Shipping agents from china to Kenya:A Complete Guide

Air and Sea Shipping from China to Kenya: The Basics

This comprehensive guide provides essential information for shipping goods from China to Kenya:

  1. Timely and cost-effective delivery is vital for businesses across various industries to ensure goods reach their destinations as scheduled.

  2. East African residents often struggle with purchasing abroad and air shipping cargo. We’re pleased to offer a solution where you can buy from China, and we’ll deliver directly to your door.

  3. At Honourocean, we take pride in serving our clients in China and Africa, acting as a key facilitator in trade between the two regions. Our services guarantee the safe and prompt shipping of goods.

  4. In the competitive world of freight forwarding, Honourocean offers the best rates with reasonable profit margins, ensuring high-quality services that keep customers returning.

  5. Honourocean is more than just a freight forwarder; we offer personalized, quality services at affordable prices. Our skilled, friendly staff provides custom solutions to meet your specific needs.

  6. Selecting a dependable, service-focused, and competitively-priced agent is crucial. Try Honourocean and experience our commitment to exceeding expectations, with customer satisfaction as our main goal.

  7. With Honourocean, you can fill out a simple form with your details and shipping requirements. Our partners will then offer their international shipping rates, allowing you to choose the best value for your needs.

  8. For any information regarding shipping from China to Kenya, such as companies, durations, and container costs, contact our support team. We’re available 24/7 to assist with your business needs.

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Why we do it

Honourocean Shipping is built on a foundation of honesty, integrity, and a relentless commitment to serving our clients. Our team, brimming with enthusiasm and professionalism, is dedicated to understanding and meeting the unique needs of each client. By actively listening and learning, we craft customized solutions that truly resonate.

Our approach is collaborative and dynamic. Professionals from every sector of our organization form cross-functional teams, working closely with clients to identify and seize opportunities for process improvement and cost savings. We pay meticulous attention to every detail of every shipment, ensuring consistency and excellence in our service.

What sets us apart is our intense focus on customer needs, supported by a robust and mature global network of agents. This network empowers us to tackle even the most complex shipping challenges, adding significant value to our clients’ supply chains.

For years, Honourocean Shipping has been a catalyst for customer growth, driven by two fundamental principles: genuine care for our clients and unwavering adherence to our promises

Who we are

As one of China s best air freight forwarders, we have strong cooperation with the top 50 airlines, including China,USA, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Australia,Canada, Middle East,africa. Providing air shipping to every country and airport is simple and effective. Honourocean offers low-cost air transportation on the Chinese shipping markets even during the peak seasons to guarantee the available space on your shipment.

When we start

We are build since 2009

What we do

Honour Ocean Shipping, we offers a comprehensive suite of logistics and transportation solutions, designed with a focus on efficiency, reliability, and affordability. We pride ourselves on delivering personalized service to each client. Our array of strategic services encompasses import/export freight forwarding, ocean and air shipping, overland transport, customs brokerage, adherence to regulatory standards, project cargo handling, warehousing, distribution, supply chain management, and information management.

Where we are

we have office at Shenzhen, Guangzhou ,Changsha, Nanjing ,shanghai and so on main city of china

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How to import goods from China to kenya?

Importing goods from China to Kenya involves several key steps:

  1. Identify the Goods: Decide on the type of goods you want to import.

  2. Find a Reliable Supplier: Look for reputable suppliers in China. You can use online platforms like Alibaba or attend trade fairs.

  3. Negotiate Terms: Discuss and agree on the terms of the trade, including pricing, payment methods, and shipping terms.

  4. Ensure Compliance: Check that the goods comply with Kenyan regulations. Obtain necessary permits and licenses.

  5. Arrange Shipping: Choose between sea and air freight based on cost and urgency. Sea freight is cheaper but takes longer.

  6. Customs Clearance: Prepare for customs clearance in Kenya by having all documentation ready, like commercial invoices and Bills of Lading.

  7. Pay Import Duties and Taxes: Calculate and pay the required import duties and taxes to Kenyan customs.

  8. Collect and Distribute: Once cleared, collect your goods and arrange for local distribution.

Sea freight

FCL and LCL shipping

Transporting goods from China to Kenya can be done via FCL (Full Container Load) or LCL (Less than Container Load) shipping, each suitable for different needs.

  1. FCL Shipping: Ideal for large shipments, a standard 40-foot container fits 22 pallets, while a 20-foot container holds 10. If your shipment is large enough to fill a container, FCL is a wise choice. It not only offers cost efficiency but also ensures your goods are transported separately from others, reducing the risk of damage or mix-ups.

  2. LCL Shipping: For smaller shipments, LCL is a more cost-effective option. Here, your goods share container space with items from other shippers. Known as groupage, LCL is perfect for quantities that are less than half the volume of a full container. While more economical, it involves more handling due to the consolidation of different shipments.

FCL Container freight rates from China to Kenya (updated Feb 2024)

cost of shipping 20ft/40ft/40HQ container from china to kenya

Container TypeShanghai to Mombasa (USD)Shenzhen to Mombasa (USD)
20ft Container1,100 – 1,3001,000 – 1,200
40ft Container1,500 – 1,8001,400 – 1,700
40ft HC Container1,500 – 1,8001,400 – 1,700


  • Rates inclusive only of ocean freight charges
  • Additional local charges at origin and destination apply
  • Does not include customs clearance, insurance and trucking
  • 20-25 days transit time from China to Kenya
  • Indicative estimates only, not binding quotations

Here is a table showing estimated LCL freight rates from main ports in China to Mombasa Port in Kenya:

Shipment TypeOrigin PortDestination PortEstimated Rates
General Cargo LCLShanghaiMombasa$20 – $25 per CBM
General Cargo LCLShenzhenMombasa$18 – $22 per CBM
Reefer Cargo LCLShanghaiMombasa$28 – $38 per CBM 
Reefer Cargo LCLShenzhenMombasa$25 – $35 per CBM 

Main Seaports in China

  • Guangzhou

  • Shenzhen

  • Xiamen

  • Ningbo

  • Shanghai

  • Qingdao

  • Tianjin


Main Seaports in Kenya

  • Mombasa

  • Malindi (KEMYD)

  • Lamu

Air Freight From China To Kenya

We have developed a vast network of carriers that specialize in air cargo transportation, offering daily and weekly departures from China’s main airports to any air destination in the globe.

Air freight will be the most efficient solution if :

  • Your goods are smaller than 1 CBM and 200 kg
  • You’re in a hurry to receive/send the goods
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Air freight rates from China to Kenya (updated Feb 2024)

Here are indicative air freight rates from some major airports in China to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO) in Kenya:

From Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG)

  • Per kg rate: $4.50 – $7.50

  • Minimum charge for 112 kg or 250 lbs: $500 – $800

From Beijing Capital Airport (PEK)

  • Per kg rate: $4.25 – $7.00

  • Minimum charge for 112 kg or 250 lbs: $480 – $750

From Shenzhen Airport (SZX)

  • Per kg rate: $4.00 – $6.50

  • Minimum charge for 112 kg or 250 lbs: $450 – $700

Other Charges:

  • Fuel and security surcharge: Fluctuating

  • Customs clearance fees in Kenya: Around $100 per clearance

  • Destination airport charges, duties and taxes apply

Transit time from China to Nairobi is 2-4 days by air freight. Rates vary by airline. Confirm updated prices before booking your air cargo space.

What are the advantages of air freight from China to Kenya?

Air transportation provides numerous benefits for importers. Air transportation can be done faster than sea shipping. Often this is just an attempt to get goods quicker and it becomes almost indispensable even when certain goods will likely be damaged in transport over an extended period of time. A further advantage is that air transport is usually a safer alternative to a normal vehicle transporting flammable goods or fragile products. It’s because the process is faster and the transportation is more convenient. Depending on whether the train goes by air or sea freight, or rail the risks are low.

Air shipping time from China to Kenya

Air traffic from China to Kenya may reach the country in about 2-5 days. The time saved by sea versus air shipment also appears to be of great benefit

Main Airports in China

  • Beijing International Airport

  • Guangzhou International Airport

  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport

  • Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport

  • Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

  • XI’an Xianyang International Airport

  • Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport

  • Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport

  • Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport

  • Qingdao Liuting International Airport


Major Airports of Kenya

  • Moi International Airport

  • Eldoret International Airport

  • Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

  • Kisumu International Airport

What Are The Differences Between Sea Freight And Air Freight From China To Kenya?

  1. Transit Time: Sea freight usually takes longer, often several weeks, while air freight is much faster, typically ranging from 3 to 7 days.

  2. Cost: Sea freight is generally more cost-effective, especially for larger shipments, whereas air freight tends to be more expensive, but is preferable for urgent or high-value goods.

  3. Cargo Capacity: Sea freight can handle larger and heavier shipments, making it suitable for bulky goods, whereas air freight is ideal for smaller, lighter items.

  4. Type of Goods: Air freight is preferred for perishable, fragile, or valuable items, whereas sea freight is commonly used for non-perishable, bulk, or heavy goods.


DDP Shipping Cost From China To Kenya- Importation from China to Kenya

DDP air freight

  • First Leg: Air freight

  • Min order: 1cbm

  • Shipping Time: 10-15 days

  • Export Declaration: Your factory is not the exporter to declare.

  • Destination: We can deliver to everywhere (including business or private addresses, as well as Amazon FBA warehouses.

DDP sea shipping

  • First Leg: Sea

  • Shipping Type: LCL Shipping, check for FCL availability.

  • Shipping Time: 30-35 days

  • Export Declaration: Your factory is not be the exporter to declare

  • Destination: We can deliver to everywhere (including business or private addresses, as well as Amazon FBA warehouses.

    DDP shipping best for Amazon FBA Shipping, Business addresses, Private addresses.

  • air DDP is about 8usd/kgs if 100kgs

    sea DDP is about 200usd/cbm


How Much Is International Express Shipping Cost From China To Kenya Like DHL, FedEx, Or Other Express Company?

Some international shipping companies offer Express shipping from China to Kenya.

Here are estimated costs for shipping a 100kg package from China to Kenya using major international express couriers:

DHL Express:

  • 100kg package: $7 – $9/kgs

FedEx International Priority:

  • 100kg package: $5-$6/kg

UPS Worldwide Express Freight:

  • 100kg package: $6 – $8/kgs

Other Charges:

  • Fuel and origin/destination surcharges
  • Customs brokerage fees
  • Duties and taxes

Transit Time:

  • 3-7days from most major Chinese cities to Kenya

What Is The Best Shipping Method From China To Kenya?

The best shipping method from China to Kenya depends primarily on your specific cargo type, shipment size, budget, and required delivery timeframe. However, some popular options include:

express shipping is normal for small orders, normally below 45kgs;

Air Freight Shipping: Best for relatively smaller volumes of high-value or time-sensitive air eligible cargo. Much faster transit of only 1-2 weeks, but costs more than sea freight. With lower volume limits.

Sea Freight Shipping: min order normally 1cbm, Lower cost but slower transit of 30-45 days.

Customs Clearance and Regulations

Import Tax and Duties in Kenya

Import Tax and Duties in Kenya

  • Kenya applies duties on imported goods to raise government revenue and protect local industries. Duty rates vary widely depending on the type of goods.

  • Import duties are calculated as a percentage of the CIF (cost, insurance and freight) value of the imported goods. The CIF value includes the transaction value of goods, transport and insurance costs to the port of destination.

  • Kenya uses the East African Community Common External Tariff which sets three duty bands – 0% for raw materials and capital goods, 10% for intermediate goods, and 25% for finished consumer goods. Some sensitive products have higher duty rates.

Import VAT

  • Value Added Tax (VAT) at the standard rate of 16% is charged on the CIF value plus any applicable duty.

  • Some exemptions from import VAT apply such as goods destined for exempted areas like EPZs or goods imported by privileged organizations like aid agencies.

Import Declaration Fee (IDF)

  • IDF is charged at the rate of 3.5% of the CIF value. It is due on all taxable imports.

Railway Development Levy (RDL)

  • RDL is charged at 1.5% of the CIF value. It applies to all imports arriving by road.

Import Standardization Levy

  • Charged at 0.2% of the CIF value. Applies to a selected range of imported products.

So in summary, importers in Kenya need to factor import duties, VAT, and any applicable levies into the landed costs of their imported goods. The total taxes and duties can range from 0% to over 40% depending on the product. Important Documents Required When Shipping from China to Kenya

These are documents that a Kenya Customs Department might request from the person who requested them.

shipping cost from china to zimbabwe

Prohibited and Restricted Items

When planning to ship items from China to Kenya, it’s vital to first familiarize yourself with the specific items that are either restricted or completely banned, to avoid any shipment hiccups or legal troubles. Here’s a quick rundown of some of these items:

  • Viagra

  • Jewelry

  • Wet blue leather

  • Minerals and mineral products

  • Paints and non-hazardous materials

  • Tobacco

  • Stones and stamps

  • Antiques

For a comprehensive list and more detailed information on restricted or banned items for import into Kenya, it’s wise to check with your local Customs Department or get in touch with a reliable freight forwarder.

When importing goods from China to Kenya, it’s essential to follow customs regulations closely. Importers must ensure their products meet all relevant standards and have the required documentation prepared for smooth customs clearance.

Some of the critical documents required for customs clearance include:

  • Bill of lading

  • Commercial invoice

  • Packing list

  • Declaration of single goods and services certificate

  • Combined certificate of value and origin

  • Proof of payment by the central bank of Kenya

Not adhering to customs regulations or failing to provide the required documentation can lead to significant setbacks, including delays, financial penalties, or even confiscation of your goods.

Do I Have To Pay Customs Charges For The Shipment From China To Kenya?

Yes, you can import goods from the United States into Kenya without paying taxes. Usually the cargo transporter pays customs fees on your behalf before sending out your goods. Try Honourocean to help you with freight forwarding. Our highly skilled workforce is available and can give the most efficient Customs compliance to your needs.

Partner With Shipping Agents From China to Kenya

Many courier companies offer shipping services to make your shipment easier. It may help you to get through your customs process quickly. Choose one with a good reputation, a trustworthy and professional agent.

Shipping From China to Kenya: Frequently Asked Questions

China ships to Kenya are becoming increasingly popular because businesses seek goods from China to be imported into Kenya. But it pays to stay updated to understand what you need to do to increase your business’s financial strength. The FAQs are designed to answer questions about the China-Kenya trade from a new angle, and to provide new importers with the necessary information.


How to ship items from China to Kenya?

The cheapest shipping option for sending goods from the Chinese country to Kenya includes air freight, sea freight, or Express Shipping. Usually, shipping is handled by shipments by forwarding companies. These can deliver a range of services, including customs clearance and transport insurance.


What insurance is needed for shipping from China to Kenya?

Insurance is the buffer against possible transport losses. The demands vary depending on the cost or the shipping method. It is recommended that you contact freight forwarders or insurers for detailed information.


How do Incoterms affect freight prices in shipping from China to Kenya ?

Incoterms, which stand for International Commercial Terms, play a critical role in shaping freight prices, especially in scenarios like shipping from China to Kenya. These terms are like the rulebook in international trade, defining who pays for what and when the responsibility for the goods shifts from the seller to the buyer. Understanding Incoterms is vital because they directly impact the cost of shipping. They dictate various expenses and responsibilities, such as who handles the shipping costs, insurance, and customs duties. This allocation of costs and risks can significantly affect the overall freight price. So, whether you’re an importer in Kenya or an exporter in China, getting a grip on Incoterms is a key to cost-effective and efficient shipping.


What insurance is needed for shipping from China to Kenya ?

When shipping goods from China to Kenya, insurance is a safeguard against possible losses during transit. The type of insurance needed can vary, largely depending on the value of the goods, the mode of shipping, and the specific trade terms agreed upon. It’s a smart move to have a detailed conversation with your freight forwarder or insurance provider to get accurate, tailored advice.


How do I ship to an Amazon FBA warehouse in Kenya from China?

Shipping your products to an Amazon FBA warehouse in Kenya from China involves a few more layers than typical freight shipping. It’s essential to ensure that your goods align perfectly with Amazon’s specific requirements. This includes making sure each item is properly labeled and packed according to Amazon’s guidelines. To navigate this process smoothly, it’s highly beneficial to work with a freight forwarder who is experienced in Amazon FBA shipments.


What’s the most cost-effective time of the month to ship a container from China to Kenya?

identifying the most cost-effective period within a month to ship a container from China to Kenya hinges on understanding the dynamics of freight costs. These costs are influenced by several variables, such as demand, fuel prices, and the availability of shipping carriers. Commonly, shipping your goods mid-month might prove to be more economical. This is because demand for shipping services often experiences a lull during this period, compared to the busier start and end of the month. However, for the most tailored and current advice, it’s best to consult with your freight forwarder



How can I minimize costs and shipping time from China to Kenya ?

To reduce costs and shipping time from China to Kenya, consider these strategies: streamline your packaging, understand your shipping terms (Incoterms), work closely with your supplier and freight forwarder, plan ahead, and avoid peak seasons. These approaches can lead to more efficient and cost-effective shipping.

Where can I get more information about shipping from China to Kenya ?

To reduce costs and shipping time from China to Kenya, consider these strategies: streamline your packaging, understand your shipping terms (Incoterms), work closely with your supplier and freight forwarder, plan ahead, and avoid peak seasons. These approaches can lead to more efficient and cost-effective shipping.

How long does a ship take from China to Kenya ?

Shipping from China to Kenya typically spans 25-30 days for port-to-port sea journeys, and 30-35 days if it’s door-to-door ocean shipping. For air freight, the duration is about 8-10 days, while express courier services can reduce this to 2-3 days.


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