be a daunting process, however the best method for you may depend on certain factors.

Before choosing your shipping method it’s important to weigh up cost, delivery time, and your budget constraints in order to select an option most suitable for your needs.

If you need an item or product delivered quickly or urgently, then an express package of a higher cost might be the right choice.

Alternatively, if you don’t necessarily require a speedy delivery but have fewer funds available, then using a transportation network from a reliable carrier may be best.

Whichever option you decide is ideal for you, ensure that the service provider has expertise and experience when it comes to delivering from China to Indonesia.

Special shipping service from us

In addition to the services above, we also provide many other services that you will be interested in.

Customs clearance

Despite the complexities associated with international shipping, goods must still pass through a customs declaration and inspection procedure upon entry into Indonesia.

The Indonesian government has an extensive list of items that are prohibited from importation, and these goods may be inspected or even seized by Indonesian customs authorities.

Additionally, traders must provide correct information regarding the goods being shipped as failure to do so could result in fines or delays.

Many companies choose to hire a freight forwarder to manage the customs clearance process on their behalf. It is important for international shippers to find a reliable freight forwarder.

Honourocean Shipping is your best freight forwarder in the hand of customs clearance.

The list of items that are prohibited from importation:

Indonesia has become increasingly more restrictive when it comes to importation. This list of prohibited items is expansive and contains prohibitions on a variety of international imports including

  • plants

  • animals

  • alcohol

  • medical instruments and equipment

  • firearms

  • pornography

  • any material deemed to be politically disruptive

The list does contain items that can lead to hefty fines or deportation depending on why it is being imported into Indonesia. It is wise for everyone visiting Indonesia in order to take some time and review what they can and cannot bring into the country.

OOG Shipping from China to Indonesia

OOG (Out Of Gauge) Shipping is a process of transporting large, oversized items from China to Indonesia. The items are typically so large that they cannot fit onto the average cargo ship; this includes industrial equipment, construction materials and other relatively large items.

It works by loading cargo into a large shipping container and utilizing powerful boats or cargo ships to move goods from port to port.

In order for these products to be shipped, there needs to be special planning and logistics involved because of their unusual size and weight. Additionally, OOG shipping requires extremely secure packing to protect the sensitive items as many of them are fairly expensive.

By using OOG cargo shipping, clients can ensure their cargo reaches the desired destination in one piece, as these forteced containers are designed to protect goods from bad weather and other outside factors.

Door to door shipping service

Door to door shipping services are the quick and cost-effective way to deliver items from China to Indonesia. It allows customers the convenience of not having to worry about customs regulations, paperwork or bulky parcels which can be an annoyance when dealing with large shipments.

With these services, items are picked up from the customer’s address in China and delivered comfortably to their destination in Indonesia. This is especially helpful for those who have limited knowledge about global trade transportation or experience with international shipments.

Door to door shipping services provide peace of mind knowing that packages can be tracked throughout their journey and that all involved parties work together as a team making them delivery process smooth and hassle-free.

Cargo Insurance

Indonesia is a rapidly growing import market for goods from China, leading to increased traffic between the two countries. When shipping goods from China to Indonesia, one of the most important considerations is cargo insurance.

From small business owners to multi-national corporations, cargo insurance ensures that importers are financially protected against loss or damage of their goods during transit.

By protecting shipments with cargo insurance, businesses can mitigate unforeseen risks and costs caused by natural disasters, mishandling of the vessel or its crew, and other hazards that may affect merchandise on its way to Indonesia.

Overall, cargo insurance provides peace of mind throughout the shipping process and helps strengthen relationships between businesses in both countries.

Below is the FAQs for shipping to Indonesia

How much does it cost to ship from China to Indonesia?

A 20 feet container of around 19000 kgs of general cargo will cost 1500 to 1600 US dollars to ship from China to Indonesia. Your freight forwarder will guide you more specifically in shipment from China to Indonesia.

How long does shipping take from China to Indonesia?

Shipping Time from China to Indonesia:

How much is import tax in Indonesia?

Furthermore, all taxable goods for import into Indonesia have a 7.5% import duty and a 10% value-added tax.

Documents to prepare when shipping from China to Indonesia

When shipping from China to Indonesia, it is vital that the necessary documents are prepared in advance. The requirements will almost certainly include:

  • A Commercial Invoice

  • A Packing List

  • A Certificate of Origin

  • A Letter of Credit or other payment terms (depends on the contract between the parties involved)

  • An Airway Bill for air cargo or a Bill of Lading for ocean freight (you can leave this to Honourocean Shipping)

Failing to prepare these documents in advance can cause costly delays as no goods can be shipped without all documents completed properly. Making sure that every document is signed and uploaded into the right site will ensure that shipping from China to Indonesia runs smoothly.

How long does AliExpress take to ship to Indonesia?

AliExpress Standard Shipping: 15–45 days. EMS: 7–30 days.

How much does Alibaba shipping cost to indonesia?

Most retailers leverage affordable services such as surface mail, standard rates or even free shipping, which means what you pay for your item is often only marginally increased by delivery costs.

On top of this, many vendors on the platform will even offer discounts on delivery fees if you order more than one product at once.

Therefore if you’re looking to purchase from Alibaba and have it shipped from China to Indonesia, chances are you’ll spend less on shipping than from almost any other service.

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