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Honourocean is your ideal partner for seamless freight forwarding, specializing in shipping between China and Malawi and vice versa. Our team, rich in experience and expertise, ensures efficient shipment from China to Malawi.

We stay ahead by closely monitoring market trends and adapting to any changes. Our dedicated customs team diligently studies international customs policies, offering you hassle-free customs assistance.

Our strong partnerships with leading airlines and shipping companies, including ET, TK, QR, CZ airlines, and MSC, Evergreen, APL, OOCL, guarantee available space and cost-effective shipping from China to Malawi.

Honourocean is committed to maintaining high standards of organization and efficiency in all operations, offering comprehensive support for all your shipping needs from China to Malawi.

shipping from china to malawi

sea to malawi

shipping from china to malawi

China Honourocean is a global NVOCC.we offer both FCL (full container load) and LCL (less than container load) ocean freight between China and Malawi.

Main transit ports used are Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen in China

Our network covers all major Malawian destinations including Lilongwe, Blantyre, Mzuzu for container delivery.

air freight to malawi

Air freight from china to malawi

  • We provide door-to-door air freight solutions between major airports in China and Malawi.
  • Transit times are typically 4-6 days from China to Lilongwe and Blantyre airports.
  • Both direct and transhipment options are available depending on the origin/destination.
  • Main airline partners include Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways.

Door to door shipping from china to malawi

  • door-to-door delivery for both air and sea freight, taking care of the entire transport chain.
  •  we provide pickup from the shipper’s location in China, handle port and customs clearance, and final delivery to the consignee’s premises in Malawi.
  • Our own trucks and partner companies in China and Malawi provide the inland haulage service
dhl malawi

DHL shipping to malawi

  • As a DHL Service Partner, they can pick up DHL packages from shippers in China and deliver to final recipients in Malawi.
  • Transit time is typically 3-5 days from pickup in China to delivery in major Malawian cities.
  • They handle the Malawi customs clearance process for all DHL shipments.
  • Packages are tracked throughout the transit journey using DHL systems.

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Additional services for shipping from China to Ghana

pick up

Pick up and delivery

We will pick up your goods in any city in China.


Honourocean provides free warehousing services for any of your goods

cargo insurance

The cargo insurance protects your goods all the way to any city of Malawi

Best shipping freight service from China to Malawi with DDP

Honour Ocean shipping supply air freight,sea freight DDP to Malawi ( door to door including custom clearance and tax )

China Honourocean simplifies shipping from China to Malawi by managing the entire door-to-door process on your behalf. Their local networks help avoid any hassle during inland transport and clearance.

Shipping to Malawi: Cost & Customs Charges

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as top 5 logistics companies in china to malawi, Our service includes:

1. air freight from China to malawi;

2. shipping to malawi;

3. DDP shipping from China

4. we can support sourcing from 1688, Pingduoduo China, then arrange door-to-door Malawi delivery for customers.

Shipping a package from China to Malawi

we are an international courier service agent like DHL, FedEx, or UPS. They have extensive networks that reach Malawi and can handle the customs clearance process.

Get Express Shipping in Malawi through Honourocean! At Honourocean our customers have already obtained the best shipping rates by comparing international courier companies, so you can find the best price for what you need. Click here to send a package to Malawi.

package to malawi

Air Freight Shipping from China to Malawi

Here is the table showing the air freight rates from Shenzhen airport to Blantyre, Malawi,updated Feb-2024

Weight Category (KG)Rate (RMB/KG)Rate (USD/KG)

Here is the table showing the air freight rates from Shenzhen airport to Lilongwe (LLW), Malawi, updated feb-2024

Weight Category (KG)Rate (RMB/KG)Rate (USD/KG)

How Much Is The Air Freight Bill For Shipping From China To Malawi?

The cost of air freight shipping from China to Malawi typically ranges between USD 1 and USD 4.80 per kilogram of goods. Additionally, there is an option for door-to-door shipping service from China to Malawi.

Air Freight From China to Malawi Process

Air freight from China to Malawi streamlines the transportation of packages and commodities via aircraft, which could be either commercial or charter flights. This method synergizes with other shipping methods like rail and sea, cementing its place as a highly effective option for global exporting and importing in the 21st century.

The air transport sector has evolved to offer a proficient and rapid means of transporting goods. Engaging a freight forwarder involves several critical steps to ensure smooth operations. Here’s a breakdown of the essential stages in the air cargo process, crucial for a successful shipment from China to Malawi.

  1. Preparation of Shipment: This initial stage involves gathering and packaging goods for customers. Proper packaging is crucial for the safe transport of goods, and a detailed packing list must accompany the shipment.

  2. Truck Transfer: Once packed, the goods are transferred to the airport by truck. Selecting a reliable company with quality trucks ensures the safety of your goods. It’s also advisable to secure shipping insurance at this stage.

  3. Documentation: A critical part of the process involves the preparation of transport documents by the shipping company. These documents detail the goods, payment, shipping schedule, and other pertinent information. They are vital for tracking and verifying your shipment, so ensure you receive these documents once the goods are handed over to the company.

  4. Arrival and Collection: Finally, the goods are flown to the destination. Upon arrival, they are stored in a special warehouse at the airport. After undergoing certain procedures and inspections, customers can then collect their goods from the warehouse.

Each of these steps is integral to the air freight process, ensuring your goods are transported from China to Malawi efficiently and securely.

How Much Is The Market Price Of DHL And FedEx Express Shipping From China To Malawi?

Here are some estimated price ranges for DHL and FedEx express shipping from China to Malawi:

DHL Express

  • 1kg package: $45 – $65

  • 5kg package: $100 – $150

  • 10kg package: $150 – $250

  • 20kg package: $250 – $350

Surcharges may apply for remote origins/destinations, oversize packages, etc.

FedEx Express

  • 1kg FedEx International Priority: $60 – $100

  • 5kg FedEx International Priority: $150 – $250

  • 10kg FedEx International Priority: $250 – $400

  • 20kg FedEx International Economy: $350 – $550

Surcharges may apply for fuel, remote delivery, etc.

Key notes:

  • Prices vary based on exact origin/destination cities.

  • Door-to-door delivery time is 5-7 days.

  • Customs duties/taxes are not included and paid by recipient.

  • Volume discounts may apply for higher weight shipments.

  • Get an exact quote from carriers using shipment details.

  • Freight forwarders can sometimes negotiate better rates.

I’d recommend getting an up-to-date quote directly from DHL and FedEx using your shipment specifics to get an accurate estimate of market pricing. Let me know if you need any other details!

Is DHL Express Shipping Available From China To Malawi?

Indeed DHL Express transport is offered between Shenzhen,Beijing shanghai and Malawi. Approximately three days for DHL ships are required for delivery to Malawi. The company provides clients with a door-to-door shipment service.

FedEx Express Shipping from China to Malawi

DHL and FedEx are offering cheap shipments between China and Malawi. Likewise, they have excellent customer service quality when it comes to sending products from China to Malawi. They also offer pick-up services.

Why choose Honourocean to ship my goods by air to Malawi?

You should seriously consider shipping your goods via air freight if any of the following apply:

  1. Your cargo is fragile or has a short shelf-life.

  2. Your goods are required urgently in Malawi.

  3. Your consignment is small, including just a few pallets of goods.

  4. Your recipient in Malawi is situated closer to an international airport than a seaport.

  5. Your cargo is valuable and will benefit from the tight security measures taken by airlines and airport operators.


Air cargo is indeed very quick and under five days you’re sure to get your shipment.
Sea freight is rather slower compared to air freight and you are expected to receive your cargo for over a month.


It cost more to transport your goods via air freight compared with other shipping, but it will guarantee that your cargo arrives safely and in good time.


The chances for your package been stolen via air shipping is low. This is an issue that influences sea shipping although this has been on the decrease in the past.

What Is The Sea Freight Cost Of Shipping From China To Malawi?

Sea freight shipping updated Feb 2024

Sea Freight Cost Estimates: shenzhen china to LILONGWE

Container Type:

  • 20ft GP Container

    • Estimated Base Rate: $3,000 – $5,000

  • 40ft GP Container

    • Estimated Base Rate: $5000- $7500

  • 40ft HC Container

    • Estimated Base Rate:$5000- $7500

LCL (Less than Container Load):

  • Cost per Cubic Meter: $100 – $200

  • Cost per KG: $0.50 – $2

Port Charges:

  • Origin Port Handling: $150 – $350

  • Dest. Port Charges: $300 – $500


  • BAF, Security, Documentation fees

Transit Time:

  • Approx. 35-45 days from China to Malawi Lilongwe

These costs can fluctuate based on several factors including the exact route, season, and demand for shipping services.if need new freight, pls contact with us online .

How Long Does It Take To Ship From China To Malawi By Ocean Freight?

The shipping period between the two nations takes between 35-45 days. In addition sea shipping, the customs process may take more time. Sea transport takes longer than air transportation between China and Malawi.

DDP Shipping From China To Malawi

Honour ocean supply air and sea ddp freight Malawi.

the DDP freight now is about 200-250 USD/CBM.(feb 2024)

if need new freight, you can contact us. 

Which Is cheapest way For Shipping From China To Malawi?

The cheapest option for most cargo shipments from China to Malawi is sea freight. Full container load (FCL) sea freight rates range from $1,000-$3,500 depending on the container size.

However, for small package shipments under 50-100kg, air freight can sometimes be cheaper than paying for an entire container. Normal air freight rates from China to Malawi range from $3-11 per kg.

So in summary:

  • For large volume or heavy cargo, full container sea freight is cheapest.

  • For small packages under 50kg, air freight is likely the cheapest.

  • For consolidated less than container (LCL) sea shipments between 50-1000kg, sea freight is often still cheaper but depends on the rate per kg.

  • Air freight door-to-delivery time is much faster at 1-2 weeks, versus 3-4 weeks for sea.

  • Perishable or urgent cargo may need air freight despite higher costs.

Getting quotes from forwarders for both sea and air freight based on weight, volume and time sensitivity is the best way to determine the cheapest shipping method from China to Malawi.

Who Pays The Import Duty To Ship Goods From China To Malawi?

Here are some key points on who pays import duties when shipping to Malawi:

  • The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) collects customs duties and taxes on imports arriving in Malawi.
  • The importer or receiver of the goods in Malawi is responsible for paying any applicable duties and taxes.
  • Payment is made when clearing the shipment through Malawian customs at the port or airport.
  • Duty rates depend on the type of commodity, value, and origin. An MRA agent can provide specifics.
  • The shipping carrier or freight forwarder will likely require confirmation that duties will be paid before releasing the cargo.
  • If using DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) terms, the shipper covers duties but this is uncommon for Malawi imports.
  • The shipper in China has no liability for import duties, unless explicitly agreed in the sales contract.
  • Any exemptions would need to be filed by the importer in Malawi prior to shipment.

How long does it take to ship from China to Malawi?

Generally the transport time from the Chinese mainland to Malawi can range from 35 – 45 days on sea freight ships.

Air shipping to Malawi typically takes around 6-7 days. Express transport of goods from China to Malawi such as DHL and Fedex takes between 2-7 days.

Choose Honourocean as the freight forwarder partnership. honourocean will provide you with the best quality shipping products, and services.

Can I Reduce The Shipping Cost From China To Malawi?

  1. Choosing the Right Mode of Transportation: Selecting the appropriate transportation mode based on the quantity and urgency of your goods is crucial. Sea freight is generally more economical for larger shipments, while air freight or express services are better for urgent or smaller shipments​​​​.

  2. Optimizing Packaging

  3. Consolidating Shipments

  4. Utilizing a Local Freight Forwarder

  5. Avoiding Sensitive Cargo

  6. Avoiding Shipping During Chinese Holidays


What Happens If Customs Hold My Package When I Ship From China To Malawi?

Do not panic. It was Customs that held up the parcel. It would help if you cleared all taxes. Please verify your documents have been sent from China. A further step is to verify if the package contains only the goods allowed by the Chinese to Malawi. It’s possible to seek support from a brokerage agent and your cargo transportation agent. Honourocean provides a trouble-free shipping process and, efficient immigration. Choose Hart Worldwide Logistics Limited for freight forwarding and delivery partners.

Does Alibaba ship to Malawi?

yes, Alibaba provides an extensive range of delivery services for Malawi which caters for the diverse demands of B2C transactions. It provides centralized warehouse and logistics support services for warehouses aimed at improving shipping processes.

Honour ocean shipping are 14 years alibaba logistics service provider .

More detail for The Ultimate Guide for Alibaba Shipping


Which Items Are Prohibited To Ship From China To Malawi?

Here are some of the key prohibited and restricted items for shipping from China to Malawi:

  • Narcotics and illegal drugs – Includes marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc.

  • Obscene and immoral materials – Pornography, erotic content, etc.

  • Counterfeit goods – Fake/replica items violating trademarks.

  • Weapons and explosives – Firearms, ammunition, fireworks, etc.

  • Radioactive materials – Requires special permits.

  • Endangered animals and plants – Ivory, rhino horns, etc.

  • Alcohol and tobacco – Subject to duties, quotas and restrictions.

  • Meat and dairy – Must meet sanitary import regulations.

  • Political or religious literature – May be subject to censorship.

  • Foreign currency and gold – Subject to declaration and restrictions.

  • Telecommunication equipment – Requires permits from regulators.

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