What is WeChat and how to use WeChat for business

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WeChat is one of the social media platforms that is quickly growing in popularity. Not only WeChat usage in china widely but also approximately 100-250 million WeChat users live outside of the country. And many businesses are starting to use it as a way to connect with their customers. In this blog post, we will discuss what WeChat is, how to use it for business, and some of the benefits of using it. We will also provide a few tips on how to get started!

What is WeChat?

WeChat is a messaging app that allows you to connect with other WeChat users through text, voice, and video messaging. You can also use it to make calls, share photos and videos, and play games. WeChat is available for free on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry 10 devices. WeChat is evolving into a Super App with its own robust ecosystem featuring tools such as WeChat pay, WeChat store, and Moments.


WeChat is a messaging app that allows you to connect with other wechat users through text, voice, and video messaging.

WeChat Red Packets – locally known as “Hongbao” – are part of a unique gifting culture in China.  (Source: SCMP)How to connect with wechat users?

There are several ways businesses can use WeChat to connect with their customers. For example, businesses can create a wechat official account and use it to send out messages, coupons, or other promotions to their followers. Businesses can also create groups on WeChat, which allows customers to connect with each other and the business at the same time. WeChat lets brands, individuals, and companies to create WeChat Account to help them promote their businesses. Finally, businesses can use WeChat to advertise their products or services.

Benefits of using WeChat app for business.

Its simple user experience design has enabled deep market penetration across multiple age groups and cities of different tiers. With its diverse user demographics and cross-regional popularity, WeChat is often the first touchpoint for businesses – both local or global – for marketing outreach.

There are several benefits of using wechat app for business. First, wechat marketing allows businesses to reach a large number of potential customers. Second, it is a cost-effective way to connect with customers. Third, it can help businesses build relationships with their customers. And fourth, it can help businesses increase their sales and revenue.

How to use wechat for business?

If you’re a business owner, you may be wondering how to use wechat for business. Here are a few tips:

1. Create WeChat official accounts for your business.

Businesses can set up three types of accounts on WeChat: subscription accounts, service accounts, and mini program.

2. Use WeChat official account to send messages, coupons, or other promotions to your followers.

Subscription accounts (similar to Facebook pages) permit you to send only one broadcast message a day. These messages appear in the subscription folder. Service accounts let you send up to four messages per month and and have access to WeChat Pay and API.


WeChat Pay has become more and more popular.

Engage with users on WeChat Official Account holders can engage with WeChat users in a few ways: By displaying QR codes linked to their account at the point of sale, on their websites, in physical stores, or in other promotional materials By ensuring their products show up on WeChat Scan By creating content that can be seen in WeChat search.


wechat search

3. Create groups on WeChat so customers can connect with each other and the business at the same time.

Setting up a WeChat official account allows brands to reach out to a wide base of the target audience and raise brand awareness in an effective way. The official accounts are available to media, government organizations and businesses.

4. Use WeChat account to advertise your products or services.

First you need a verified WeChat official account. Once you have that in place, you need to apply for the right to advertise on the platform. Go to the admin section on your WeChat account and click on the option shown below. Upon approval, you can start setting up your first advertising campaign.

WeChat has 1.2 Billion monthly active users as of the third quarter of 2020. Advertising on WeChat means you will be able to reach out to 1.2 Billion WeChat Users that may be future customers. You just need to think of a creative marketing strategy to effectively promote your brand/business on WeChat.

WeChat users are most willing to share useful, interesting, and emotionally touching content. Images, posts by other WeChat users and short videos are the most popular content formats on WeChat moments. It can help the customers follow your wechat accounts.

WeChat offers banner ads that appear at the bottom of articles published by other WeChat official accounts. You can target users by gender, age, and location, and specify the types of accounts where the banner ads are displayed. With banner ads, you can prompt audiences to follow your WeChat account, buy a product, visit your landing pages, download an app, or claim a coupon code.

5. Keep these tips in mind when using WeChat for business!

If you want to do business with WeChat in China:

Before, you had to have a Chinese business license to do wechat business in China。

How difficult is it to acquire a Chinese business license so that it is possible to expand your market to the Chinese audience? Olivier February 28, 2019 / 10:46 pm Today it is possible, take time, complicated but possible.

Over 100 countries (including Canada) can now apply for an Official Account, even if they don’t hold a China’s Business License. So it is worth trying your hand at WeChat marketing.


Business license

ID card of your company’s contact person

(WeChat Mini Programs only) Company bank account details 

More detail about wechat !

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