Top 10 Common Types of Scams On Alibaba

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Top 10 Common Types of Scams On Alibaba

Though Alibaba is a trustworthy platform, some people might try to take advantage of it. This global supplier of goods of endless types is well-known for its high quality and ability to cater to your business’s exact needs. Therefore it is no surprise that it is often the first choice for importing clothes, electronics, or almost any kind of goods that retailers sell. However, this giant and its reputation, therefore, are often attempted to be abused. In the following article, we are going to list to you the top 10 ways people might try to take advantage of Alibaba and try to pose as trustworthy sellers using this platform. Scams are no joke. Hopefully reading through this article will equip you with the right tools to be able to avoid being scammed.

Selling Brand Name Products At Very Low Prices

If you stumble upon a well-known brand like Adidas or Gucci and you see a price tag nowhere near its normal price, this could be an indicator of a potential scam. Of course, there are seasonal sales, being low on stock, and other occasions for lower prices. Though if the price is labeled with nothing special and it is much lower than it usually should be, do not buy it. Or at least conduct thorough research as to what their reason is for such low prices.

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More Quantity is Added After Placing Order

This detail is very important. Once you place your order there is no going back. Therefore the best thing you can do is to ask for confirmation right away. Pick up the phone, if need be, and talk to their customer service representative even before you press that final button. If you sense any lack of information or hesitancy do not go for it.

High-Quality Samples Low-Quality Items Delivered

This is a scam that is very sneaky as well. The best thing you can do is to ask for samples right away, then ask for as many quotations as you can. If you might hear hesitancy or lack of information this might be a fake supplier too. A properly trained customer service agent will be able to give you all information regarding your order of samples, and all of their dimensions and options without hesitation. If they treat you anything less than that, do not go for it.

Fake or Missing Certificates

This method is about as illegal as it gets. If you are in doubt about the reliability of the seller, be sure to do some research. Check what their Compliance Certificates should look like exactly. If the result is not a match, or even if their certificates are not published this might be a scam!

Supplier Changing Products’ Details Without Warning

This is a common strategy. Be sure to always double-check your order. Have notes of what and how much you have ordered exactly. The seller must send you a confirmation email of your order every time. No exceptions! If this doesn’t happen pick up the phone and demand one. If it does that should be a legally binding document on their side. That is why they often try to change seemingly minor details on that document such as quantity or price per item.

“High-Quality” Supplier Selling Low-Quality Products

A good supplier should always be able to send you high-quality as their standard product. Also samples at times. Anything less than that is unacceptable. One tactic that is always helpful is to check for reviews from previous customers.

New Suppliers Are Taking Your Money And Running

This happens way too often. This typical tactic is one of the worst ones. Basically, these sellers pose as high-end suppliers trying to make you buy electronics or branded items. These could be fake apple products or even clothing with Disney Characters or phone cases with logos of Apple, Samsung, and so on. These fake suppliers will pose as real ones by building a whole new website for their operations, therefore it is hard to catch them sometimes. The best you can do is to avoid buying high-end branded products from Alibaba alltogether!

How Do These Scams Work?

Though there are lots of scammers who conduct their operations differently there are always common themes you can find. Some of these are them not providing an adequate amount of information, using only Western Union as a payment method, providing no sample, no certificates, no customer service, having bad reviews, and so on.

How To Avoid Scams?

In order to avoid getting scammed it is crucial to do thorough research, to begin with. Know what your business needs and see if the supplier can cater to that. This does not just mean the obvious. It also means, what kind of relationship and quality of communication you wish to have with your supplier. If the deal works out this could be a long-term partnership. Good suppliers know this. Bad ones or scammers do not care for this, their goal is to rip you off once and then move on. In order to avoid being scammed here are the best things you can do:

  • Avoid Free or Not Verified Accounts
  • See How Long the Supplier Has Been Around
  • Check Out Alibaba’s Guidelines and Whether It is a Match
  • Do Not Order High-End Brands (Clothing or Electronics and Accessories Especially)
  • Check for Fraud by Alibaba Scam
  • Do Your Research Always
  • you can learn from alibaba-shipping-costs-from-china


No matter where you go, unfortunately, you will always face scammers here and there. It is a numbers thing. The higher the amount of suppliers is at a platform, the likelier it gets that some of them are after your money with nothing to provide in exchange. Alibaba is the world’s largest platform for all sorts of goods and a paradise for retailers. However, due to its size, it also is the breeding ground for scammers. Be sure therefore to watch out. The good news is that now you can keep a close eye on them. By using the tools provided in this article you will be able to avoid scams better and save yourself from the waste of time, money, and lots of headaches. Good luck!

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