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Reading through this article you will find important information regarding global fulfillment services. Furthermore, we will also tell you all about their several forms as well. Based on these, you can select which type of this service would serve you best in your business operations. There are numerous options to choose from. However, it is important to identify and pick the right match for you. The reason is because this decision will potentially save you time and money as well. Hence, it will be beneficial for both you and your customer, thereby creating a long-term win-win situation for both parties.

Worldwide Shipping and Fulfillment - How it Works

When using global fulfillment services, you are provided with an external warehouse. This will assemble and deliver the orders you receive. This global solution is especially useful if you have surpassed the holding capacities of your existing warehouse(s). It also comes in handy if you simply do not wish to handle shipping operations. These services will work for you with high accuracy. Thanks to this, they ensure your ability to keep up with today’s trends and strengthen your reputation as a reliable supplier. Even with high customer demands.

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Let’s Learn the Basics - What is Shipping and Fulfillment?

When we talk about shipping and fulfillment fundamentally we refer to the process of placing the goods into the consumer’s hands. This process of course starts with an order being placed. After that, it ends with the product successfully and safely being received by the customer. However, in the case of a returned product, this process will become part of the shipping and fulfillment process.

A Beginner’s Guide - What is Global Fulfillment?

Understanding the benefits of global fulfillment is key. This will allow you to know and choose the best option for your business. It will help you customize your business for your specific needs. This service is an international chain of third-party warehouses. They will store and deliver your goods intercontinentally. The state of the art system will allow the user to set up their account and manage their operations easily and hassle-free.

Basic Questions - What Are 3PL Warehouses Good for?Add Your Heading Text Here

Third-party logistics warehouses are committed to stocking, preserving and keeping track of their client’s goods in their facilities. Thereby, they provide an efficient and speedy service. They operate with a number of partners, procedures and distribution schemes.

What does a 3PL Do?

If you are to use third-party logistics services, you need to understand the reason why it is worth it for you to do so. It is quite simple: a 3PL service allows you to attend the most crucial parts of your business. They do so by taking over the responsibility of storing, shipment and everything in between.

Global Shipping Has Never Been Easier - How E-Commerce Fulfillment Works

save money

E-commerce fulfillment is everything that happens after an order has been received. This could include among others the processes of

  • selecting the right product
  • Packaging, and the
  • distribution to the buyer’s address.

1. Connect 3PL Shipping

No matter the goods your business sells. However, iit is important to connect and merge the e-commerce store with the fulfillment center on every platform you conduct sales. You need to do so in order to create a smooth and easy channel of communication. This will allow the purchases to go directly to the employee and will take care of packaging and delivery.

2. Store your Inventory in our China Warehouse

If you expect to have a rapid pace of sales, it is the right choice to operate using fulfillment center warehouses. These will aid you in storing and then getting your products out there quickly. Though if you expect them to stay a while before a sale, you might want to choose a traditional storage unit instead. These warehouses are designed to be used for fast turnover and may charge you additional storage fees for prolonged storing.

3. Order Placed

Once an order is placed from your customer, our 3PL services will register and act upon them quickly and in an accurate manner. This is important in order to create and maintain a short time of delivery.

4. Order Packed and Shipped the Same-Day

After registering the order, the right product will be identified and placed in the matching box by a warehouse employee. The parcel then will be rapidly on its way to your customer. Accuracy and speed of course are of the utmost importance. Therefore, finding the right 3PL service is just as significant.

Our International Fulfillment Services

These services are user friendly and designed to be easily accessible and rapid to set up. However, in order to have them serve you the best way, you need to familiarize yourself with what you as a supplier can do to ensure your success.

100% Temperature Controlled Facility with a Company – Wide Focus on Quality

Apart from rapid registering and delivery, our services will provide excellent storage within our warehouses. These warehouses are working with temperature control, ensuring all our clients and their products are matched with excellent care.

Same-Day Delivery – Submit your Order by 2 PM to Ship the Same day

Submit your orders before 2 PM in order to keep up with the customers’ expectations of speedy delivery times. This way we will ensure you of same day delivery!

Beginner’s Guide – How the Cloud-Based Warehouse Management System Works

A cloud-based management system, or WMS, makes it possible and easy for you to link your business operations rapidly and efficiently. This includes, among others, complete warehouse management and operations as well as employee efficiency optimization.

Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Certified

In order to be a fulfilled prime certified seller on Amazon, you need to have conducted at least 30 Premium Shipping (Same-Day or Two-Day Shipping) within the previous 30 days. Besides, you must have great scores in the areas of tracking IDs (94% or higher), on time deliveries (minimum of 96%) and cancellation rates (lower than 1%).

FBA Prep Services

When conducting FBA preparation services, you are preparing your list of products to be sent to Amazon. This mainly means paying attention to packaging and labeling. However, some sellers might wish their products to go through a checkup as well.

Global E-Commerce Fulfillment

Conducting e-commerce fulfillment on a global scale has never been easier. The two options below are reliable and are of high speed and accuracy. 

Amazon Fulfillment – How we Help Amazon Customers

As a 3PL provider, we help Amazon sellers to fulfill their products purchased on Amazon fast, conveniently, and with full transparency through FBM. With the help of our world-class customer service, you can manage your inventory storage, order fulfillment, and shipping. Additionally, we also need to mention that there are no strict requirements for your Amazon exclusive orders either.

Shopify Order Fulfillment – Shopify Uses a Smart AI System to Satisfy their Customers as Best as Possible

If you wish to use Shopify fulfillment, all you need is a warehouse that is able to take and conduct orders via email. This service uses AI with which it gives the most accurate suggestions for your customers. The AI also considers physical proximity between them and your product in order to maintain speed of delivery. That is how this system will keep your customers satisfied at all times. This smart system will inform you about which stock keeping units to restock based on trends, sales and available days for the required operations.

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