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The Best Playground Equipment Manufacturers In China  

China manufactures various cost-effective playground products that amuse the consumer’s senses. The manufacturers offer all kinds of playground equipment. You can install it in your home, school, retail malls, and kindergarten. 

They have made the equipment with expertise. They have taken care of minute details to ensure the safety of the children. The certified manufacturers maintain the quality of the product at every step. 

Here, we have come up with the top 20 playground equipment manufacturers in China. They can serve your business well. The products make the playground an interesting place to be.

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List of 20 Best Playground Equipment Manufacturers in China

1.Guangzhou Childhood Dream Recreation Equipment Co Ltd

Do you want to buy safe and reliable playground equipment? Are you wondering where to get products that speak about quality and durability? Check out the products from Guangzhou. 

The manufacturer offers fitness products, playground equipment, slides, and plastic toys. Also, they offer kindergarten equipment and amusement equipment. 

They specialize in their field. They are experts in designing advanced toys suitable for different industries. 

The factory can handle different requirements of the school and playground alike. The team works in unison to supply products with great care. They carry on strict checks to ensure the safety of the toys.

2.Angel Playground Equipment Co Ltd

Selecting the right equipment for the kid is tedious. You need to consider the variety and safety first. At Angel Playground, you will get a catalog of products ideal for imbibing fun and joy among children. 

The best options to consider are soft play, slides, trampoline, playhouse, and obstacle climbing walls. Besides, macaroons indoors, Nina Warrior for kids, and interactive games are also there. The unique characteristic of the product is its functionality. The components are made from the galvanized diameter. The manufacturers designed these to ensure kids’ safety. The large collection is available online. They can even customize according to the client’s requirements.

3.Motion Magix 

 Want to buy fun and interactive playground equipment? Count on Motion Magix. The company is a revolutionary service provider. They offer practical and robust games that are easy to install and operate. 

Their equipment can convert any free space into fun-filled spaces. They are easy to install on a commercial playground, for a birthday party, or in a pediatric waiting room. 

The interactive equipment will engage your kids, especially in unfamiliar surroundings. They also supply the products to preschools and daycare centers. 

Besides, they also provide services in malls and retail, museums, and amusement parks. They have affiliated partners, too, to provide customers with seamless and integrated solutions.

4.Toy Maker in China

Want to buy toys or outdoor playground equipment for the playground or kindergarten? Toy Maker in China is a premium company. It supplies the best playground equipment within your budget. 

Here you will get age-appropriate toys. The company has experienced staff. They will take all your risks away. They offer simplified custom playground toys as per the required dimensions. The toys are ADA-compliant and offer maximized play value.

Kids Playground

5.Dream Garden

Dream Garden is a Chinese manufacturer that designs, manufactures, and installs playground equipment. The company is trustworthy and has been in this industry for several years. They have various sports equipment under their belt. The equipment includes commercial outdoor playground equipment and fitness equipment. The company takes an utmost interest in safety. It delivers products according to international standards.

6.Liben Group

Liben Group Corporation was established in 2011. It is also known as China’s capital of playground equipment. 

They have a separate team dedicated to researching. They develop and provide high-quality outdoor and playground equipment. The toys are ISO certified and safe to use. They offer a trampoline, indoor playground Houston, and customized commercial Ninja. Besides, you can also get an indoor amusement trampoline, an indoor playground of many types. The toys are suitable for all age groups, and the aim is to let people stay fit by playing and exercising.

7.Beston Equipment manufacturer 

Whether it is about thrill rides or bumper cars, Beston offers a host of playground equipment toys to create a theme park. These safe toys are used at parties and amusement parks. Also, one can use these in carnivals and indoor and outdoor playgrounds. They offer mechanical bull rides or inflatable bull rides. It is a thrilling game with a crazy design concept. You can avail of it and much more by looking at their website.

8.Feiyu company

Since 1993, the company has been delivering revolutionary playground equipment to children. Their playground equipment stands above the rest. They have considered even the minutest detail while manufacturing. The quality is top-notch. Their games fill the playground with laughter, happiness, and fun. They have also received certificates for the quality of products they manufacture. They offer an indoor castle playground, tunnel play, indoor playhouse, indoor soft play, indoor toddler slide, rocking horse, trampoline, and climbing structure.

9.Guangzhou Chuangyuan Electronic Technology Co Ltd

 The company manufactures and supplies high-quality playground equipment in Guangzhou in, China. The company has been serving for ten years. It offers high-quality products to its customers. The skilled manufacturers offer the best services to the customers. They also have an installation team that offers the best MICH after-sales services. The best thing about the company is that it offers customized products. You can get it according to your budget, size, and other requirements.

10.Yongjia Xiujiang Playground Company Limited

The company is a professional manufacturer. They offer research-based toys. They provide equipment for indoor and outdoor playgrounds, trampolines, and rope courses. There are also see-saws, swings, and other entertainment options. The company has a large factory that sprawls across 5000 square meters of area. They have professional production equipment and production lines. Also, they have exhibition halls to display the products. They offer entertaining products for the family. 


They export the products to various countries, including  the USA, Pakistan, Maldives, Spain, Italy, India, Russia, and the Czech Republic.


11.Guangzhou Childhood Dream Playground Equipment manufacturer

After due research and development, the company started its operations in 1991. They focus on manufacturing nonstandard complex equipment for the playground, parks, and schools. There are other outdoor fitness products as well. 


They sell the products globally. They are the epitome of modernization and professionalism and are safe to use. The customers are private and public park owners. The owners of kindergartens, residential areas, and departmental stores also buy the products. These products have passed quality tests like CE, TUV, EN1176, and IS0 4001. The company provides these low-price toys and offers after-sales and installation services.

12.MICH Indoor Playground Equipment 

Want to buy a trampoline park at an affordable cost? Count on MICH Indoor Playground Equipment manufacturer. The company has been in the industry for ten years. It offers high-quality products to its customers. The skilled manufacturers offer the best services to the customers. They also have an installation team that offers the best MICH after-sales services. The best thing about the company is that it offers customized products. You can choose according to your budget, size, and other requirements.

13.Huadong Entertainment Equipment Company Limited

Huadong Entertainment Equipment Company was established in 1996 in Yongjia county in China. The company offers the best toy products in the town. It manufactures over 2000 products like outdoor playground products, soft play, and fitness equipment. Besides, there are amusement equipment, climbing facilities, and kindergarten toys. It offers wholesale products at cheap rates. The company exports its products to various countries. The regions include the United States, Belgium, Western Europe, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

14.Henan Solid Industry Co Ltd

It is one of the leading companies that provide high-graded playground equipment. They pay much attention and do thorough research before manufacturing the same. The company manufactures, sells, and installs outdoor playground equipment. These sell products for amusement and water parks. It is known to be China’s largest exporter. Their products have high competitive value and provide focused solutions to clients. The company sells its products to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and Africa.


15.Qitele Group Co Ltd

 The company has been in this industry since 1996. It is labeled as one of the best playground equipment manufacturers. They have 22 years of experience in supplying the products. ASTM, TUV, and ISO have certified their products. The products are safe, reliable, and innovative. They cater to playgrounds, school yards, fun parks, and other recreational customers. They have designed the products keeping in mind the safety of the students.

16.Yiwu Wankang Playground Equipment Co

Want to buy quality playground equipment products with superior quality? Yiwu Wankang Playground equipment is among the best equipment manufacturing companies in China. The company offers equipment for outdoor and indoor playgrounds. They also offer fitness, trampoline, and other products suited to the customer’s needs. They offer extensive products as per the client’s requirements. They have 20 years of experience in this field and offer guaranteed products.

17.Kaiqi Group Company

The company started operations in 1995. They are popular for supplying high-quality playground equipment. They have developed the products after research, and hence they are safe. They supply products for parks, community squares, and children’s parks. Also, retail malls and kindergartens buy their products. The playground equipment is unique in design and is environment-friendly. They offer slides and a high-quality playground for kids in the backyard garden. Also, there is climbing play and a play system with spiral slides. You can also find commercial playground equipment.

18.Yonglang Group Co Ltd

The company was established in 1993. They specialize in manufacturing and supplying indoor and outdoor playground equipment. The products are exported to Belgium, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Middle East. The equipment produced by them is colorful and long-lasting. The company focuses on providing quality toys. The toys are CE certified and have GS certificates. The company produces 250 large toy sets monthly. They produce 30-40 foot containers of smaller toys monthly.

19.Jiangsu Golden Sunshine Science and Education Equipment Group Co Ltd

The company started manufacturing in 2001. Located in China, it has now grown to be a professional manufacturer of toys. It is a diversified company that manufactures indoor and outdoor playground equipment. These include combined slides, fitness for kindergarten, and gym. The products are used in daycare, residential areas, and other entertainment centers.

The company manufactures and exports the products within the shortest time possible. It works on the pillars of quality first and integrity. They deliver good quality toys at a competitive rate and are known for on-time delivery. They also provide after-sales services to customers. Due to all these factors, they have won a good name at home and in the places where to supply. They have a separate research facility, production department, and selling department. Their product entails ropes, see-saws, an outdoor playground, and much more. They offer non-toxic products with excellent after-sales services.



20.Zhejiang Nebula Amusement Equipment Company Limited

The company was established in 2014 in the Toy capital Qiaoxia town. They have committed to providing you with high-quality toys at competitive rates. They offer trampoline, trampoline parks, rope, obstacle toys, ninjas, and other amusement products. The company strives to improve its products. It has rich experience in designing and producing toys and after-sales services. They have professional staff that takes care of installation needs. The company also pays attention to the kids’ safety. Hence, their toys have passed various international quality standard tests. They are non-toxic and safe even for small children. You can contact them if you want high-quality toys without spending a lot.


These are some of the best playground equipment manufacturers in China. They leave no stone unturned to offer quality products to the customers. Their commitment to quality and safety has given them entry into the list, despite so many other manufacturers in China. These companies also offer after-sales and installation services. Most of them are backed with quality certificates, so you don’t have to worry about anything. You can even refer to their website. The websites have details about the companies. You can also get the catalog of playground products they offer. These toy manufacturer companies also offer customized products. They strive to deliver within the shortest possible time frame. Do have a look at them.

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China is the world’s leading manufacturer and exporter of almost everything. It is all due to their competitive prices, mature supply chain, well-established shipping process, and easy import/export policies.

The import process for the indoor playground equipment from China comprises the following essential steps:

  • Determining the import goal; whether you are importing it for your personal use, personal amusement business, reselling, or for sellers.

  • Conforming that your country permits to import indoor playground equipment from China.

  • Choosing the reliable Indoor Playground equipment manufacturer in China, placing the order, and making the payment.

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