Top 10 US Freight Forwarders

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Top 10 US Freight Forwarders

If you require shipping assistance, this article surely will be of help to you. There are countless freight forwarders in the United States. Therefore it is important to know what exactly your business needs. Then it will become much easier to find a freight forwarder that caters to those needs. In order for you to save valuable time, in the following pages, we will list and define our top picks for the best freight forwarders in the US. The list is in no particular order.

Trans Overseas Corporation

The Trans Overseas Corporation, also known as TOC has an impressive history. The freight forwarder has been in operation since 1978. Their headquarters are located in Romulus, US. Since the over 4 decades they have been around they have grown and adapted to the market. They offer a wide range of services provided globally. They are known for covering all aspects of the freight forwarding process. This includes end-to-end logistics coverage as well as supply chain. The Trans Overseas Corporation has done a good job keeping up with its competitors. They stand out especially when it comes to customer care and communication.

Manuport Logistics USA LLC

This freight forwarder was established in 2016. Manuport Logistics is based in Miami, Florida. One of its many strengths is its global network. They deliver on time and with excellent customer care. Some of their services offered to their clients are container logistics, warehousing, storage, insurance, and procurement just to mention a few. Though they are a new competitor on the market, Manuport Logistics have great reviews from past clients and they continue to prove a worthy hire.

Alberta Ltd.

Established in 2007, Alberta is operating in Grande Prairie California, United States. With their over 15 years of experience, they are worthy of mention on the list. Their worldwide reaching services include cargo tracking, storage, and transportation to mention a few. They are well-known for their precision and good customer service skills. They could be a worthy choice for your business if you are looking for a fresh, reliable, and flexible forwarder.

Portable Storage Of Mn

This freight forwarder was established over 20 years ago. Though they are freight forwarders, their main focus is portable container storing. Just like their name suggests as well, Portable Storage of Mn, caters to their clients’ needs. They work with all sorts of containers. In their services renting, selling, and transporting containers are all available options. This freight forwarder has made itself a known brand for its reliability, good communication, and high quality of services.

Rain Logistics Co., Ltd.

Rain Logistics was established in 2004. With its nearly 20 years of experience, this freight forwarder is well-experienced. Though it is a US-based forwarder, due to its decades of presence in the market, they have a worldwide network and can deliver accordingly. Rain Logistics offers ocean as well as air freight services. One of their outstanding service guarantee strategies is offering full transparency. This means that they allow you to track your shipment via GPS and EDI.

Great Luck Inc.

This freight forwarder company was first started in 2002. They are an NVOCC. Great Luck is operating from Torrance California. Though the branch is US-based, they are owned by its Japanese mother company, Japan Trust Co. Their specialization is fast delivery. They hold quite the impressive turnover stats as their yearly transportation reaches 10,000 TEUs

Simple Forwarding Inc.

Established about 6 years ago, Simple Forwarding is a company growing fast. They are operating from Monroe, New York, United States. Though it is a global freight forwarder, Simple Forwarding’s main focus is China to US transport. Within that, their special focus is on Amazon sellers. They have specifically catered services and solutions all to help Amazon sellers get their goods from China to the US quicker and with less hassle. Their services include custom brokering as well as providing specified Amazon FBA warehousing. This Freight forwarder could be the right choice for you if you are an Amazon Seller. 

Cargotrans Inc.

Founded in 1989, this company is one of the top names when it comes to logistics and freight forwarders. Cargo trains were established and are still operating from Manhasset, United States. They have over 3 decades of experience regarding global shipping. They are a well-known and trusted forwarder that offers documentation, customs brokerage, and 3PL services among others.

CSI Container Services International

CSI Container Services International was started up in 2011 in Quincy, USA. They are well known for providing many services across the board. Some of their offers include consultancy, container transportation, leasing, container customization, and sourcing just to mention a few. To make it even more wholesome, CSI offers insurance and other transportation-related solutions to all their customers. This freight forwarder is known for its credibility and quality of service. Therefore if you are looking for a company you can trust that helps you with most, if not all aspects of your shipments, look no further. CSI could be the ideal choice for you.

Tri-State Forwarding

Tri-State Forwarding was established recently, in 2016. They offer a wide range of services all around logistics. This freight forwarder’s headquarters are based in Mahwah, United States. They offer air and sea freight as well as LTL 3PL and LTL services. A useful offer they have is the option to have customs brokerage. They are also known for free consultation and for their general transparency. Though a young forwarder, Tri-State Forwarding could be a worthy choice for you. 


No matter the type of business, you can always find the right freight forward for you. This step is more important than many realize. If you are clear about your vision and mission as a business you will have an easier time finding the right freight forwarder. This match will create a win-win situation both for you and the chosen partner. For instance, if you are an Amazon Seller, there are more and more forwarders catering to these specific needs. Choosing the right partner will save you time and money. The above list, therefore, provides you with a good collection of forwarders to start with.

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