Shipping From China To Zambia Services (2024)

In 2022, China exported $1.38B worth of goods to Zambia. The main products exported from China to Zambia were Tractors ($113M), Rubber Tires ($53.9M), and Delivery Trucks ($50.7M).

    • During the last 27 years from 1995 to 2022, China’s exports to Zambia have increased at an annualized rate of 16.9%, growing from $20.2M in 1995 to $1.38B in 2022.

    • In March 2024, the decrease in China’s year-over-year exports to Zambia was primarily due to a decrease in exports of Coated Flat-Rolled Iron ($-2.64M or -62.3%), Fake Hair ($-1.53M or -84.1%), and Delivery Trucks ($-1.16M or -62.4%).

    • Zambia imported $1,019.9 million worth of goods from China in 2019, which was 14.1% of Zambia’s total imports. This made China the second largest import origin for Zambia after South Africa.

    • The main imports from China to Zambia include industrial machinery, vehicles, electronics, and mineral fuels and oils.

Honourocean Shipping offers comprehensive shipping services from China to Zambia, including air freight, sea freight, express delivery, and door-to-door shipping.

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LCL and FCL Ocean Freight

Ocean freight takes 6-8 weeks from China to Zambia ports

LCL (Less than Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load) ocean freight are two common options for shipping goods from China to Zambia.

LCL is suitable for smaller shipments that don’t require a full container, while FCL is used for larger volumes that fill an entire 20ft or 40ft container.

Additional services for shipping from China

Pick up and delivery

We will pick up your goods in any city in China.


we provides free warehousing services for any of your goods

cargo insurance

The cargo insurance protects your goods all the way to any city of zambia

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Air Freight Shipping from China to Zambia

Honourocean is a global integrated logistics company specializing in international logistics and e-commerce solutions. With major high-level air transport facilities in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and across China, Honourocean provides dependable international air transport services from China to Zambia for trade companies.

Air freight, which delivers in 5-10 business days, is faster than ocean freight. While it is more expensive, it is perfect for urgent or time-sensitive shipments

air freight


Air shipment is really fast and within 5 days you’ll get the shipment.

Shipping a package from China to Zambia

When choosing the best shipping method between China and Zambia, Honourocean offers cost-effective solutions to fit any budget. We have negotiated competitive rates with the industry’s top shipping service providers, ensuring you receive the best prices for international door-to-door shipping. Obtain an immediate price estimate for shipping from China to Zambia through our service.

Door-to-Door Delivery

door to door
  • For added convenience, Honourocean offers door-to-door delivery from China to any location in Zambia.

    • Courier services like DHL and FedEx provide door-to-door delivery from China to Zambia in just 2-3 business days for packages up to 100kg.

    • Air freight door-to-door delivery takes about 10-15 days.

    • Sea freight door-to-door shipping, including customs clearance and tax, takes a total of 45-55 days.

What Shipping Options Are Available From China To Zambia?

Shipping companies offer various methods to ship products to Zambia, including sea freight, air freight, and land transport.

The shipping of the goods is done through Zambia in two different ways: Express Shipments are Zambia’s fastest method of transport. Many leading Express Courier services, including FedEx UPS, TNT, DHL, and FedEx, offer delivery in Zambia. Express shipping delivers the shipment in a matter of minutes.

Shipping companies play a crucial role in providing these services, and selecting the ideal shipping method is important for cost reduction. While express shipping from China to Zimbabwe is fast, it can be the most expensive method of shipping.

For the lowest shipping charges from China to Zambia, it is shipping.


How Many Days Do I Need To Ship From China To Zambia?

According to the information provided, the shipping time from China to Zambia varies depending on the method:

  • courier service is about 3-5 work days.

  • Air freight port to port about 3 to 5 work days.

  • Air freight DDP takes 5 to 10 business days.

  • Sea freight takes 6 to 8 weeks for door-to-door delivery from China to Zambia.

So in summary, the fastest option is air freight, which can deliver in as little as 5 business days. air freight in 7-14 days with payment on delivery. shipping is about 45 to 55 days.

The Best Shipping Company in China to Zambia

Honourocean offers comprehensive logistics services to ensure your goods reach their specific destination promptly and efficiently. We provide customized, one-stop shipping solutions, from land to sea, catering to individuals, as well as small and large businesses.

As the largest Chinese freight provider, Honourocean delivers quick and effective freight services with exceptional safety and reliability. Our highly skilled staff meticulously handles every aspect of your shipment, offering professional transport services tailored to your business needs. Our outstanding working relationships with customers and our unwavering trustworthiness make us the top choice for shipping from China to Zambia.

How Do I Calculate The Shipping Cost From China To Zambia?


Shipping costs from China to Zambia depend on various factors. Here’s how to calculate them:

  1. Package Weight: Start by determining the package’s weight, which is crucial for calculating cargo costs.

  2. Volumetric Weight vs. Actual Weight: Shipping costs are based on either the volumetric weight or the actual weight, whichever is greater.

    • Actual Weight: This is the package’s true weight.

    • Volumetric Weight: This is calculated based on the package’s volume and density.

  3. International Standards: Prices are set according to international shipping standards.

To calculate, compare the volumetric weight and actual weight of your shipment. If the volumetric weight is higher, the shipping company will use it to determine the cost.

Can I Ship From China To Zambia?

Yes, you can ship from China to Zambia. China is the world’s largest exporter, and Zambia’s imports from China are steadily increasing across various product categories. The Zambian government encourages shipping from China.

However, since Zambia has no seaport, sea freight must be routed through nearby ports such as Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), Durban (South Africa), or Walvis Bay (Namibia). From there, goods are transported to Zambia via local express delivery services. It’s important to note that shipments from China typically should not exceed 200 kilograms for smooth processing.

China to Zambia air freight price list

HonourOcean services to any company wishing to send a quotation from China to Zambia. It includes parcel, pallet, and online orders. For an estimate for shipment to China, please provide the following information: For an estimate to ship orders online, regular orders, and support, provide details including the volume of the shipment, items being shipped, average value and total weight of the package. The greater the details. Get in touch.

What is the cost of air freight from China to Zambia?

Standard Air Freight Rates

General Cargo Rates: The rates for general cargo range from approximately $3.91 per kg to $5.85 per kg, depending on the destination and current market conditions.

  • Specific Routes:

    • Shanghai (PVG) to Lusaka (LUN): Average rates are around $4.50 to $5.00 per kg for general cargo.

    • Guangzhou (CAN) to Lusaka (LUN): Rates generally range from $4.40 to $4.80 per kg.

Express Services

Express Freight: Companies like DHL, UPS, and FedEx offer express services, which are more expensive but provide faster delivery times. Rates for express services typically start from $6.00 per kg and can increase depending on the urgency and service level.


How Much I Have To Pay For Customs Clearance In Zambia?

Customs Duty Rates

  • Customs duty rates range between 0% and 40% depending on the product category.

  • Capital equipment, raw materials, medicines, fertilizers etc. have lower duty rates of 0-5%.

  • Finished goods typically have a 25% customs duty rate.

Import VAT

  • Import VAT is charged at 16% on the Customs Value + Duty.

  • This can significantly increase the total cost of importing finished goods.

Other Fees

  • Motor vehicle registration fee of around $100

  • Carbon Emissions Surtax of $8 for vehicles based on engine size

  • Excise duty on selected goods like alcohol, tobacco, cosmetics

Calculating Total Costs

  • Customs valuation is based on the Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) value.

  • Duties and taxes are calculated as:
    Duty or tax = (CIF Value) x (Duty or tax rate)

  • Total costs = CIF Value + Customs Duty + Import VAT + Other Fees

Clearance Process

  • Goods valued over $2,000 require clearance on a Bill of Entry using the electronic customs system.

  • Customs will physically inspect the goods and assess the final duties payable.

  • Payment is made and a receipt issued before the goods can be released.

In summary, the total customs clearance costs in Zambia can be significant, especially for finished goods. Expect to pay customs duty of 0-40%, 16% import VAT, and additional fees like the carbon tax. The exact amount depends on the product, value, and clearance process followed.

Shipping process

shipping process

1.Choose a Shipping Method

2.Find a Freight Forwarder or Courier

  • Work with a freight forwarder or courier service to handle the logistics.

  • They will assist with documentation, customs clearance, and transportation arrangements.

  • Honourocean offer door-to-door delivery services.

3.Prepare Documentation

  • Key documents needed include:

    • Commercial invoice

    • Packing list

    • Bill of lading (sea) or airway bill (air)

    • Certificate of origin

    • Any other required documents

Customs Clearance

  • Goods valued over $2,000 require clearance on a Bill of Entry using the electronic customs system.

  • Customs will physically inspect the goods and assess duties, which range from 0-40% plus 16% VAT.

  • Payment is made and a receipt issued before the goods can be released.


  • The shipping company will arrange pickup in China and delivery to the final destination in Zambia.

  • Tracking is available to monitor the shipment status.

  • DwarkaCourier offers free pickup in China and a money-back guarantee on express delivery to Zambia



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