the complete amazon seller central guide in 2022

Amazon is a huge marketplace with millions of products. It can be a great place to sell your products, but it can also be difficult to navigate. In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about Amazon Seller Central in 2022. We’ll cover how to create an account, list products, set prices and fees, track orders and shipments, and more!

Amazon is one of the fastest-growing and most popular acquisitions that benefited not only the buyers but also new sellers or entrepreneurs to grow. The sellers through Amazon get their business exposed to millions of people. It is a kind of impressive and frank platform that helped more than thousands of sellers to build their brands. 

The largest e-commerce platform, Amazon, has over $50k worth of potential benefits for sellers. To avail of those benefits, you will need to create an Amazon seller account and cherish the rest. Using this account is genuinely too easy, and you will surely find ease while selling on Amazon. Here you need to know more about it.

Start Your Amazon Business Today, Let’s review the step-by-step process to sell on Amazon, To start selling on Amazon, you must register on Amazon Seller Central.

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How Much Capital Is Needed To Kick-Start The Business?

The Professional selling plan offered by Amazon Seller Central is recommended to most merchants and brand owners wishing to sell on Amazon.

Amazon is a one-stop shop for both buyers and sellers, which essentially focuses on artificial intelligence, online advertising, streaming, and cloud computing. Registered businesses of any size can get their purchasing solutions on this platform. The two major bases for determining the cost are the source of products and the medium of delivery. 

There are three ways of procuring the products, these are:-

1. Manufacturers– Choosing the right items at wholesale price to make your profit is very trickiest. It requires a bit more investment, when you get in touch with the company itself, buy at wholesale price to be resold on Amazon.

2. Retail– You can further move to retail shops like Target or Walmart and buy products in bulk. Most of the products from retail shops are bought at a discounted price. The product can be further resold on Amazon.

3. Create– You can uniquely design and develop your own product considering the needs of customers. You have to consider all the operational aspects of products. All the profits gained on products would only belong to you, no more manufacturer. You’ll be responsible for the private label.

The cost of inventory would probably depend upon what type of product you choose to sell. The inventory may cost you about $200 to $8000. The cost will also vary depending on the business model. 

Furthermore, to this cost, you have to add an amazon selling fee that is $39.99, the cost of branding, shipping fees, advertising fees, etc.

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Which Products are Sold on Amazon?

Amazon has vast product lines, including baby products, music CDs, apparel, beauty products, groceries, and many more. Millions of products are sold every year on this platform. People find it very convenient to shop on Amazon because of fast shipping, price, easy returns, reviews, and, most importantly, unique products. But the task begins when you have to discover the best-selling products after the utmost market research and study. You have to pick products upon the given below characteristics:-

  • The product should be of convenient size and lightweight.
  • The product should be in demand.
  • The product sale shouldn’t be affected by the season.
  • The products shouldn’t face high competition.
  • The product should be of excellent margin. 

The most important task is to evaluate which products are high in demand and can be sold at least ten every day. Anyhow, if the product manages to reach more, and you can get about 30-40 orders, it would be good business for the day. 

Jumping into the market without proper research would probably be hazardous to your investment. Every decision should be made carefully. 

Products that are part of the highly saturated market can bring losses. It’s eventually difficult to compete with well-established and reputed brands in the market. In another way, it would affect your visibility to potential customers.


Brief About Amazon Seller Central

Amazon Seller Central has the option to change your account information in your account settings. For example, you can change your Amazon store name, can switch to a professional or individual seller account, there is an option to update your business address, change deposit methods, and more. 

The world’s leading marketplace, Amazon, allows anyone to become a seller and get in touch with millions of potential customers directly. A business owner can easily become an online retailer with this platform. 

Amazon offers you through its portal to access your Amazon Seller account. Here you’ll be managing all sales and other associated activities. The major benefit of using this platform is you don’t need to worry about handling payments, making and managing your website, or processing returns. The burden of being a seller is lessened to a greater extent. 

Basically, your journey of becoming an online seller starts from Amazon Seller Central. Through this, you can conveniently navigate your account and go with possible approaches to grow your business. Amazon provides helpful tools and services from the dashboard to enhance your business strategies. The sales activities are easy to monitor. There are additional benefits associated with it listed below:-

1. Add new products or update product descriptions.

2. Track sales on a daily basis.

3. Keep track of inventory.

4. Payments and refunds.

5. Monitor performance.

6. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) for shipping.

7. Growth tools.

8. Customer reviews and ratings.

9. Access to the international market.

10.                       Advertise

Amazon offers Fulfillment By Amazon(FBA) assists sellers by outsourcing the shipping. Amazon takes responsibility for picking, packing, storing, and delivering the order on your behalf. All you need to do is send your parcel to them, and the rest is looked after by them.

It will always be advised to understand the intricacies of this platform. Read the terms and conditions carefully before you directly step out to become a seller.

How To Create an Amazon Seller Central Account?

Selling on Amazon requires your seller’s central account. But before you get started with creating the one, you should have the following details handy with you:-

1. Business name

2. Contact information

3. Your name and address

4. Location for shipping

5. Bank account details

6. Business logo

7. Brief “About Us”

8. Return and refund policies

Compiling all these details will save you time and make your way easy.

Registration Process Go to and click “Sign Up” to register a Professional Seller account, or scroll down and click “Sign up to become an individual seller” to open an Individual account. 

Steps for Creating the Amazon Seller Account

The Amazon seller registration process is really easy and involves easy steps. The steps are:-

1. Visit the website and select the option “sell” present at the top of the page. Another option is you can directly visit

2. After clicking, you’ll be directed to the page having the option “Start Selling.” Further, you will reach the account creation page. On this page, you will have to enter your name, email ID, and password.

3. Log into your account and move to the Seller Central account configuration page to fill in the required information.

4. Keep your banking and tax information along with you for the “tax information” section. You’ll need to fulfill details like the name of the entity, address, federal tax classification, tax identification number, and other required details.

5. Keep cross-checking the information. You need to create only one account if you want to sell products in one region. 

6. To protect your account, enable two-step authentication. It will add more security to the account.

How to sell products?

Amazon requires product listing, storefront advertising, reporting, additional user Authorization, and many aspects to be fulfilled. The majorly significant factor is shipping management. Amazon provides you with two options: Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM). In the first option, which is FBA, the shipping responsibilities are taken over by Amazon itself. This process is really simple, as you just need to transfer your products to amazon; the packing, delivery on time, refunds, and customer support are all looked after by them. This service is chargeable.

In the second option, which is Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM), the sellers themselves ship their products to the buyers. For the product handling and shipping process, sellers don’t need to pay a service fee and ship inventory to Amazon. Instead, they use their resources to directly hand over the product to the buyer.

About Amazon FBA Fees

When the demands begin to rise, FBA is the only convenient option for the seller. It helps you to connect with Amazon’s powerful distribution network and huge customer base. Reaching thousands of customers is like business dreams come true. But everything comes with a cost. Similarly, you will need to pay Amazon FBA fees to opt for better shipping facilities. There are the following reasons behind it:-

1. FBA is simple to use and easy.

2. It may lead products to achieve better ranking in search results.

3. The product will be packed with a valued prime logo.

4. The product will be viewed with Amazon’s trusted reputation.

5. It will provide better customer service, returns, and refunds.

Lastly, if you have signed up for the Amazon Brand Registry, you can take advantage of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content to give your product listings a superior touch. 


1. Amazon monthly subscription fee- For this platform, Then the Professional Plan is a better option. Professional Sellers pay a $39.99 monthly subscription fee. But never forget this fee is only needed to be paid when you are planning to sell over 40 products in the month.

2. Amazon referral fee- The referral fee is the commission you pay Amazon for every sale. That means if you sell a product for $30, you may need to pay 10% of that sale as commission, which means $3. It is a fixed percentage of the selling price.

3. FBA fees- FBA fees are paid on every product, and in return, you’ll be cherishing the benefits of FBA. The fees will certainly depend upon the size and weight of the products. The larger products will cost the seller more.

4. Other fees- Stock Removal fees, export fees, storage fees, etc.

Time to Get started with Seller Central

Amazon sellers concentrate on detailed reports, including: Inventory Reports, Advertising reports, Inventory Health Reports, and Fulfillment Reports

Amazon seller central provides you the interface upon which you can manage your inventory, update pricing, add products, and many other activities. These things can only be learned when you get into them. Thousands of websites are there which provide you with a guide, but surely you need real experience. These have various tabs that help in navigating the features of seller central.

1. Inventory tab- To manage inventory, add products, and manage FBA shipments. Also, you ensure your products remain in stock. You manage those products which have to be sent to Amazon’s warehouses.

2. Pricing tab- To manage price and get pricing alerts. You can also automate prices as your competitors may change prices, and you could also change with respect to them.

3. Orders tab- To manage orders, returns, and related reports. The fulfillment status is viewed here. Those orders which are pending, shipped, or not shipped are monitored. 

4. Advertising tab- To promote your products and their visibility and set up related campaigns to be run upon your preference. You can monitor the performance as well.

5. Report tab- To access payment reports, tax information, and other recommendations. It consists of those reports that describe how your business is going and orders for advertising and taxes.

6. Performance tab- To check claims, access service metrics and feedback, and view the related notifications. You would receive messages from buyers in this section.

7. Services tab- It contains a list of services, including cataloging, imaging, and those services provided by third-party vendors.

These are the most significant features of the Amazon Seller Central dashboard. But the features are not limited here. The more you get deep into it, the more features you can discover.



1. You have to work regularly on product listings. 

2. You should have good quality products that could take place in the market.

3. The description of the product should be brief, informative, meaningful, and well-written. That description should be enriched with relevant keywords. 

4. You should know how to read business metrics and how they work.

5. If you face any issues, you should contact Amazon Seller Central support. You can also check in case of logs if somebody had the same problem as yours.

6. Always keep yourself aware of inventory levels. If you run out of stock, it will impact your ranking and shopping experience by customers, which is not a positive sign.

7. You should ensure great customer service and handle the queries and problems of customers.

8. Take account of your marketing campaigns.

9. Make yourself aware of tax liabilities. You must obey all the tax rules to avoid future consequences.


1. Couldn’t comprehend the Amazon charges for the services- You can use the FBA calculator for the same. 

2. Couldn’t provide early shipping to the customers- It could be annoying for the customers if you take so long for delivery. Make sure you don’t overcharge for delivery. 

3. Purchase fake reviews- Amazon ensures that the products have genuine reviews and feedback. Buying reviews would probably affect your future sales. You can use Amazon Early Reviewer Program or PPC ads for it.

4. Make multiple seller accounts- Selling of the product should be done from one account only.


Amazon Seller Central is wholesome for those who want to begin their business with ease. It comes up with incredible features which benefit the sellers by streamlining the process of selling. Although the services are chargeable, they are very convenient. Amazon compiles many people’s success stories of selling with Amazon after quitting their 9 to 5 jobs. With the right strategies, anyone could become a successful businessman with this platform.


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