Top 10 Freight Forwarders in Hawaii

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Top 10 Freight Forwarders in Hawaii

This small and beautiful group of islands is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Consisting of 8 small islands, this place is rather isolated. Yet, due to its location, it is a great place for freight forwarders. It is part of the United States and has connections to its many enterprises. Besides, it is also halfway through the ocean, making it an excellent point on the map for warehousing. Interestingly it also served as a basis for supplies during past wars as well. Hawaii is known for shipping a variety of things to many destinations worldwide. In the following article, we are going to list the top 10 freight forwarders in Hawaii for you to be able to find the right one for your business.

Kamaaina Movers, LLC

This freight forwarder is on our top list. Established over a decade ago, Kamaaina Movers have been building themselves a good reputation. They offer a variety of services including but not limited to shipping and logistics. They work with both commercial and private clients. Importantly, they are putting a lot of focus on their customer care as this is a cornerstone of a good freight forwarder. They are known for their fair and competitive prices as well as their reliability. 

Hawaii Car Transport

Like its name suggests, Hawaii Car Transport is well-known for its specificity when it comes to shipping automobiles as well as other vehicles like motorcycles. They enjoy high ratings from their past customers. This freight forwarder pays careful attention to its customers’ needs. This has been paying off as they are a 5-star rated freight forwarder company. If your business specializes in automotive or vehicles, then this reliable freight forwarder might be the right choice for you.


Matson is yet another popular Hawaiian freight forwarder company. With their 3 decades of experience, they are considered one of the most reliable transportation companies originating in Hawaii. Matson offers unique services as well. These make them valuable and stand out from the competition. They invest a lot into technological advancements and they take pride in excellent customer service as well. This freight forwarder’s services include but are not limited to long haul, highway brokerage, supply chain management, international shipping, and warehousing to mention a few

Pasha Hawaii

This company has now transformed itself into a freight forwarder. Though during its long history it has functioned as a few other things as well. For instance, they provided the US military with warehousing services. In the coming years, Pasha Hawaii started to expand its services and provide transport vehicle-type cargo. Besides they do a good job shipping special cargo needing custom care. They provide military equipment shipping to this day as well.

Royal Hawaiian Movers – Oahu

Oahu or also known as the Royal Hawaiian Movers have been around for quite some time. They have been operating at fair prices for nearly 4 decades. Through their time they have grown to become the state’s largest freight forwarder companies. Besides national and international logistics and freight forwarding services, Royal Hawaiian Movers offer military equipment transportation services all over the world as well.

DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express

This freight forwarder is owned by the DHX Group. The company’s strength lies in its storage capacity. It has an impressive size of 2 million square feet. This makes DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express one of the largest facilities for freight storage in the US as well as the globe. Besides they offer many freight forwarding services as well of course. These include logistics, cargo as well as sea and air freight services.

FedEx Ship Center

This well-known name is reaching global clients everywhere and has a Hawaiian-based facility as well. FedEx Ship Center has unique services that make them stand out. Besides the well-known express delivery services, this freight forwarder also provides ground and packaging services as well as handling of dangerous shipments to its clients.

Ship To Hawaii

This freight forwarder has become a very popular one among the businesses of Hawaii. The reason being is that this forwarder offers fair prices combined with high-quality services. Their adaptive services include overall transportation services and supply chain among others. They too are paying special attention to their customers. This seems to be paying off as they are well-liked in the area. They have personalized services and always available customer service agents.

Coleman Hawaii Movers

The Coleman Hawaii Movers is a critically acclaimed freight forwarder. One of their strengths is that they are very adaptive. Should you be an individual starting a small business or a large international enterprise they can and know how to cater to your exact needs. They provide their services internationally. A good choice if you are looking for a freight forwarder that is very adaptive to your needs.

Young Brothers, LLC

Young Brothers is another Hawaiian freight forwarder that is well equipped to handle heavy cardo. Besides that of special freight such as cars, construction parts and so on. They can carry up to 60.000 tons supported by their specially designed bargers. The freight forwarder has a special license for conducting their activities inter-island. This makes them a uniquely important company in the region. If you know that your shipment is heavier than usual, this freight forwarder could be a good match to your business.


No matter the business, you will have special needs. Whether we talk about a huge international enterprise or a small business owned by one individual these needs can change. They will be based upon what and how much you are selling to your customers. Keeping your mission in mind will help you choose the right freight forwarder for your business. Besides, conducting thorough research is always a good idea. Make sure to dive in and see what the freight forwarder specializes in exactly. If you need reference points, another good idea is to see how they were rated by past clients. This could be a very real and reliable indicator of the satisfaction rates the company has. The above list of our top 10 picks for Hawaiian freight forwarders should be a good starting point for businesses operating in the area.

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