A Comprehensive Guide of Shipping from China to India

Shipping from China to India guide

India is becoming a major global trading partner, making shipping from China to India an increasingly important part of international commerce. With a growing number of Indian businesses shipping products from China, understanding the process of how to ship products from China to India is essential.

Whether you are a business owner or individual looking to purchase goods from China, this guide will provide the necessary information to help make your shipping process seamless and efficient.

Honourocean Shipping provides professional shipping solutions with an extensive experience in international transport logistics. We are a highly knowledgeable organization that can offer a wide variety of knowledge with decades of experience. We’ll help you determine what shipping strategy is best for your company requirements. Honourocean Shipping can provide you with the best cheapest & highest quality services from China to India.

Costs of Import From China To UK

sea freight

Shipping from china to India

we arrange sea freight from China to India. We also provide you with customs clearance service and arrange all necessary documentation on your behalf.

Air Shipping

Air shipping from china to India

We ship your goods via air freight shipping from China to India. We provide air freight services at an affordable shipping cost from any city of China to India.

Door to door shipping from china to India

One of our advantage of shipping way from China to India is door to door shipping for your deliveries. We provide door to door shipping at a low freight cost from China to India.


Rail freight from china to India

We provide rail freight services from China to India via The Yiwu – London Railway Lin. Rail freight is more affordable and reduces your shipping from China to India cost.

Express shipping china

We provided courier from china to India. including DHL China to India; ups shipping from china to India and so on courier service from china to India.

Customs Clearance India and China

We specialize in providing customs clearance services from China to India. We have our own customs department, researching customs policies of both India and China for early clearance.

Cheap shipping from china to India

  • When shipping by sea, there are two main transit types: FCL and LCL. FCL is when an entire container is used to ship your products, while LCL is when your products share space with other people’s products in the same container – also known as groupage. If you’re shipping large volumes and can fill a container, it makes sense to choose FCL 
  • Generally speaking, FCL is a better option if you’re shipping a large volume of goods or items that are sensitive to damage (e.g., electronics). LCL is ideal for small shipments or if you’re just getting started with importing from China. It’s also worth noting that LCL rates are calculated per cubic meter, so be sure to factor that into your decision.then LCL shipping (also known as groupage) offers a more economical way to ship smaller quantities that make up less than half of the volume of a full container

cost of shipping 20ft/40ft container from china to India 2022

FCL(full container load), Full Containerload, equates to filling a 20′ or 40′ container full with all the necessary materials. When importing fcl you can save time by sending fcl in large quantities. Price for FCL can vary depending on whether or not container is full. .Regular customers of a shipping company always get a reasonable price, cooperate shipping company :such as COSCO, CMA, ONE, MSK, MSC, etc.

LCL shipping from china to India

LCL (less than container load) means you cannot fill all containers and are delivered in addition to other containers or pallets. Note: During LCL shipment the goods must occupy a unified destination port and have to be consolidated. This is the reason LCL ship times are longer than FCL.

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Additional services for shipping from China to India

pick up

Pick up and delivery

We will pick up your goods in any city in China.


Honourocean provides free warehousing services for any of your goods

cargo insurance

The cargo insurance protects your goods all the way to any city of India

freight forwarders

We are proud to be one of the leading freight forwarders in the India offering specialized logistics services for Amazon’s FBA to freight forwarders, brokers, Amazon sellers, and suppliers. India bonded warehouse & storage facility with distributions as well as packing services.

Shipping agent from china to India-Honouroceanshipping

as top 5 logistics companies in china to India, Our service includes:

1. air freight from china to India;

2. shipping from china to India prices;

3. Ddp shipping from china

4.we can support buying from china to India, then arrange door to door India delivery for customers.

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Sea freight&Container Shipping from China to India

Sea freight is the most popular option for shipping from China to India. It is an economical way to transport large volumes of goods and offers a reliable service with fixed delivery times.

Less than Container Load (LCL): If you prefer to use ocean freight to export from China to India, you don’t necessarily have to rent a container. Less-than-container-load (LCL) shipping is a lower-cost option if you typically export smaller consignments of goods.

Instead of renting a container, you can work with an LCL freight forwarder to have your merchandise consolidated with other shippers’ goods. They can then be sent by carrier in a shared shipping container from India to China.

Full Container Load (FCL): If you are importing from China to India on a larger scale and can fill a shipping container, FCL shipping will require less time than FCL. It will also cost less (when calculated on a cost-per-unit basis). Of course, the cost of container rental is considerable. Nevertheless, the shipping cost for the freight inside will be far less than the equivalent LCL fees for the same volume.

Major ports in India

The major ports in India that receive shipments of cargo from China include:

  • Mumbai

  • Kolkata

  • Chennai

  • New Delhi

  • Vishakhapatnam

These ports are used both for imports and exports between the two countries. Depending on the port your goods are being shipped to, they may be subject to different taxes and duties in India. It is important to research and understand the customs regulations and paperwork that must be completed prior to shipping from China.

Air freight from China to India

Air freight is another popular option for shipping from China to India. It is a faster and more reliable way to ship goods, with delivery times of about 3–5 days. Air freight can be arranged through an international courier or logistics company, providing door-to-door service which includes pickup from supplier, necessary paperwork, tracking and insurance.

Major airports in India

The major airports in India that receive shipments of cargo from China include:

  • New Delhi

  • Mumbai

  • Kolkata

  • Bangalore

  • Hyderabad

Again, depending on the airport your goods are being shipped to in India, they may be subject to different taxes and duties. It is important to research and understand all necessary paperwork prior to shipping from China.

How to import from China to India?

Learn the associated trade terms while importing goods from China

International trade involves the use of several trade terms that are understood by any trader all over the world. These are referred to as Incoterms and are used all over the world.  

  • FOB (Free on Board)

Free on Board of FOB trade agreement specifies who needs to bear the liability for goods if they get damaged while in transit. If a trade agreement states the FOB shipping point, then it implies that the seller has to bear the risk of loss until the goods are shipped. 

FOB destination means that the seller has to bear the risk of loss until the goods reach the buyer. This term is usually used while sending goods in non-containerized inland waterway transport or sea freight. You can have complete control over your order if you opt for this incoterm. 

  • CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight)

This is the most commonly used incoterm. Under this incoterm, you will have to bear the cost of your cargo shipment and customs clearance at the port of destination in India. You need to take up the responsibility of transporting the cargo to your warehouse. Your supplier will take care of shipping the cargo to the port; manage customs clearance at the port of origin. Once the goods are delivered to the destination port, the responsibility shifts to you. 

  • EXW (Ex Works)

Under this incoterm, you have to take up certain responsibilities. You will have to manage the cost cargo and also customs clearance at both ports of origin and destination. You will also have to take care of freight charges and the insurance cover over your imported goods. Your supplier will just deliver the goods to your chosen freight forwarder’s location and provide them the necessary documents required further. The maximum responsibility is on your under this incoterm.  

  • DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid)

This incoterm vests the responsibility forthe delivery of goods on your supplier. This includes paying for transportation at the port of origin, customs clearance, and insurance. Once the goods have been delivered, the responsibility shifts to you.

  • DDP (Delivered Duty Paid)

This incoterm holds the supplier in China responsible for shipping your cargo to your chosen destination in India. Your supplier is responsible for paying for the customs clearance and taxes during the shipment. This incoterm puts maximum responsibility on the supplier. 

Step 1: Check trade laws in China and India

Each country has its own specific laws and regulations when it comes to importing and exporting.

When you’re importing from China to India, this means being aware, or at the very least working with a logistics partner that is aware, of the regulations in both countries.

Staying informed is crucial to your business, as breaking the law could be a huge legal headache, not to mention potentially causing financial difficulties for your company. 

When it comes to importing, having the right documents ready every time is of the utmost importance.

Step 2: Decide what you are importing

 For each business, being aware of the market is crucial for success.

While you may find a commodity that you like, be sure to check that there is enough demand for it and that, in cases where there are other suppliers, you are serving a need they aren’t providing.

Step 3: Choose a viable shipping method

Depending on your volume and regularity of shipping, choosing the right method of transportation could be crucial for your business.

While obviously air freight is going to be more expensive, it also offers advantages in speed, which could mean that it is an economically viable option.

Step 4: Find a supplier

Locating and ordering from a supplier is, of course, a vital step.

When you start to regularly ship, you may start building a relationship with your supplier, one that can have mutually beneficial outcomes for both sides.

The ideal scenario is to receive high-quality goods while your supplier receives consistent business.

Chinese suppliers can be found via a variety of means.

For example, there are very famous websites that act as a portal for Chinese businesses, and you can find websites that offer business-to-business and business-to-client services. Another option may be to visit Chinese trade fairs.

While this takes a lot more planning, seeing products in person and getting to speak to their representatives can be well worth the time and money it takes to travel.

Your freight forwarding agents may also be a great source of information. Their jobs involve the logistical planning of goods and cargo, so it’s very likely they’ll have a lot of contacts already in the Chinese industry.

Feel free to get in contact with us and let us know your business, and we can do our best to find you a suitable partner.

Finally, specialist Chinese sourcing companies may be an option, as they provide a service based on sourcing what you need from China and save the hassle of going through long lists of suppliers. 

As a company with a long history of freight logistics, we have experience in this field, so if you are looking for help with price negotiation or transportation logistics, then let us know and we’ll help you get the best price and arrangement for your business. 

Step 5: Check and estimate your tax liability.

Each country has its own tax and customs regime, and if you’re importing from China to India,

India’s customs rates vary from 0 to 37.5 percent, with a typical duty rate of about 5.63 percent.

Make sure you know ahead of time what the fees will be, as this will affect your business plan.

Step 6: Define your incoterms

International Trade- know your incoterms

Incoterms refer to the internationally recognized rules governing global trade. 

These regulations cover the various responsibilities that exist along the supply chain.

Such rules could be about who is responsible for monitoring shipments or making payments at certain stages in the process. 

Make sure you’re familiar with them.

Step 7: Customs clearance from China to India

Customs clearance can be frustrating, but it’s a necessary part of doing business internationally.

Make sure you are aware of all the stages, including declaration, obtaining permits, warehousing (if needed), and exiting the goods.

Step 8: Hiring a freight forwarder

Transporting goods is a complex procedure, which is why businesses of all sizes choose to use freight forwarders to help them get their goods from A to B.

Experienced freight forwarders such as ourselves know exactly what it takes to ship goods from one country to another, and we can handle your goods from door-to-door, port-to-port, or anywhere in between.

Hiring a freight forwarder to handle the bureaucracy and logistics of international trade can be a very economical decision. Get in contact with us today, and we’ll arrange a quote for you.

How to import from Alibaba to India?

For those looking to buy products in bulk from Chinese suppliers, Alibaba is a popular option. It is an e-commerce platform where you can find a wide variety of products from around the world. When importing from Alibaba to India, however, it is important to keep in mind the steps involved and necessary paperwork requirements.

The first step is to search for suppliers on the platform, evaluate potential options and contact them directly. You should then get quotes from different suppliers and compare prices, quality and shipping information before making a purchase decision.

Once you have chosen a supplier and placed an order, it is important to check their paperwork requirements before making payment. In most cases, suppliers will require a purchase order, packing list, invoice and other documents depending on the type of goods being shipped.

Once the paperwork is complete and payment has been made, the supplier will arrange shipment to India according to the schedule. It is advisable to track your shipment closely during transit to ensure timely delivery.

Upon arrival in India, you will be required to pay customs duties and taxes before the goods can be released for delivery.


It is important to note that when shipping from China to India, you must have the correct documentation prepared in order for your goods to be cleared through customs.

Common documents include:

  • A commercial invoice

  • Packing list

  • Bill of lading

  • Air waybill

  • Certificate of origin

  • Import license

It is essential to research and understand the necessary paperwork prior to shipping from China, as failure to do so may result in delays or even seizure of goods by customs authorities in India.

Customs process

Once your paperwork is in order, the goods will be sent to a designated customs office in India. The customs process involves

  1. Submitting documents

  2. Paying duties and taxes

  3. Getting clearance from the government

Depending on the type of goods being imported, this process could take several days or weeks. After all necessary paperwork and payment of taxes and duties are finalized, the goods will be released from customs and delivered according to the shipping schedule.

It is important to bear in mind that customs inspections may also delay or even prevent delivery if any discrepancies are found in the paperwork or items being imported. Thus, it is essential to ensure all documents are complete and accurate prior to submitting them to customs.

Popular products imported from China to India

Here are the most profitable products imported from China.

  • Clothes

  • Toys

  • Sports equipment

  • Electronic goods and machinery

  • Mobile phone accessories

  • Footwear and accessories

  • Cosmetic products

  • Auto parts and tires

  • Transport equipment

China presents a myriad of options to any buyer. Choose a product that fits well into the current market requirement in India.

Prohibited items for importing from China into India

All governments release a list of items prohibited from being exported into their country. There are certain items that you cannot import into India. If you do so, the customs officials will confiscate the items at the destination port.

Hence, it is essential to be aware of what is allowed and what is not.

  • Wildlife and associated products

  • Obscene materials

  • Narcotic drugs

  • Pirated goods that infringe intellectual property rights

  • Antiquities

  • Certain chemicals

  • Literature and maps that depict inappropriate information about the external boundaries of India

It is best to identify the prohibited items from being imported into India from the concerned departments. You will be provided with a detailed list.

Transit times from China to India

The time taken is not the same to ship goods from China to India. The transit time is dependent on the loading ports, destination ports and the container system opted. LCL shipments take more time to be delivered.

On average, it takes 20 days for your shipment to reach to your destination from China. 

Shipping Costs from China to India

It is also a popular cargo container used to ship from China to India in many places. A 40 foot container can accommodate cargo of up to 4000 pounds or 958kg or 19 pallets. 40 ft containers cost is around $4,000.

Cargo shipping from china to india shipping cost vary according to shipping method. Secondly, the product types, shipping period, etc. is a factor. We will talk about shipping costs from China to India.

Air freight: Air freight is the fastest shipping method, with quick delivery times and minimal damage risk. However, it can be very expensive due to high shipping costs and fuel surcharges.

Ocean shipping: Ocean freight shipping is cheaper than air freight but takes much longer to arrive. It also carries a higher risk of damage or loss of goods during transit.

Express shipping: Express shipping offers a fast and reliable delivery option for smaller, lighter items. It is also relatively economical compared to air freight and other shipping methods.

Rail freight: Rail freight is the cheapest and slowest shipping option, taking up to several weeks for delivery. It is best suited for large items that don’t need to be delivered quickly.

It also depends on factors such as transit time, port fees and documentation charges. Depending on your shipment requirements, you can compare and select the most cost-effective option.

FAQs about shipping from China to India

How to be exempted of duties and taxes?

Because there aren’t any Free Trade Agreements between the two countries, the possibility of being exempt from taxes is very small. Complementary to this, India has one of the most difficult customs clearance processes and laws in the world. If you combine these two factors, it explains why most Indian importers are asking freight forwarders to handle the customs procedures. With our great experience between the two countries, we can take care of all this procedure and its inherent paperwork. Just let us know.

What is the cheapest way of shipping from China to India?

The cheapest way of shipping from China to India is via ocean freight. This method typically offers the lowest price and slowest delivery time option, but it can still get your goods delivered in 4-6 weeks.

Tell me the import tax in India?

The import tax in India varies, depending on the type of goods being imported. Generally, all imports are subject to a Basic Customs Duty (BCD) set at varying rates and an Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST). Other taxes may also apply depending on the specific item or product category. For more detailed information regarding import taxes for specific products, it is best to contact the Indian customs authorities.

Is import from China allowed in India?

Before importing into China, a company has to first obtain its IEC-registered export codes from the Department of Foreign Trade.

How to ship China products to India?

Approximately 80% of China’s trade into India is done via ocean freight and not by air. Air transport costs between India and Chinese markets are expensive and are not suitable for larger order volumes. It is possible to take air cargo into account if the goods are highly desirable..

What are the best freight options to send goods from China to India?

There are four options: by sea, air, road, or railway. It depends on how big the volume and weight are, and then you will decide which shipping methods are more appropriate. You must calculate the ration time/cost.

How much tax will I pay for importing goods from China to India?

All imported goods are subject to the Goods & Services Tax (GST), which is assessed at a rate of 10% of the item’s value. Integrated GST, also known as IGST, is an additional tax that is added to the value of imported goods along with any applicable customs duties.

Do customs open every package?

No, they don’t immediately open your package without any reason… They will only instantly check what’s inside your package if: Your package was damaged when it reached the Customs office or desk. The damages can include broken seals, plastic, or any cover on your package.

Is there any hidden charges for the shipping to India?

There are no additional charges other than the regular payment for the shipping cost, but they will ask you to pay the customs duties and taxes as per India’s customs rules and regulations after your shipment arrives in India.

alibaba shipping costs to India?

Alibaba shipping agent: honourocean shipping are alibaba golden supplier for over 5years. 

More detail for The Ultimate Guide for Alibaba Shipping

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