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Top 10 Freight Forwarder California

Freight forwarding is a reliable way of sending goods. It involves use of logistic companies for transportation and delivery of goods. Are you in California, thinking of ways to get your goods transferred or delivered? Thinking of ways to find a  logistic company to transport your goods in California? This article highlights top 10 freight forwarding companies in California. 1. World courier: World courier assists in delivery of medical and pharmaceutical goods. They provide quality and timely services to their prospective clients. Their service includes; world transport services, timely storage, and emergency logistical support. 2. Nationwide Transport services (Nationwide): Founded in 2009 by Jason Fortz. Nationwide transport service is one of the industry’s leading logistic transport companies. The company transports almost all type of freights. Their haulage trucks come with satellite tracking GPS. This allows you to track and watch your goods when they are on the move. 3. Dart warehouse corporation: The company was founded in 1938 by Rod Dedeaux. Dart Warehouse Corporation has 5 operating divisions serving facilities throughout North America. The company is a third-party logistics company and supply chain management leader. They help maintain extended distribution and warehousing solutions. 4. ETC international freight system ETC international freight system is a California based forwarding company. It is one of the independent experts that help with freight forwarding, either by land, air or sea. The company handles both commercial and industrial freight forwarding. Also, they give you access to good tracking and monitoring. 5. OIA global logistics OIA

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Top 10 Philippines Freight Forwarders

In the Philippines, freight forwarding is a booming industry. Freight forwarders in the country can be classified into four categories: airfreight, oceanfreight, harbor-to-door and door-to-door. In this blog post we will highlight 10 of the best freight forwarder companies in the Philippines that have been operating for more than 3 years or have been accredited by FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). The worldwide supply chain logistics is a bit difficult to deal with. Freight transportation eases the supply chain of goods. This process comes with many challenges. These include fluctuations in cargo cost. There are also changes in import regulation or tariff. You should choose an efficient freight forwarder. It will be responsible for most of the related shipping steps. The freight forwarders smoothen every process to assist their client. This includes order fulfillment to managing documentation. Logistics Industry in Philippines Trust in the expertise provided by the very best of the logistics industry. Philippines freight forwarders have the experience and resources to take your company’s shipping needs global. Based in Manila with an international network of partners , they can offer you services for all your business needs. They have been in business for many years, and their experience is one of the main reasons why they are considered as one of the best logistics companies to work with . They provide freight forwarding services that include door-to-door service from the origin country to destination cargo handing country worldwide, warehousing & distribution, customs brokerage, inventory management for various industries,

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