The Ultimate Guide for Alibaba Shipping Costs From China [2022]

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How do I calculate shipping costs on Alibaba? Do you intend to purchase something on Alibaba? Calculating the proper shipping costs can be important to your online business. The purchase choice comes from knowing the cost and shipping costs of a product. When you do an incorrect calculation of shipping costs it may result in you getting the product for a higher price which will make it harder for sales. To avoid the inconvenience we have prepared the best guide to freight costs from Alibaba to USA, UK, and European countries.

Reading through the following article you will learn about the cost of Alibaba Shipping from China. We are going to look into how the costs can vary. Especially depending on what the destination of the shipment is. We are going to offer you tips and tricks as to how to make it worth it for you and your business, based on your specific needs. At the end we are also including a frequently asked questions section in order to cover everything. 


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The Importance of Shipping Through Alibaba?

When you are at the beginning of creating your own sourcing firm, choose Alibaba! There are many reasons why this shipping company is the ultimate choice for your new online business. Alibaba has a large variety of products and suppliers available. They do trade insurance and also have many other benefits that come with being in partnership with the platform. Besides, naturally this is a reliable source that will prevent you from enduring any scams. Once you find the right supplier for yourself the negotiation can start. They will ask you about every detail they need to know in order to fulfill your requirements. These could be the size and quantity of your goods. The parameters are taken so that the suppliers can calculate the matching shipping price accordingly.

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Is Alibaba Shipping Expensive?

There is a common misconception about Alibaba Shipping costs being very high. However this is not necessarily the case. The platform offers a wide-range of products that are available in high quantities. This way the buyer can lower the costs even further when selling the received goods. The prices upon purchasing are lower because of the local wages and costs the factories endure. Though the buyer’s costs can be driven up by:

  • The Distance the Goods Travel
  • The Size of Shipment
  • The Weight of the Goods
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Stages that Affect Alibaba Shipping Costs to USA, UK & Europe

When it comes to global Alibaba Shipping costs, these are affected by many things. Mainly the varying stages of transportation. Depending on the types of your products your shipment will go through some of these stages. Naturally all of these steps will have an effect on the final expenses. We collected the Top Ten transportation stages that will impose additional costs on your shipped goods. They are: 

  • Destination Port Fees
  • Cost of Supplier Warehouse to Port Transportation 
  • Shipping Orders that are More Complex Can Make it Difficult for Buyers to Interpret the Cost Specifically.
  • Export Clearance Cost
  • Cost of Freight to the USA, UK, and Europe
  • Delivery of Documents (FedEx/DHL)
  • American Customs Bond Fees
  • Cost of Shipping Insurance 
  • Cost of EORI (Europe and UK) Number
  • Differing Domestic Cost of Transportation in Destination Country

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Alibaba Shipping Costs to USA, UK, and Europe

When it comes to Alibaba’s global shipping services, the main destinations are mostly the US, the UK and Europe. Here we can differentiate between sea freight or air freight and express air shipping. These have different costs. In the following section we will break down the basics of what the approximate costs look like:

Alibaba shipping cost to usa

  • Air Freight Circa $2.50- 5.00 per kilogram
  • Sea Freight $1500 per standard 20 ft container
  • Express Air Freight $20-85 per 0.5 – 5kg 

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Alibaba shipping cost to UK

  • Air Freight Circa $1.50–$4.50 per kilogram
  • Sea Freight $1300 per standard 20ft container
  • Express Air Freight $80 per 5kg

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  • These Values Vary Depending on Country of Destination
  • Air Freight $4.9-5.9 per kilogram
  • Sea Freight $1174-1344 per standard 20ft container
  • Express Air Freight $25-90 per 0.5-5.5kg

Alibaba shipping fee to philippines

Alibaba shipping costs to south africa

Tools to Calculate Alibaba Shipping Cost

There are several online tools that can help you calculate your Alibaba Shipping costs. Here are some of them: 

Alibaba Shipping Quote 

Cost calculator by Parcelment Shipping Rate Calculator

Honourocean shipping rate–Honourocean there is over 50 sales online to check for you at any time. you can easy get what you need .

  • Dutycaculator.
  • com
  • Import Genius Shipping Rates Calculator

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Why Should I Use Alibaba Shipping for Dropshipping?

Recently dropshipping gained significant attention as it is an easy way to generate profit. Connecting this method to Alibaba’s wide-range of offered products one can perfectly utilize the benefits coming with the combination of the method and the platform. The main benefits of dropshipping with Alibaba are:

  • Broad Selection of Products
  • Less Capital is Required
  • Easily Accessible Products
  • Alibaba Takes the Risks Inv
  • olved in the Process
  • You Can Scale Up Quickly

The main drawback of dropshipping is the lack of control over your inventory. However, when working with a reliable supplier on Alibaba, this can be minimized. Also, if you are not happy with a certain supplier, it is easy to switch and work with another one.

Tips to Minimize Alibaba Shipping Costs

It is important to pay close attention to the potential additional costs when using Alibaba as these can creep up on your business operations in no time and cause profit margins to decrease. Here are the best things you can do in order to avoid this: 

Minimize Packaging 

Select Sea Freight Option

Utilize And Use The Space in Your Sea Freight Container

Plan Well in Advance the Shipping Route

Negotiate Shipping Rates With Supplier

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FAQs About Alibaba Shipping Costs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Alibaba Shipping Costs. The following are short simple answers completing the previous paragraphs.

Which is the Cheapest Shipping Option on the Platform?

There are many options to choose from and the cheapest option will be whatever is the best price for You and your business. Usually, though sea freight tends to be cheapest. For calculating your best deals you should be able to use one of the above mentioned calculation tools. One of these you can find on Alibaba as well.

Is Shipping Expensive on Alibaba?

While many think Alibaba Shipping is expensive, in reality, it is more cost-effective if we compare it to UPS or FedEx’s delivery services. It is all about utilizing their services to your needs as best as you can.

How Do I Lower Alibaba Shipping Costs?

You can lower your costs by the points mentioned above. These are: minimizing packaging, planning well in advance, negotiations and using sea freight methods.

 You should know that Alibaba shipping costs charges based on the weight or volume of the goods. You can save money by optimizing the packaging to reduce the package volume. Shipment Consolidation Another way to reduce Alibaba shipping costs is to combine smaller quantities of goods to produce a more considerable amount by consolidating shipping, leading to lower prices. Everyone can consolidate international orders through the Supply China warehouse .

To send goods to our Chinese address warehousing, you can ask them take videos that can give an in-depth review of every aspect of importing. They can warn you about scams and rip-offs. You can also get useful advice that can help you stand on your feet faster.

-Selecting a sea freight option can be cheaper than air freight and is better for larger shipments.

-Utilize the space in your container to save on shipping costs.

-Plan well in advance which route your goods will take to avoid any unnecessary charges.

-Negotiate rates with suppliers before committing to large orders.

-Consider consolidating smaller orders into one larger shipment.

-Take advantage of Alibaba’s shipping calculators and tools to get the best rates for your business.

-Remember that weight or volume is how Alibaba charges for shipping, so be mindful of how you package your goods.

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Is it Better to Use a freight forwarder or Should I Use Alibaba Myself?

Honourocean shipping is a good choice when it comes to choosing an agent for Alibaba Shipping. The reason for this is that these agents have great inside knowledge in many aspects of the deal you wish to make. These could be documentation, which method is best matching your needs, local terms of purchase, and so on. It is definitely advisable to use an agent if you are new to the business.

Alibaba sellers usually charge extra in addition to the actual shipping cost. sometimes, their product sells at competitive prices, then adds profit to freight costs.

Freight Costs

For freight costs, you first need know about trade term:

Incoterms Explained – A Simple Guide to FOB, DDP and EX Works

Can I Negotiate Better Shipping Rates With a Supplier on Alibaba?

Yes, it is possible to negotiate better shipping rates with suppliers on Alibaba. You can do this by comparing prices and finding the best deal for you. It is important to be clear about your needs and what you expect from the supplier. If they are not able to meet your expectations, it is always best to move on and find a supplier that can.

You should also be sure to have a clear understanding of the shipping process so there are no surprises along the way. This will help avoid any misunderstandings with your supplier and keep the lines of communication open.

In conclusion, by following these tips

  • How much does it cost to ship from China Alibaba?
  • Port of destination Costs This is one of the major costs that a buyer has to face when shipping from Alibaba. Port of destination cost is basically a cost that local authorities impose when your product comes to the destination port. This will include the customs duties, container handling costs, container inspection costs, and others

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What is the Best Way to Ship From Alibaba?

There are a few things to keep in mind when shipping from Alibaba. It is important to find the best way to ship your goods that fits your needs and budget. You should also be aware of the costs associated with each method of shipping. By following these tips, you can reduce Shipping insurance can help reduce your loss when an unpredictable accident happen. And the general formula for insurance cost is 0.05% based on 110% of FOB cost. If you want to cut your budget, don’t do it with insurance. You will never know what will happen during international shipping. Therefore, paying insurance to make it secure is a good decision.

Shipping from China can be expensive, but there are ways to reduce costs.

shipping Methods used to Import from China

Whether you’re sourcing from Alibaba, 1688, or an offline trading company, You all need to choose a suitable shipping method to get your goods to your address safely. So, for all importers, choosing the best shipping method from China to your address is a very crucial part of the whole importing process. Different shipping modes vary greatly in terms of price, timeliness, and weight of the goods, and you must be familiar with the characteristics of different shipping modes to make the right choice

Different Shipping Methods

Express services

express shipping is the quickest and most expensive way to ship goods. It is perfect for small, lightweight items that need to arrive quickly.

Air Freight Shipping

air cargo is a good option for larger or heavier items. It is more expensive than other methods, but it is still cheaper than express shipping.

Sea freight

sea freight is the cheapest way to ship goods, but it takes much longer than other methods. It is a good option for large or heavy items.

-LCL shipping: LCL shipping is a combination of air cargo and sea freight. It is perfect for small shipments that are too large or heavy for air cargo, but not big enough to fill an entire container.

FCL: Full Container Load If you have a large number of goods, you can choose FCL, the freight forwarder will collect your goods into one or several containers. You are the only consignee of this container. The common sizes of standard containers are 20`GP, 40`GP, 40`HQ, and 45`HQ.

How Can You Review Your Alibaba Shipment to Avoid Problems?

Shipment via air takes at least 3 to 10 business days to deliver your products. If you are using the sea freight method, it will take approximately 30-45 days. If you use the railway, it only takes 15 days.

For example, many freight forwarders have opened airline for USA Amazon FBA, They first collect the goods from their customers, and then consolidate the goods in one place, like Guangzhou or Shenzhen. Then they charter a plane and ship the goods directly from Guangzhou to the United States. After U.S. Customs clearance, their partner received it and then separately to each customer, use local partner companies to distribute them to the final destination.

Alibaba Suppliers

If you are looking for starting online sourcing business, Alibaba is the best option for you. That is because the eCommerce site offers a wide availability of suppliers, plus outstanding benefits like trade assurance, etc. to help you in keeping away from scams. Another perk of using Alibaba is the shipping advantages.

Gold Suppliers Alibaba

If it is a trade assurance supplier, they will send you an order in your Alibaba Control Panel confirming your order and transaction details. You can pay for your order via Credit Card, your bank account or AliPay

I’d like to ensure there are controls in place with a reliable supplier so I select trade assurance, which allows me to pay via escrow after I receive my goods.

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Alibaba Verified Supplier

An Alibaba verified supplier is a company that has been checked and approved by Verified suppliers have met certain criteria, including having a good credit rating and providing accurate information about their company.

To become a verified supplier on, companies must provide accurate information about their company and undergo a credit check. They must also have a good trading history on

Honourocean Shipping

Honourocean shipping is Alibaba verified logistics supplier. we are an Alibaba logistics provider for 5 years.

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Alibaba Logistics Expert

Honourocean is a logistics expert as Alibaba’s golden supplier and verified supplier.

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Honourocean supply door to door including customs clearance and tax price.

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