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Freight Forwarding from China to Indonesia

If you are looking for the right shipping service provider to ship your goods from China to Indonesia, then look no further! You have come to the right place. We offer door-to-door services that include door-to-port delivery, port clearance and customs clearance in both countries. Our company is located in shenzhen, which has an extensive network of ports coming into and out of mainland China. This means we can provide our customers with a variety of different options when it comes time to clear their cargo through customs before reaching its final destination.

The worldwide exchange of produce began years ago. Technology expanded the network of commerce and facilitated long distance transactions. Nowadays, international regulations organize this exchange. Every good that crosses an international border is subject to duties and taxes. In this article, we look at the way Indonesia determines the tariffs for imports from China. We also explain the procedures to send a parcel to Indonesia.

Shipping to Indonesia - Customs

Whenever you are shipping boxes to Indonesia, you will be expected to fill out a customs form. A customs form consists of all the relevant information about your package.

Which are the necessary documents to ship to Indonesia?

For goods made in China shipping to Indonesia, you need to present certain documents. An expert forwarder door to door China – Indonesia manages this. They know the logistics, licenses or registrations required for each product.


The basic documents needed are:

  • Commercial invoice signed by the manufacturer or supplier
  • Bill of lading/Air Waybill
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Packing list
  • NIB/Import permit
  • Customs import declaration
  • Receipt of payment of duties and taxes (SSPCP)
  • HS codes of the products

What Are the Customs Procedures in Indonesia?

The flow of shipments from China to Indonesia involves:

  • Get import license and importer identification number.
  • E-commerce transaction (goods and shipping costs).
  • Freight shipping to Indonesia.
  • Notify the Customs Office of incoming freight.
  • Submit import documents.
  • Upon arrival to customs zone, customs officials categorize products into three areas:
  • Green channel
  • Yellow channel: you will need to present more documents.
  • Red channel: goods must undergo physical inspection, and in some cases, re-importation. Reasons for delays: first time importers, incomplete documents and high-risk assets.
  • Dismantle approved goods from transport facilities and transfer to the warehouse.
  • A courier officer opens the goods at the warehouse. Under their supervision, the Directorate General of Customs and Excise inspects them.
  • Package approved items and deliver to the recipient’s address.

For more information on customs tariffs in Indonesia, please refer to the official website of Indonesian Customs.

What are the duties and taxes tariffs in Indonesia?

The valuation method for international shipping Indonesia is CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight). This means calculating the tariffs on the total cost of the goods, freight and insurance.

The total tax (PIB) includes:

  • Import duty: rates vary from 0% to 40%. Some products are free of duty (e.g. books, laptops and other electronic products).
  • Sales tax: value-added tax (VAT) on imports at a standard rate of 10%, or a reduced rate between 0% and 5%.
  • Income tax: charged at 2.5% for registered importers and 7.5% for unregistered ones.
  • Excise: 275% applicable to alcohol and tobacco products.
  • Sales Tax on Luxury Goods: STLG applied to certain products, between 10% and 75%.

Imports within the lowest threshold are exempt from duty. They are still subject to VAT, excise and STLG if applicable.

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What are the trade relations between China and Indonesia?

China and Indonesia have a good balance of trade. In 2016, Indonesia exported US$8.1 billion worth of goods to China, while importing US$17.8 billion worth from China. As a result, the gap in bilateral trade has been steadily decreasing from 2015 to 2016.

In 2012, China and Indonesia signed a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA). The FTA is expected to give both countries greater economic opportunities and lower transaction costs for their economies.

In 2018, China’s President Xi Jinping urged both countries to strengthen cooperation on infrastructure development through promoting investment and procurement cooperation as well as improving connectivity in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Indonesia has preferential trade agreements with China. Both countries have signed bilateral free trade agreements (FTAs).

Which are the prohibited or restricted items when importing to Indonesia?

The Restricted and Banned Goods List regulates international shipping to Indonesia. The Indonesian government calls it the LARTAS list. Importing goods from this list can result in large sanctions and even imprisonment.

Some products prohibited from entering Indonesia are:

  • Narcotics and drugs
  • Pornographic materials
  • Sensitive political materials
  • Firearms, explosives and ammunition (need special license)
  • Guns, sports weapons, hunting rifles (need special license)
  • Used-machine, car and capital goods

Restrictions exist for fresh fruit, vegetables and bulbs. Fish and beef, grains, medicines, health and beauty products also have limitations.

International Shipping

Ship to Indonesia

The most common way to ship to/from Indonesia is by sea freight. The ocean joins the archipelago with many worldwide locations. Yet the busiest lanes connect Indonesia with other Asian countries. China is one of the top destinations for import and export with Indonesia. Popular routes link Indonesian Jakarta and Surabaya with Chinese Shenzhen, GuangZhou, Shanghai and Ningbo and so on main cities.

Honourocean cooperated with shipping company  : MSK, COSCO, EMC, HPL and so on

We offer the following services:

  • Full container loads (FCL) and less than container loads (LCL).
  • DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) & DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid)
  • Port to Port, Door to Door, Door to Port, Port to Door
  • warehouse and other value-added service base customer request
  • Amazon prep service
  • track trace

Cheap Shipping to Indonesia

Our shipping services to Indonesia are growing every day. That’s why our fares to Indonesia will always remain at the best possible rates in the marketplace. 

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Air freight to Indonesia:

 This is Fast Shipping to Indonesia

Time is valuable in international shipping. If you need a fast delivery, air freight is your best option though the cost is higher. Yet shipping to Indonesia by air is easier for carrying shipment across all islands. Consider multi-mode forwarding to Indonesia. For example, use ocean freight to reach one of the major Asian hubs, such as Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. Combine that with a low-cost air freight service to Jakarta, Denpasar or Surabaya. Many air routes ship to Indonesia from China. The major ones are Wuhan, Xiamen, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Postal Service

Express shipping via DHL, UPS or FedEx Express. Economy shipping via FedEx Economy or USPS

USPS is one of our shipping partners for shipping to Indonesia, so if you prefer to use the postal service you can book a variety of USPS services through our shipping calculator

There are some goods that are prohibited or need a special license, but common customer goods are free to enter Indonesia I myself prefer to receive from DHL or TNT since FedEx or UPS charge custom processing service fees from the receiver even for tax-free packages

Economy shipping to Indonesia  

  • EMS Parcel Post – This service offers cheap shipping to Indonesia for parcels up to 66lbs. Tracked with a delivery time of 7-16 business days.
  • International Drop Off – This Parcel Honourocean service offers fully tracked delivery to Indonesia in 2-5 business days at an affordable price.

*Please note that all delivery times are estimates provided by our carriers and are based on major destinations only. For more remote areas, please allow an extra day or two.

Is it necessary to get freight insurance?

It is always advisable to buy an insurance policy when forwarding goods. In this case, the Indonesian government demands for a certificate of insurance. Failure to present this document can result in major delays.

Freight Services Process Simplified

International shipping can be a complex process, especially with regard to documentation, regulations, and routing decisions, customs clearance, and tax, so let us use our skill and 12 years of expertise to take care of it for you!

We can step in to make your international shipping process smoother and easier, allowing you to focus on your business.

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No matter your industry or business size, China Freight can help. We have teams of experts dedicated to serving Canada-based importers like you.

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How long does it take to ship cargo from China to Indonesia?

Delivery times may vary based on your specific location, weather, political forces, and your local Customs Office. When you follow all Indonesian government requirements, the estimated delivery times are:

Express shipping (preferred)transit times:

2 to 4 business days

Economy shipping transit times

5 to 10 business days

Air shipping transit time

3 to 5 days

Sea shipping transit times

Dalian to Jakarta: 20 days

● Dalian to Surabaya: 27 days

● Shanghai to Jakarta: 9 days

● Shanghai to Surabaya: 14 days

● Shanghai to Semarang: 11 days

● Ningbo to Surabaya: 12 days

● Nansha to Jakarta: 7 days

● Nansha to Surabaya: 9 days

● Ningbo to Semarang: 12 days

● Ningbo to Jakarta: 11 days

● Qingdao to Jakarta: 13 days

● Qingdao to Surabaya: 18 days

● Qingdao to Semarang: 17 days

● Xiamen to Jakarta: 11 days

● Guangzhou to Jakarta: 10 days

● Xiamen to Surabaya: 12 days

● Shenzhen to Surabaya: 9 days

● Shenzhen to Jakarta: 9 days

● Changsha to Jakarta: 32 days

Door to door shipping from China to Indonesia

There is no additional cost to you. we arrange one-stop logistics till cargo delivered to home.

HonourOcean solutions Enabling your e-commerce business with flexibility, convenience, and smooth processes. 

To send a parcel from China to Indonesia implies a series of procedures. It is helpful to contract a forwarder door to door from China to Indonesia. The right experience and know-how will guarantee a hassle-free process. Leave the shipping to Indonesia in our capable hands. We arrange customs regulations, import duties, paperwork and taxes. You need not worry about submitting documents, notifying Customs Office, or coordinating freights. Moreover, we organize the lowest tariffs. If you can be exempted from paying any duties and taxes, we will let you know.

For more information on shipping rates, taxes/duties, and everything else

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Shipping Cost

The cost of shipping will depend on the type and weight of your cargo, shipping address,shipping options, as well as the final destination in Indonesia. You can use our shipping calculator to get a rough estimate for your shipment.

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Please note that the final cost depends on product name, weight and volume,ship way

Step 1: check freight base customer reqeust (1-2 hours)

Via some basic information: product name, weight, the volume we send quotation confirm ship way

Step 2: Consolidation(1-3days)

Honourocean contact supply sends the goods to our warehouse or we pick up the goods for you.

Step 3: Shipping by air or sea

We will arrange your goods send to your country(the sea port ,air port ,or door to door).

Step 4: Tracking

When your goods have sent, we will send you the tracking number, you can check the status anytime.

Step 5: Arrival

We will make an appointment to arrange to pick up your goods.Customer will pick up with BL

To book space,Save money?

Normally we book space in advance 2-3days, if peak season, we book in advance 1 or 2 weeks

here is basic knowledge you should know before shipping

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