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Rail freight has the fastest transit times of 16 – 20 days and can reach French ports of Le Havre and Fos-Marseille as examples.

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Rail freight is more expensive than sea freight, but still cheaper than air freight.

This mode of transportation is perfectly suited to high-value industrial products such as vehicles, electronics and computer equipment, as well as promotional and seasonal products that must reach their final destination as quickly as possible.

What you can get if choose our Railway freight services?

Our standard customers have been with us for almost 10 years for many reasons. There are FREE warehousing charges. Some may purchase from other suppliers and want the package to ship together, but shipments are often different. If your China freight forwarder offers you free warehousing services this should make your shipment from China easier to ship.

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Freight Forwarder China to Europe

Why is Honour Ocean the best rail freight forwarder from China to Europe?

Are you interested in finding a reliable and reliable rail freight forwarder company?

HonourOcean has been dedicated to rail freight services from China to Europe since 2014, providing transportation for a diverse array of products including electronics, home decor, cosmetics, and pure batteries via the China to Europe freight train.

Our focus is on delivering swift and cost-efficient railway shipping solutions tailored to your import requirements. HonourOcean operates on a fixed shipping schedule, with weekly trains departing from China to Europe, ensuring available container space even in the busiest seasons.

Moreover, HonourOcean boasts a skilled customs clearance team in Belgium and Poland, equipped to manage your import customs clearance and duties. Our expert customs teams are trained to navigate local customs regulations efficiently, ensuring timely customs clearance of your goods.

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Rail transport

Rail transport of goods from China to Europe offers an efficient and economical solution for shipping. It stands out as being more affordable than air transport, while considerably faster than ocean shipping. In recent times, the Chinese rail freight service has gained popularity due to its dependability and cost efficiency. Additionally, this method of transport is more eco-friendly compared to other shipping methods. For those seeking a dependable and budget-friendly way to transport items from China to Europe, rail freight emerges as the top choice.

This rail route, known as the Eurasian Land Bridge, holds the record as the world’s longest railway line. It traverses through various countries including Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, and Germany before reaching its final destination in Europe.

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Which China Cities are Connected to the China-Europe Railway Network?

Before shipping cargo in China to European cities by rail, the country must verify a connection with the China-Europe, railway transportation network. How many cities have connections to rail lines? As China has a worldwide rail network it makes it possible to travel goods via train from China to major cities in Europe and beyond. China has major rail stations like Alashankou Xinghua and Suifenhe. Many China cities have international railroads that provide transport links between China and Europe. One great case is the train network that links Chongqing in China with Duisburg in Germany. It shortened the transport time from five to two weeks.

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What goods can be shipped out from China to Europe by railway freight?

Most commodities are shipped via rail freight from China. Rail Freight provides businesses that carry large shipments with good quality and timely deliveries. We have a wide selection of items that we can ship to you – small and big – you only need a special package. Although years of experience can prove useful one method is checking on famous B2B platforms in China such as Alibaba and Made-in-China. If goods are located on the platform, the shipment will take the direct train service to China. Call us for confirmation of shipping charges on your product.

Advantages of choosing a rail freight service from China

Rail transport provides an assortment of advantages. There have also been significant savings on rail and air freight. It’s also 45 – 45 percent longer to travel than sea freight compared with land transport. Rail Shipping is the alternative to any international transporter. This vehicle costs less when compared to other modes. For fast and efficient delivery, rail freight is an effective option. Custom inspection and customs declaration and procedures for rail freight are simple to complete.

About china europe railway introduce, you can view: Railway shipping cost from china

How Can You Ship by Rail Freight from China to Europe?

  1. Find a freight forwarder to handle all logistics, documentation, and customs clearance.

  2. Send goods by truck from your facility in China to the closest rail terminal (Chongqing, Chengdu, etc.)

  3. Freight forwarder loads cargo onto railway wagons and books an available China-Europe route train.

  4. Rail freight is transported along fixed routes across Kazakhstan, Russia to a destination terminal in Europe. Takes 2-3 weeks. GPS tracking is available.

  5. The freight forwarder oversees any border customs inspections and document checks en route.

  6. At the final destination terminal in Europe, cargo is unloaded from the train and trucked to the client.

The main advantage compared to sea or air is faster and cheaper shipments. Simplified process by using a freight forwarder to coordinate door-to-door. Limitations are set rail routes and schedules. But a good middle option to consider from China to Europe

Rail freight transport between China and Europe

Easily transport goods between continents. Currently, rail freight shipping is a highly attractive method to send goods from China to Europe. The main benefit is speed. It’s faster than traditional sea freight though, and cheaper than air freight. Transport by rail can take 20-25 days – a faster rate than 35 days by ship. In addition, rail transportation is cheaper, and therefore an appealing choice for firms seeking to transport goods between the two locations.

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How long does it take to get a train from China to Europe?

As an example:

  • China – Lyon (France): 14 ~ 17 days

  • China – Brussels (Belgium): 12 ~ 14 days

  • China – London (UK): 18-20 days

Rail freight between Asia and Europe is expected to take a total of 12-20 days.

Aside from being less expensive than air and sea freight transport, rail shipping offers more competitive advantages to businesses seeking to ship goods between two areas of operation.

How long does train freight take from China to the UK?

Transport by rail from China to England can be an eco-friendly alternative to container transport with LCL as well, both types are available in FCL. Transport time from China to Britain is 18-23 days and is quicker than sea cargo and significantly cheaper than air freight.

FromTo UK railwayRail Freight Transit time
XianImmingham United Kingdom23 days
YiwuLondon United Kingdom20 days

How much is rail freight from China to Europe?

Rail freight costs, which have reached $6,000 to $7,000, are close to the increase in ocean shipping, which has about $4,000.

China railway express cost:

For small orders, we can arrange rail DDP for you

                              Rail freight        
 contry  21KG+  
 Germany 2.5usd/kg3usd/kg1.1 usd/kg
 france、poland 2.8usd/kg2.6usd/kg1.5usd/kg
 Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary 2.8usd/kg2.6usd/kg1.6usd/kg
 Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Monaco, Latvia 2.8usd/kg2.7usd/kg1.6usd/kg
 Italy (except islands), Spain (except islands), Slovenia, Croatia, Finland, Sweden 2.8usd/kg2.7usd/kg1.6usd/kg
 Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria 3usd/kg2.9usd/kgs2usd/kg
 FBA Headway Transport. 
Shenzhen Loading→Chengdu Departure→Alashankou(Khorgos)→Kazakhstan→Russia→Belarus→Poland Lodz(Customs Clearance) UPS Pickup & Delivery All GPS Location
Shenzhen loading→Chongqing delivery→Alashankou (Khorgos)→Kazakhstan→Russia→Belarus→Poland Mara (Customs clearance) UPS pickup and delivery All the way GPS positioning
Shenzhen→Chongqing/Chengdu (5-6 days), train running time (10-14 days), customs clearance+pickup (3-5 working days), delivery to customer’s address (2-5 working days). 

Total DDP transport time is about 35-45days

Updated: 29th-Feb,2024.

The minimum order is 21kgs only.

we can ship from China to an amazon warehouse directly.

Rates: Lower than Air freight

How much does rail transport cost in Europe? Shipping is considered to be the most affordable way to travel between China and European markets. It depends on the time available to receive the goods. Depending on time, it’s better to get trains. The transport of railway goods is much cheaper between China and Europe than by air. Example – A 20ft container holds 28cbm or 15000 kilograms of goods. The train costs around $6500 US dollars and Ocean freight around 4000 US dollars. Air needs roughly 22000 US dollars.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship a 40-foot Container By Rail From China to Europe?

Trains can cost anywhere from 7000-9000 dollars. The cost of going sea was around 4000 dollars while taking a flight was about 32,000 dollars. Compared rail freight cost to air freight, trains offer alternative alternatives cheaper and transit times are more rapid than SeaFreight Express trains from China to major Europe towns.

Can dangerous products be shipped by train from China?

Shipping hazardous goods is dependent on the route and container load types permitted. Open top containers differ significantly in dimensions and capacity. Silk Road: An ancient trade route connecting the eastern /western. This region played an instrumental role in politics, culture, and economy from the twelfth – 8th ages. The route links China with South Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Persian Peninsula. In an attempt to improve its trade infrastructure, China launched the new Silk Route railway system.

Why Train freight transportation is becoming a must in terms of Freight from China To Europe?

  1. Much faster – Takes only 2-3 weeks by train compared to 30-45 days by sea ship.

  2. Cheaper than air freight – Around 4-5 times less costly than air transportation.

  3. More reliable schedules – Rail routes are improving which allows consistent shipment times.

  4. Environmentally friendly – Causes much less CO2 emissions than planes.

  5. Avoid port delays – No risk of goods stuck in congested China seaports for days.

  6. Safer than sea route – Lower risk of piracy threats compared to maritime shipping.

air sea rail

What is the calculated method for the chargeable weight of rail freight shipments?

The weights for rail cargo are based on the charges. How many pounds is a train ticket? What about volume weights? Nope. The larger the chargeable weight for the LCL rail freight shipment, the greater is the loadable weight of an order. We will show examples that you understand very clearly. Each carton contains 10 carton products with a gross weight of 12 kilograms. Typical sizes are 35 cm*45 cm*48 cm Total gross weight = 12* 10=12 KG. Volume total = 36*44×48/6000*10 – 126 kg. 126KG >120g so the charges are volumetric. 125 kg.

New freight train from China to London

No boats, no airplanes, and no trains. First freight trains are running from China to England. This new silk route using intercontinental trains is an emerging method for transport between both continents that possesses many advantages. The biggest advantages of this option are their shorter delivery time and the lower cost offered. Rail freight services can reduce the length of delays considerably more than ship freight and are cheaper than air transport.

Apart from London, here are some other European routes/transit times

The two main railway lines and route: first runs north of China through the famous Trans-Siberrian Railway and the second through Kazakhstan to the west before joining the Trans-Siberian Railway at Yekaterinburg. These routes are a great source of logistic services for transporting large objects transporting goods (known as the project cargo). Honour Ocean Shipping is proud to offer such services, which will help you avoid unnecessary costs.

Here are some examples:

  • China – Warsaw (Poland): ~ 12 days

  • China – Hamburg (Germany): ~ 14 days

  • China – London (United Kingdom): 16 ~ 18 days

  • China – Moscow (Russia): ~ 12 days


                   CHINE – EUROPE: The longest railway in the world !

How Does Sea/Ocean Freight Compare to Rail Freight from China to Europe?

Sea Freight:

  • Cheaper cost – Ocean shipping in containers is about 5 times less expensive per unit than rail freight.

  • Higher capacity – Vessels can carry 10,000+ containers versus just 100-200 on a train.

  • Port accessibility – Sea freight can serve a wider range of departure/arrival ports in China and Europe.

However ocean has some major disadvantages:

  • Slower transit time – 30-45 days ocean freight vs. 14-18 days by rail

  • Less reliable schedules – Vessels often run late due to weather, port congestion etc.

  • Route limitations – Maritime shipping typically travels indirectly via Indian ocean, Suez Canal route.

Rail Freight:

  • Faster transit time – Just 2-3 weeks allows improved supply chain flexibility

  • More reliable schedules – Trains run frequently along fixed China-Kazakhstan-Russia-Europe routes

  • Lower carbon footprint – About 1/5 the CO2 emissions per container compared to vessels

  • Safer for high value goods – Reduced risk of damage/theft compared to docks and seas

The main disadvantages by rail are:

  • Higher freight cost per kg/container

  • Volume limitations per route – Priority often given to passenger trains

What are the Major Rail Freight Routes from China to Europe?

The major rail freight routes from China to Europe are part of the expansive network known as the New Silk Road or the Belt and Road Initiative. These routes, designed to enhance trade connectivity between Asia and Europe, vary in their paths and destinations. Here are some of the key routes:

  1. Chongqing-Duisburg Route: This route connects Chongqing in Southwest China to Duisburg in Germany. It is one of the most popular and frequently used routes, passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, and Poland.

  2. Zhengzhou-Hamburg Route: Starting from Zhengzhou in Central China, this route heads to Hamburg, Germany. It travels through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, and Poland, similar to the Chongqing-Duisburg route.

  3. Suzhou-Warsaw Route: This route links Suzhou in Eastern China to Warsaw, Poland. It passes through Russia and Belarus and is a key route for transporting electronics and other manufactured goods.

  4. Yiwu-Madrid Route: Known for being one of the longest train routes in the world, it connects Yiwu in Eastern China with Madrid in Spain, traversing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, and France.

  5. Wuhan-Pardubice Route: Connecting Wuhan in Central China to Pardubice in the Czech Republic, this route passes through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, and Poland.

  6. Chengdu-Lodz Route: Starting from Chengdu in Southwest China, this route reaches Lodz in Poland, passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus.

  7. Shenyang-Hamburg Route: This route connects Shenyang in Northeast China with Hamburg, Germany, passing through Russia, Belarus, and Poland.

  8. Xi’an-Budapest Route: Linking Xi’an in Northwest China with Budapest, Hungary, this route traverses Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, and Poland.


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