1.We manage your inventory by SKU at a flexible level. The goods can be picked up from the factory to our warehouse, as well as return from our warehouse to the factory anytime

2.We integrate your e-store system, like Shopify, lazada, eBay, shopee, shopify, wish, Magento, woo, with our warehouse system, so as to see your order’s data here automatically. You can see your inventory and track the shipping directly.

3.We can take pictures, including white background picture, life environment picture, about your product in our warehouse, for your decision or e-store posting.

4.We can pack the products by bubble envelopes/jiffy bags/new cartons/pallets/wooden frames/wooden crates to increase security during transportation.

We can make the customs tailored packing materials, including your logo.

5.We can repack the bulk items by separate parcel and can remove the manufacture’s original information, as well as stick a new label if needed.

6.We can offer the 3rd party QC service, like check whether the products are a workable, correct model, or correct quantity, etc.

And we can help you kitting/assemble your products in our warehouse.

7.We can help you source/purchase products from China’s suppliers. Meantime, we can help you pay them, check their products availability, delivery date, etc




Product Details:

Our E-commerce fulfillment services include 5 main steps:

1. Your e-store orders data transferred to our fulfillment center warehouse.


2. We sort out the suitable SKU product.

3. We pick and pack the product by a new carton/bag.

4. We print and stick the related label.

5. We prepare the cartons/parcels in our warehouse for the next shipping arrangement.

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