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Reading through the following article you will find information about the best wholesale clothing manufacturers in China. We will provide you with information on the top markets, manufacturers, and easy ways to import your goods using some of the best online platforms. Our tips and know-how will allow you to make the best decision that suits your business.

The Chinese wholesale clothing industry is enormous. It is relatively cheap and easy to start up your business by choosing the right supplier. Two of the most globally dominant platforms that help you select from thousands of manufacturers are and AliExpress. During the following paragraphs, we will break down what they offer and how to choose the right supplier for your business based on your preferences.

The resource to Help You Import Wholesale Clothing From China

In commerce, wholesalers buy their goods in large quantities from their suppliers or manufacturers. This they later sell in small quantities to their retailers. Then the retailers will sell these goods to the general public. However, at times, retailers can also buy their goods directly from the manufacturers.

You may wonder why it is a good idea to import your wholesale clothing from China. There are many good reasons for this. Purchasing your wholesale clothing here will easily lead to great deals and discounts. This will increase your chances of gaining higher profits and locking in loyal customers. When it comes to low prices combined with good quality, China is the go-to place.

When you import clothing from China or another foreign country, there are a few very important steps to keep in mind. These will prevent you from having severe complications at any later stages of your business. Some of them are not crucial to remember, but they can still aid your business greatly in the long run:

  • Research importation rules and regulations in your country
  • Know Your Duties and Taxes
  • Obtain all Necessary Permits
  • Search For the Right Supplier in China 
  • Visit Your Supplier if You Can
  • Learn About Prices and Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) 
  • Consider Drop Shipping Options
  • Buy Your Goods From Different Suppliers if You Need To
  • Get Samples if you can 
  • Take Advantage of Free Shipping Facilities 
  • Have a Personal Relationship With Your Supplier
  • Prepare Your Store For the Goods You Ordered
  • Get Yourself a Good Lawyer
  • Protect Yourself Against Potential Scams
  • Sell Your Products and Collect Reviews

Best 10 Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers in China

When it comes to wholesale clothing manufacturers in China, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Still, some of the manufacturers have proven their worth over time and made it to our top 10 list. Some of the top websites where you can shop for clothes from China include:

  • AliExpress
  • Alibaba
  • China brands
  • DHgate
  • DropIn The Box
  • Banggood
  • Yaaku
  • Tom Top
  • Global Sources
  • Made in China

Wholesale Clothing from China: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

During the following section, we have looked at the most common questions regarding wholesale clothing import from China. We will answer these questions in order to provide you with the ultimate frequently asked questions guide. This surely will give you all the answers you might need. When it comes to starting up, for example, making the right initial calls are crucial. Sometimes investing in a lawyer and freight forwarder might seem like unnecessary extra costs; however, they could be extremely useful and cost-effective if you consider potential long-term consequences.

Which is the Best Wholesale Clothing Market in China?

While there is truly a large number of clothing markets in China, the following list is our pick of the top 15. You will not be disappointed if you choose any of the following markets:

  • Yasheng Clothing Wholesale Market
  • Share Clothing Wholesale Market in The Third Breakthrough
  • Shanghai Kaixuancheng Clothing and Accessories Wholesale Market
  • Xindadi Fashion Plaza
  • Yuehe Shoes Wholesale Market
  • Guangzhou Baima Costume Market
  • Shenzhen Buji Textile Wholesale Market
  • Jihong Zhanxi Wholesale Clothing Market
  • Wanjia Costume Wholesale Square
  • Shisanhang Wholesale City
  • Dongding Clothing Wholesale Market
  • Guangzhou Kyushu Fabric Market
  • Jiahua Foreign Trade Clothing Market
  • Liuhua Fur and Fashion Market
  • Fabric Market


Some of The Largest Clothes Manufacturers are:

  • Shandong Jining Ruyi woolen textile co. ltd
  • Shandong Demian Incorporated company
  • Huafang Textile Co ltd
  • Jiangsu Sunshine Co Ltd
  • Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile co ltd

How can I Buy Wholesale Clothing From China?

Buying wholesale clothing from China today is easier than ever before. Though buying clothes from China online is different from visiting China in that it is more cost and time-effective, here are some ways to conduct your business online when ordering online.

  • If you plan to purchase a large quantity, it is a good idea to order directly from the factory.
  • When doing so, you can quickly and easily place your order(s) online through the largest Chinese platforms, such as Alibaba or AliExpress.
  • During the past few decades, China has become a leader in global trade. Therefore it has an excellent logistics infrastructure and is able to ship goods everywhere in the world.
  • Online payment is also very easy and quick when ordering your goods. This is a safe way to proceed as you can always track it and re-visit your transactions later if necessary. 
  • The clothing industry in China is vast. Their modern ways to handle vast quantities of turnover in products make the region uniquely advantageous as a preference for your purchase of wholesale clothing. 
  • If you wish, you can always pay a physical visit to your manufacturer to ensure quality and the best deals possible after getting to know your supplier on a more personal level.


How can I Find China Wholesale Clothing Suppliers and Manufacturers?

You can buy your goods directly from the wholesale clothing manufacturers, and these are easy to access on popular websites such as Alibaba or AliExpress.

How Can I Order Wholesale Clothing from China?

China Sources or Alibaba are great ways to start. You can select your goods from thousands of manufacturers and customize the orders to your exact needs.

Why should I Hire a Sourcing Agent When Buying Wholesale Clothing from China?

A sourcing agent can be a wise choice if you have other tasks at hand and have no budgetary restrictions. By investing in a sourcing agent, you save yourself the trouble of going through thorough research on your desired market. They will do this for you and ensure high quality and reliable manufacturers.

Does Cheap Wholesale Clothing From China Imply Low Quality?

Not necessarily. This will always depend on the specific manufacturer you choose. To ensure high quality, always ask for samples and look for reviews from their previous clients. If it is a possibility, it is also advantageous to have a personal visit to the factory where you can be walked through the step by step of manufacturing the product you are about to order.

How can you get the Best Price When Importing Wholesale Clothing from China?

The most effective way to get the best price when importing wholesale clothing from China is by researching the same market you are looking to order your clothes from. You will set yourself up for success by conducting a quick comparative analysis.

Can you Verify Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in China?

Yes. Here are five easy ways to do this:

  • Obtain the supplier or manufacturer’s business license
  • Get their import and export licenses.
  • Request their quality control system certificate
  • Audit the supplier or manufacturer
  • Check for joint review for reference of the manufacturer’s quality.


Why Should You Buy Wholesale Clothing from China?

Chinese goods are cost-effective, and the enormous market is easy to customize for your business model.

What are the Common Challenges When Buying Wholesale Clothing from China?

The following list is noteworthy. Be sure to check for these factors when you decide to invest in wholesale clothing from China: 

  • Sometimes wholesalers tend to offer lower MOQs than manufacturers. This could be useful for your business if you are starting out, your first deal with the supplier, or a limited budget.
  • Many wholesalers don’t obtain export licenses.
  • If you are looking for a wholesaler, you should check out Yiwu.
  • Wholesale products are not always compliant with US, EU, and other overseas product regulations, so be sure to always check for what your region’s specific regulations are.
  • ‘Made for China’ products are not necessarily compliant with foreign labeling regulations.
  • It is not possible to brand or customize a ‘Wholesale product.’
  • Other common challenges include the ever-changing trading regulations, estimated time of arrival of your goods, and keeping up with duties and overall logistical necessities when proceeding with your order. However, if you pick the right freight forwarder, they can help you with the logistical errand and prevent you from missing an important deadline or fee to pay.

How do you check the Quality of Wholesale Clothing from China?

One of the easiest ways to do this is by requesting samples from your supplier.

Which Documents Do You Need to Buy From China Wholesale Clothing Market?

You will need your business license and ask for your manufacturer’s documentation as well in order to ensure legitimacy. The other necessary documents will be determined based on your exact order, its quantity, value, and your manufacturer, as well as their region. It is always useful to check your government’s potential restrictions for certain products. Prohibited goods could be sent back to your supplier as well as you could endure fines for trying to import them to your country.

How Big is the Wholesale Clothing Market?

The Chinese wholesale market is huge. The US apparel market was valued at approximately 368 billion USD. Therefore it is important to do thorough research (f.e: competitive advantages) in order to identify the right place to start for your business.

What are the Challenges When Importing Wholesale Clothing From China?

Some of the main challenges when importing from Chinese wholesale manufacturers can be the rapid increase in costs, the constantly changing trade regulations, and the decrease in the development process of certain brands.

Can you Find Designer Brands in Wholesale Clothing from China?

Yes, you can. Depending on which supplier you make deals with, there is a huge variety of manufacturers and products.

How do I Start Selling Wholesale Clothing from China?

  • Conduct the business and any legal framework necessary 
  • Identify your clothing preferences.
  • Find the right wholesalers online for you.
  • Look for other possible options for inventory. 


Why Buy Wholesale Clothing From Alibaba?

You can easily list your company as a private label manufacturer on Alibaba and connect with buyers from all over the world.

How Much Duty Will You Pay for Wholesale Clothing From China?

Besides customs value and import duty, buyers have to pay VAT as well. This will, of course, depend on all of your expenses and revenue combined.

Why Do You Need a Freight Forwarder to Import Wholesale Clothing from China?

There are several reasons why it is important to work with freight forwarders when ordering from China. Some of them are:

  • Freight forwarders are experts in all logistics processes
  • They will know what rules and regulations to follow exactly based on your and your suppliers’ locations.
  • Freight forwarders will take over the entire process of forwarding your goods from the manufacturer to you.
  • They sometimes provide free warehousing and shipping containers.
  • They can use their buying power to decrease transportation costs.


How do you Identify Fake Designer Clothes From China?

Bad quality of the fabric, misplaced logos, and lack of brand certificate are some of the easy ways to identify fake designer products from China.

What Should You Consider When Importing Wholesale Clothing From China?

When you order from China, there are lots to keep in mind. Besides the tax and costs of shipping, one of the most important things to consider are time. Just how much time you will need from ordering your goods until it arrives at your store, ready to be sold.

Which Safety Standards should Wholesale Clothing from China Conform to?

Any sale of goods must comply with the region’s general regulations. For instance, if you order from within the European Union, you have to comply with the EU’s general product safety directive.

Can you Ship Wholesale Clothes from China to Amazon FBA?

Yes. Wholesale clothes can be shipped directly to your business or a third party. Afterward, they can be sent to Amazon FBAs.

Which are the Leading China International Fashion Fairs?

Some of the largest Chinese international fashion fairs are:

  • China International Fashion Fair
  • ISPO Beijing
  • SPINEXPO Shanghai
  • East China Fair (ECF
  • Shanghai International Digital Textile Printing Expo (DTP Expo)
  • Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles
  • Shanghai International Hats, Scarves, Gloves Expo
  • The Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair)
  • The Yiwu Commodities Fair

Which Types of Clothes can Import from China Wholesale Clothing Market?

The Chinese wholesale clothing market is huge; therefore, the available options are endless. However, manufacturers tend to specialize in certain fabrics, printing techniques, and so on. So it is important to find a supplier that specializes in the types of products you need.

Do China Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers Offer Samples?

Yes, they do. If the negotiations seem to be leading to both parties’ satisfaction, for instance, the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is fulfilled, asking for samples should be possible. This is useful and important for many reasons. You need to see and feel the fabric, the patterns, colors, and the overall look of the product you are about to sell. Getting a physical sample allows you to make the right choices.

How does Buying Alibaba Wholesale Clothing compare to AliExpress Wholesale Clothing?

Both of them are owned by the same company. However, they do have different offers and deals that could suit you better, depending on your business model. If we define the key characteristics and differences, it will be easier for you to pick the one that works best for you:

Alibaba. Com started out in 1999. This was the first major establishment of the Alibaba Group. During the past two decades, they have become quite the dominating force in the global market of business-to-business eCommerce. Being one of the largest wholesale eCommerce platforms in the world, connects over 150.000 manufacturers with over 10 million buyers in 190 countries annually. receives approximately 300.000 requests every single day. These are usually from buyers who intend to buy parts of products and assemble their final product for sale, buy finished products in order to resell them, or buy specific items they need in order to keep their business going.

AliExpress is one of the most remarkable business-to-customer marketplaces globally. Initially created as a by-product of, the platform has grown to be just as dominant but among customers and not business-to-business transactions. This option is perfect for buyers who are just starting out as the platform offers a broader range of selections for customers without a minimum order quantity requirement.

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