ONE “ship overturning” accident

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The day before yesterday, on the evening of November 31, ONE issued a “ship capsizing” incident, which caused a lot of rumors. Nowbaiyun will share the follow-up and handling with you.
On the way from Yantian, China to Long Beach in the United States, the ONE large container ship “ONE APUS” encountered severe weather near the North Pacific in western Hawaii. The ship experienced severe turbulence, causing nearly two thousand containers to move and fall into the water.

According to the latest data, about 1816 containers were damaged or lost. About 54 of these containers contained fireworks, and the other 8 contained liquid ethanol batteries.

At present, the container ship has arrived at Kobe Port, Japan, and the shipping schedule will be seriously delayed.

Through pictures and videos, we can see that a large number of containers on the ship collapsed.

In the “ONE APUS” accident, the most unfortunate thing is that there are cargo owners who have not bought insurance on the ship. According to estimates by industry insiders, based on the FOB of USD 25,000 per box, the cargo claim amount is approximately USD 47.5 million. In addition to claims for leasing, maintenance and other items, it is expected that the “ONE APUS” insurance bill will exceed 5000 Ten thousand U.S. dollars.

6 elements related to the ship involved: ?

  1. About 1816 containers were damaged or lost. About 54 of these containers were equipped with fireworks, and the other 8 containers were equipped with liquid ethanol batteries.
  2. ONE APUS arrived at the port of refuge and was deemed safe. The relevant maritime authorities will conduct a comprehensive investigation of the accident.
  3. It will take some time to unload the remaining containers on the ship, and then the exact number and types of lost or damaged containers will be fully assessed.
  4. Will the container dropped into the sea be fished out? No, because there is no lifting equipment on the container ship, there is no way to fish the container in the sea. The operator has issued a notice of maritime navigation warnings to the joint rescue coordination centers in Honolulu and Guam.
  5. Who will compensate for the container dropped into the sea? Because the accident was caused by a strong storm, it is a force majeure cause, and the insurance company can pay. If there is no insurance, you will not only face the loss of goods, but also may be required to bear general average.
  6. What is general average? For example, if the container falls on the deck, the deck is smashed into a big hole, and the owner spends 10 million on repairing the ship, then this 10 million is a general average, and the owner may ask the owner to share this cost.

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