Top 15 China Dropshipping Suppliers & How to Find them?

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Top 15 China Dropshipping Suppliers & How to Find them?

In the following article, we will break down the top 15 dropshipping suppliers. We are going to show you where you can find them as well. Before we get to that though, let’s define dropshipping. This method is a very convenient way of conducting business. There are more and more Chinese suppliers adapting to this method. When doing dropshipping, you do not need to stock the goods you sell. Instead, you only need to automate the process. The local, Chinese dropshipping suppliers then will take care of the rest. This includes storing the goods as well. For example, if you have an order they will store the goods either at their local storage or at one near you. In exchange for their services, they charge a little extra. This way everyone wins. You can complete orders with a never before seen convenience, while the manufacturer earns a little extra.

Nowadays though there are more and more businesses that compete for partners. Therefore it can be difficult to find the right dropshipping supplier. To help you identify and find the best match for you, we collected the top 15 suppliers. Since they usually provide very similar services, we tried to focus on a perspective that is crucial when dropshipping. Customer care. It is very important to have a partner that is willing and capable of troubleshooting right away. This is because there is a lot on the line.  Below we are going to list and describe them.  Some of these are well-known and others have not yet gained a global audience. Regardless they all have great features that made them make it to our list. This way you will have a better understanding of what they specialize in. When doing so you will also be able to see which one will be the fit that is just right for you and your business. Here are our top picks in no particular order.

1.HonourOcean Shipping

HonouOcean Shipping Co.,ltd head office in Shenzhen with an investment of USD five million. Honourocean is one of the leading international logistics companies in China with a backing of experienced and professionally trained staffs spreading over the country with branches in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hongkong, Changsha, Yiwu with over 100 members of staff. we focus on the logistics service for e-business and provide air freight, sea freight, warehouse, customs clearance, express service, etc. Through Honourocean’s one station international logistics service and value-added service, a foreign buyer can enjoy a user experience for Chinese e-business

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This online platform is one of the best-known ones in the world. They sell absolutely everything that comes to mind. They are a reliable brand with a global reach. They have been connecting suppliers with buyers for decades. To begin their business journey, many start by using AliExpress’ services. This is because they are relatively cheap and easy to set up. Not to mention the reputation of the name. Importantly, they also support various languages such as Spanish, Portuguese and German. AliExpress also accepts most payment methods. Besides, they have a free return policy.


Along with AliExpress, Alibaba is a global dominating force when it comes to e-commerce. Established in 1999, Alibaba today is the leading B2B platform in the world. In most cases, they are the first choice when one makes their first online dropshipping business. They are of course also used for bulk buyers and many different types of small, medium, and large enterprises around the world. Alibaba sells the most products in the world. They are shipped out by the hundreds of millions annually. They have over 40 main categories as well. These include everything from home to fashion, jewelry, toys, decor, electronics, and so on. 

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This supplier is also known and similar to AliExpress in many ways. DHgate has been around for nearly 2 decades and gained valuable experience in the competitive market. They too accept various payment methods and are well-connected on a global scale. DHgate has a huge variety of products to offer to its customers too. They focus a great deal on buyer protection. Operating an escrow system they assure the safe arrival of the product from storage to the buyer. Only after receiving the right products does the customer have to pay. Should there be a mistake or a missing product, the customer gets fully refunded. 


Bangood is a worthy addition to the list as well. They are reliable and well known due to their nearly 40 warehouses globally. This online platform was founded in 2008. Their main focus areas are B2C as well as export e-commerce. One of the best features they offer is their 30 days return policy. Within 30 days of receiving your product, you can decide to return them and get a full refund with no particular reason needing to be provided. There are of course exceptions. Fragile and easy-to-damage items such as bracelets, chargers, certain types of clothes and gadgets are excluded from his list. 

5.Made in China

Made in China has been around for nearly 25 years. Established in 1998, they are one of the other top e-commerce and dropshipping companies specializing in B2B. They check their suppliers for quality as they believe in reliability being an important long-term factor in PR. Their platforms support 11 languages and they offer over 3600 subcategories when it comes to the variety of products. A trustworthy and experienced dropshipping and e-commerce company. They could be a worthy choice if you are looking for an easy-to-navigate platform, with a partner that is keen on finding the best solutions for you.

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Chinabrands is yet another China dropshipping company. They are known worldwide with over 40 warehouses. They provide speedy and flexible services with one-day shipping options. They accept most payment methods as well. Besides they offer an option for shipping insurance as well. This in most cases is going to cost 2% of the total value of the product ordered. They also have a great reputation. Returning products and asking for a refund is possible with Chinabrands as well. They ask you to return the products within 15 days. 


This dropshipping supplier has been around for 15-plus years. They are known for their global reach. With this, they also provide direct delivery services to the customers. The products with which LightInTheBox specializes are accessories, clothing, and home & garden products among others. They take all payment methods. They have one monthly return policy for most of their items. However, as for their faucets and lights, they offer a one-year warranty. A reliable drop shipping partner, that has less variety, but high-quality products.

8.Global Sources

This dropshipping platform has been around for over half a century. This makes the firm a very experienced one. They were able to adapt and compete with new ways of international business throughout the past 5 decades. This experience has made them one of the most reliable and acclaimed companies on this list. They operate online as well as they have annual expos focusing on new products of all sorts. They host the world’s biggest expos showcasing electronics as well as fashion and lifestyle shows. A unique and efficient system Global Sources has is a “Verified Supplier” feature. This allows for equal competition among sellers as well as ensures high-quality products for the buyers. 


This firm enjoys great reviews from clients worldwide. They specialize in drop shipping. They provide a holistic drop shipping service. This means that they do everything regarding the product. From photography for marketing to packaging to inspection and much more. They have warehouses in Thailand, Germany, and the US. They deliver within 2-5 business days from your order. Their buyer protection policy includes an online platform where you can submit a specific request related to your case, product, or order. After this, Nichedropshipping’s customer care agents will take care of your issue specifically.  


This platform is known for its high level of customer service too. Deale Xtreme accepts Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and most other payment methods. Their DOA-type products are subject to a warranty for up to 5 years! This of course depends on the type of product as well as whether there was an error while shipping. DealeXtreme has methods to help its buyers in case of defective items, incorrect items, and even unsatisfactory items.


Founded in 2006, Sourcingmap is another well-known international online platform. They sell all sorts of products at low prices. These include but are not limited to accessories, beauty products, clothes, and much more. They have a 2-week money return guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the products. They cater to the needs of anyone who is buying in larger quantities. Just like the other dropshippers, Sourcingmap also takes most payment methods  including American Express. They are a dropshipping expert and are worthy of consideration if you are looking for a trusted and experienced e-commerce platform.


Tinydeal offers its online services in 9 languages. This makes them that much more approachable as a firm. They focus on their dropship customers and offer great discounts year-round. The products they deal with are mostly electronics, toys, accessories, and other gadgets. Tinydeal offers great buyer protection services as well. Before half a year goes by you can choose a full refund for your products, or repair of course. If you decide to return products for any reason, there is no need to cover the shipping fee. These items can be anything from badly packaged, missing, damaged, or just unsatisfactory. Though it is always advisable to have your items repacked in the best possible conditions. This makes it easier for them to conduct the process and refund you. 


This dropshipping company is well known in China as well as on a global scale. They are the top business-to-customer distributors in China. Globally speaking, they have 7 warehouses. This allows them to be a very speedy dropshipper. In most cases, they can offer 1-day delivery options. QuarkSCM has a strict quality control system as well. They meticulously check their suppliers’ products to see whether they are up to the company’s standards. If something is not up to par the products need to be taken back and fixed. QuarkSCM also has good buyer protection services.


CJDDropshipping is a fairly new company. Founded in 2018 in China, they are a very well-connected dropshipping firm. This business operates over 200 factories globally. They distribute many different goods. These include but are not limited to jewelry, clothing, toys, electronics, accessories, home & garden, and so on. Their buyer protection services work also on a more personalized basis. Through the website, you can submit your case regarding specific products and issues. Then they will make a decision specific to your submission.     


Jingsourcing was established in 2015 in Yiwu. This company has quickly become popular among small and medium enterprises. They mostly operated as a sourcing agent, to begin with. However, they offer dropshipping services as well at this point. They are reliable and have a good reputation. They work with quality products from China at a low price.  Jingsourcing will deal with sourcing and all other steps of importing and distributing with customized fees. They are an acclaimed dropshipping company that could be a good choice for you if you prefer fresh competitive partners.


The above are our top 15 picks for the best dropshipping companies in China. These suppliers are all on the list because they are reliable, experienced and have proved themselves to be worthy business partners. They have a global network as well as warehouses on many continents. This makes most of them a good choice when it comes to speed of service. Besides, most of them offer a wide variety of products as well. These come in bulk and at a reasonable price. They are also acclaimed and offer great buyer protection services.

There are many reasons why you could just pick one at random. However, it is always important to know what you are looking for. Identifying your vision and mission as a business will help you find exactly what you need to be a profitable business. Though these are all worthy choices, they may not all be the right match for you. Be sure therefore to do thorough research before you commit to them. See if they offer services that cater to your needs as a business. Or find out what the overall satisfaction rate was with their former partners. This you can easily do by simply checking out public reviews they may have left. These could be their language preferences, MOQ, prices, quality, customer service, and so on. This way you can set yourself up for success.


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